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    As for multiaccounts and the fight against them - in my opinion, this is not the main evil that you need to spend a lot of time on. This evil can disappear or be minimized by itself if you change the mechanics, simplify the system of feeding large armies, make it easier. What Katana and other pseudo-wrestlers with multiaccounts write is a one-sided concept of multiaccount, when one player creates several accounts. But, there is another option when a player decides to quit the game and transfers his account to the same Katana and Katana begins to put his troops there for feeding, and at the same time does not consider that this is his multi))) I'm not blaming Katana, it's just an example. But it is. Because we see a lot of large armies from different kingdoms at the end of the server, and it is obvious that such armies cannot be fed within 1 account, and I don't think there will be many players who are ready to transfer their accounts on their own so that other people's troops are there...Well, you know what I mean...Multiaccounts use all the kingdoms in one form or another! Who says that he does not have multiaccounts in the kingdom, either he is in a weak kingdom, or he is lying.

    Thank you Fishmen, this is something that has been suggested many times, limiting the kingdom size. Every time we look at the possibility we reach the same conclusion, that wings will start appearing, as Katana mentions, and we feel that the end result will be the same, x number of wings working towards a single Kingdom's victory.

    Thank you for responding! But my colleagues and I believe that limiting the number of players will significantly change the gameplay itself for the better, finally there will be a rivalry of several kingdoms of equal strength and the fight for victory will become more interesting without zerg and bipolarity. As for the wings - it's not like that! Now the roles of wings are performed by allied kingdoms, and the main kingdom is inflated due to the fact that more and more players enter it and it becomes much easier for such a kingdom to win. That is, in fact, we now have such a picture that on each server there are two or three kingdoms that, in order to win, prioritize not combat confrontation with other kingdoms, but diplomacy and luring players and kingdoms to themselves along with treasures and wonders of the world. Thus, the Travian game in the form in which it was loved by many for its combat component is dying. If my arguments are not enough for you, then nothing prevents you from running the mechanics with limited players in the kingdom on a test server and testing it in practice. The only thing to do is to think over the number on which to put a point for collecting. In our opinion, it should be 50-60 accounts. Thanks!

    Make a limit on the number of accounts in one kingdom, say up to 50 - the concept of meta disappears immediately, and the number of teams claiming to win will become more, this will make the game more interesting, this is, several kingdoms will claim victory, not 2-3, as it is now

    Prohibit the possibility of transferring a player with the wonder of the world to another kingdom and give a bonus to victory points only for building level 100

    I subscribe to all the words above! The last three servers I played had an absolutely identical scenario. Who wants to play a game where chests and victory points can be taken without a fight, by agreement, where you can transfer the Wonder of the World without breaking through the defense at any time, where many teams (except Russian ones) prefer to conclude pacts and alliances with each other than to fight, where the server seeks to win solely by the number of players, not by quality own game... Is this what the developers wanted? Maybe someone likes such mechanics? I definitely don't

    In my opinion, it is enough to make the following changes:

    1) only 1 attempt to move around the menhir is available for each account. Any other movement on the map can be done without any problems, setting new villages in the right place for the player

    2) when moving, you can only take 500 units with you. This restriction should not cause any inconvenience at the start

    3) block any activity on your account during your vacation, delete all Boosts after leaving the vacation. Vacation is the player's problem, and the player must use this feature as a last resort if they can't find a sitter.

    Thank you administration for prompt response

    А ты больше в отпусках сиди)))

    Активация режима отпуска займет 48 ч. На время твоего отпуска другие игроки утратят возможность посылать на тебя атаки. Твое производство ресурсов (дерево, глина и железо) будет увеличено на ‭‭100‬%‬ в течение того же времени, сколько длился отпуск.

    Во время отпуска твои сокровища не будут генерировать победные очки.

    Все написано...

    а у вас постоянно режимы отпусков то на короле, то на герцогах

    Вынесли сундуки на халяву у своих союзников, еще и не доволен чем то