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    Hi again guys :)

    Dry season with 5x Speed would be an interesting combination.

    That's an interesting idea, but wouldn't it be extremely hard to feed your troops?

    x5 better, than x3, and more servers

    i like that one server x3 or (x5) ended , and next server start

    I think better x5 with night truce, because i cant no sleep all time, but if you sleep at x5 be ready you will loose village or army very fast

    That's also an interesting idea which has to be evaluated further as to how the night truce will affect such high speed game world.

    no speed server for december announced :(

    Unfortunately not, but there will be more speed rounds coming next year :) Meanwhile you can start a normal speed or night truce round which will still leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your holidays :)

    would prefer 5x, cause Im an active player and also like that the game ends sooner, so less boring times

    Thanks for your feedback! Do you play with a dual or sitters? Can you give any advice to your fellow players on how to keep the account attended at all times?


    Hi there TypeR#EN can I ask you to rephrase your question, please? I'm not sure I understand it correctly but if you're asking about the kingdom unions - you should already be able to form one on COM2x3 if the other conditions are met.

    Best regards

    Hey guys :)

    there's no need of an argument here, everyone's feedback is highly appreciated. It is however true that some of the ideas here deserve their own topic so it would be great if you can post them here: Ideas / Wishes / Suggestions

    Thank you everyone for voting and participating in the decision making process :)
    According to the poll results, we'll postpone the World Wonders with few days.

    Best regards

    Thank you all :) Our team is still working towards a solution and hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.
    Unfortunately I don't have any updates on the progress at this time but I'll get back to you as soon as I have some.

    Hey guys,

    thank you for the update. Could you please check whether or not it's working for you to log into your lobby then go to

    Best regards

    Hi there rita_COM  
    the flags shown on player profiles ingame are linked to the language chosen by the player, for example if you're playing the game in Spanish, a Spanish flag will be displayed on your profile.

    Unfortunately Greek is not available as a language in Travian Kingdoms but if there are more players from this country the team may consider translating the game in this language so you can help by inviting your friends to the game :)

    Best regards

    Hey guys,

    thank you for bringing this to our attention! Things are a bit slow indeed, I experienced that too and sent an emergency note to our tech team.
    They'll be on it asap and we'll keep you updated about the situation. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused!

    Best regards

    What would happen if the vote comes to a "No" ? Would WW spawn and be conquerable and unable to attack afterwards it was conquered?

    There are two options:
    1. Truce will be activated anyways. The WWs will spawn on 30.12 but nobody will be able to attack/conquer them before the truce ends on 02.01
    2. No truce will be activated. The WWs will spawn on 30.12 and will be immediately available for conquering + there will be no truce at all which makes it possible for someone to conquer your WW while you're celebrating :)

    Seeing how the vote goes so far, I'm positive we won't have to evaluate the above mentioned options :)

    Kind regards

    Dear players,

    welcome to the embassy of com1. This section is dedicated to the live on the international game world com1 of Travian Kingdoms.

    You are invited to search for fellow players in this thread: Matchmaking

    You can create your own threads, participate in existing discussion or share insights like statistics or battle reports as soon as the world has started.

    • World start: Tuesday, December 10 at 2:00 pm CET (UTC +1)
    • Game version: Standard
    • Beginner's protection: 7 days or until you reach 200 population
    • Vacation days: Up to 14 days, countdown in advance is 48 hours
    • Kingdom Unions: Available after 30 days
    • Tier 2 and Tier 3 items: Tier 2 on day 40 (exact date coming soon) and day 80 (exact date coming soon)
    • World Wonder activation: On day 111 (exact date coming soon) at 2:00 pm CET UTC +1
    • Approximate game round duration: 5-6 months

    Sharpen your swords and have fun playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear players,

    we all know how demanding a Travian Kingdoms game round can be. Therfore, we have dedicated this thread for you to find a team to play with.

    Sitters can play on the same game round, duals cannot. You can enable and restrict Gold usage for both. One avatar can have 2 sitters and 2 duals in total.

    Leave a comment here, if you:

    • Search for a sitter or dual
    • Offer to be a sitter or dual
    • search for a team
    • already have a team and want to recruit more members
    • offer to be a mentor and teach some interested new players how to play Travian Kingdoms

    or any combination of the listed points.

    Sharpen your swords and have fun playing,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear COM8 players :)
    We recently got several questions regarding the WW spawn date on COM8 which is currently 30.12
    This is a bit tricky as we usually have truce activated on this date and the next few days afterwards. Should we delay the WW spawn date with few days so you can enjoy the new year's eve truce?
    We want to be as transparent as possible with you and take the decision on what to do with you so please cast your vote :)
    The poll ends this Friday, 06.12

    Kind regards

    Hey guys,

    thank you for sharing your feedback with us, it's always appreciated!
    Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the mist? I'm afraid removing it and/or changing it with something else may not be an option but we're open to ideas :)
    I'll then forward them to the development team for consideration, thank you in advance!

    If the mist is causing lagging, please try to turn off the animations ingame, that should help.

    Best regards


    Dear players,

    please find all game worlds that will be restarted in December below. They will all start at 14:00 UTC+1. Remember that you can also check the upcoming game worlds and their starting dates directly in the lobby calendar.

    Tuesday, December 10 at 2:00 pm CET (UTC +1)

    • COM4
    • RU3

    Tuesday, December 17 at 2:00 pm CET (UTC +1)

    • AE2n
    • CZ2n
    • DE2n
    • FR2n
    • IT2n
    • TR2n

    Remember that all December game worlds will start with part 1 of the relocation overhaul implemented: Relocation overhaul - Part I - The Mist

    We wish you a lot of fun and are looking forward to see you in-game!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hey there Cold Steel  
    thank you for letting us know! I searched the HoF section and it looks like the last 3 rounds are in there but sadly couldn't find the thread you're looking for. Do you remember which round exactly was that?
    It isn't possible for me to search data back from 2018 but I have sent you a PM with some further clarification questions, please check your inbox :)

    Best regards