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    Now I'm not saying that some people are cheating here or anything. I'm just saying that some people, even without the use of gold, have far more resources than others. It's like they had the ability to raid and farm 3 days earlier than me...

    I start off in a normal server, everything alright, 7 days of protection is more than enough to get my stuff ready. Halfway through the protection I notice a message from someone telling me to enjoy the server, in which I take it as some sort of competition. I ready as much troops as possible while building. Protection is over, and holy hell I am as much as hell is.

    Some random disgusting loner attacks me with 3x the number of troops I have and I have no idea how the hell he got all these troops up. His hero didn't find some every adventure, right?
    Before I know it I'm being farmed, I do my best to fight it, but I give up, knowing that I have zero chance of winning the server and being at a complete disadvantage, and after a few days I notice rams coming my way and say ""

    I mean, in two days I managed to get 145 clubswingers, kind of a high score for me. But of course I get attacked by over 600, and while I try to rebuild they start catapulting my ass. I mean, what in OBLIVION is that?

    Do you focus most, if not all your production into troop training? Because most people with low population have a high amount of troops, higher than most others, but still, how can you train so much soldiers with your low resource production anyways...

    Just my opinion but, in your OP you declared that you were catapulting them to 0 to remove them from the map yet in your follow-up post you want to farm inactives.
    Why catapult your farms if you want to farm them? They will get deleted in 21 days anyway. Their last village on the map cannot be rempved by the way, it will remain on 0 pop until the owner decides to delete or the village gets deleted.

    That's not me. that's another player. we just look the same. it's a coincidence.

    Hello there. I wanted to know a few things about equipment.

    Which gear would provide maximum Fighting Strength for the hero?
    Which gear would provide maximum health regeneration?

    And lastly, when does the stronger stuff appear? You'll notice in the auctions there are weak items at the beginning of a server, but as the server goes on, better equipment appears. Rather than Small ( equipment name ) there's Large, which is much better.

    That was really helpful, thank you.
    I currently hold the first rank, I'm going to station 250 there for maximum production, 250 in another one I take in the embassy. I never knew you could increase your production in such ways, I played the game wrong for a lot of time. I appreciate your help.

    When they were in my village I lost 170 crop every hour but now they're at an oasis I lose only 18 every hour.

    I spent all my time over 12 servers of Travian leaving my troops in my village. I never knew that if you station them at an oasis they won't consume crop anymore.
    I lost so much damn crop...
    I just feel so bad and stupid and I wanted everyone to know that and not make the same mistake, thanks.

    A lot of people said that the attack attribute was added because if Travian thought of giving the animals the ability to attack, they wouldn't have to make everything from scratch, everything is already in place.