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    People are loosing armies as enemies loged in earlier can play and rest cant log in. Do dev team dealing with problems? It is starting to be frustrating.

    Total unrensponsible behaviour of programmers. If people cant play than you should block possibility to play or at last log in for everyone. Who will win this server? Best team or which could log in?

    As rafal told... it seems there are no Poles who play russian servers. And I think no one will. Rather old Poles might know russian, young dont. We gathered most community here on com (now it is com3). And what I know many of us also play last local PL server. As to support in english. It is not so bad as more important to us and for newcomers is to understand how ingame work and trigger. I would shoot that not much of us contact com support really so english there should be no problem.

    Poles are curently mostly gathered on COM3. I think we have most the team in there. Most known and influenced polish players are there. And from talks inside our own community seems that if it is possible we ask to leave polish language. And if there will be a problem with future translations, we as community will translate it.

    If You are not a member of nation who will loose server than You have no moral right to take part in discussion. Dont troll me in another topic leax. People are mad and raged... please try at last to understand it. And as it was told several times already... we are not mad becous some financial problems forced Team to delete servers but we are mad mostly cuz they plan to remove polish translation. It is not only problem of Poles. Take Your time and check other national forum boards. All are angry.

    Conclusion is such that most polish players made decision to end play on kingdoms. People will build WWs on curently runing polish / com servers and after that will go away.

    As to gold coins... I've got vouchers of 25 and 50 gold coins worth x euro (got in many competitions)... used it on PL server (still worth x euro as could use it on com also). Now You want me to say You want to calculate it again and give me less gold that I've used in vouchers? Got 50 gold and now You want to give me 45,5? Took part in competitions and won 50 or 45,5 gold coins? Isnt't that a robbery?

    I really think that poles, portugeese, dutch, hungarians, danish, norwegian, sweedish and finish players should stop play for a year or stop buying coins. It will be a hard argument witch dev team will have to face. Your financial argument I can understand, by no translation is low and I think dev team will have to be punished for such behavior.

    @BridgedB, please answer, what will happen with my 490 gold coins won/bought on polish server. You will transfer all of them to com on Your curency convert. I might understant coins bough in PLN but some I won in contests and it is worth same like in EURO.

    Dear Dev Team... You dont understand what will happen... without polish translation (dunno what with other deleted servers) most polish player wont play Your game on com. Many dont want to comunicate in english. They want use their own. If it is Your goal than BRAVO!

    I wont hide that I dislike You for this decisions. You make angry a lot of fans and Your players. If You will do this shameful action than at last think about special badge "veteran polish player" or something like that.

    There are around 300 polish players playing both com and PL servers. On days we've got information that polish (and several other) server will be closed. Can anyone explain why dev team kill polish community by close all servers? Is that expnsive to leave at last 1 server? And what seems to be rasist... we will be forced to move on com and You wont leave polish language? Are You joking guys?! We pay to few? We should stop buy gold on com also? I would ask WTF is going on?!

    Second issue... I won in international competitions around 300 gold coins, in polish lobby I have around 500 coins. How much I will be allowed to transfer on com? If less I think I will sue You.