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    Honestly I really like it. It enforces that troops should be used. I hated the kinds awkward stalemates this game tends to have. It was a very classic Samurai duel kind of standoff, where the one that attacks and looses their hammers first looses the war, unless they had large number advantage to begin with and could just overpower the other defense. Usually server go stale around day 80, but action seems to be going strong well past it. A lot of people don't like 1x because nothing happens most days. Not as much the case anymore as the time to build your initial army, is the largest time investment. I think they should add other fixes to this problem, and nerf the tent then, but in the meantime its pretty good.

    Well i agree that an active server is much more fun but tents are so much more powerful for deffers than offers that they make it worse. Killing def is absolutely useless now and hammers still stay down for a very long time even with tents. Siege weapons are not healed and you have limited space, and even then you can only heal them in one tent. Not even talking about how cramped off villages already were before tents existed.

    Then you yourself flipped-flopped from your OP to then complaining how having the option to pick and choose what troops you wish to build would be too dangerous in the hands of an experienced kingdom.

    Thats why I dropped out of the convo because you were basically saying one thing but then damning the thing you were saying.

    What? You need to re-read the convo i think.

    Again, you are raising a non issue. Read. Seriously, read and think before you reply.

    And again, you're talking about something unrelated to the subject of my first post, read before you reply to a thread. Now instead of changing what you are saying every time i give you an argument you have no answer for, how about making a subject dedicated to your idea?

    Tell me how giving players freedom to choose "forces people". I'm curious

    Where's the option? Getting back clubs or teuton knights? That's not an option, it's like saying 'would you rather get 500$ or 1000$?'

    Again, just to be clear, this was my suggestion (note, the 3 options are available at the Healing Tent, not just 1, 2 or 3, you can use whatever you want but just one at the time):

    1 - You use the Healing Tent as it is. You get 40% of your "injured" troops in there.

    2 - You choose 1 unit to heal and only that unit is sent to the Healing Tent.

    3 - You choose X units to heal and only those X units are sent to the Healing Tent.

    4 - You get 40% of everything sent there, up to the maximum capacity, and have the button 'disband' on all of them so you can cancel one of them without paying for them.

    1 :fire-catapult: = 1 :fire-catapult: . Eats 6 crop per hour, but it is still 1 unit.

    Count as 6 in any army, when you ask for def, do you count druids as 1 unit? Do you count haeduans as 1? Is an army of, i dont know, 40k clubs and 20k teuton kniths a '60k army'? That's a basic way to take the strenght of a the unit into consideration, i thought anybody that played at least once knew that. It's not perfect sure, but better than 1:1 for everything.

    Also you are limited by the number of warehouses and granaries you build, what I'm suggesting is to cancel the queue, not to select the amount of units you want to cancel. So even if you set a queue of 1M units when you cancel you cancel the whole milion, not half. Armies need to be fed nevertheless. You are raising a non-issue in my perspective.

    Ok that's a little better, but not that much, you still have around 9 unit types per tribe, so you can entirely refill you warehouses 9 times. Not infinite, but way too powerful still. 6 buildings, even the most expensive ones will not refill your warehouses entirely. How about being careful of what you train, as to not make an error, or maybe deal with it when it happens, or maybe we can compromise, you can cancel unit production for up to a minute after starting it. That's better than having 9 free refills at any given time.

    One thing is crop consumption, other is the number of units. 1 :equites-caesaris: is 1 :equites-caesaris: . So you heal 1 :equites-caesaris: not half, or double. When you pay for one you don't pay for 4 units. You don't say a :fire-catapult: counts as 6 units. You have space for 1k units you fit 1k units, not 250 in case of :equites-caesaris: . By implementing this change, you would be forcing players to focus on the most crop efficient units only, this thread is to improve the Healing Tent, not to make it a one trick poney.

    Well a catapult count as 6 units for the purpose of everything... And no actually, the change you want forces people to focus on the most efficient unit to heal... i don't really see how you can turn things around like you did. Obviously an equites caesaris and an imperian are not the same thing.

    You can cancel some of your queue to NPC and feed your army, got it. Nonetheless your "infinite warehouse" is pretty much finite given that you are limited by the fixed number of spaces available to build, and the number of granaries you do end up building. As we all know, granaries + army crop consumption + crop production will determine how long it takes for your army to starve. If I understood your point, you're telling me that a player who is already queueing at 6 buildings will take advantage of this to feed its army? And that this is "too powerful"? I'm failing to see how :/

    How can you not see it? You have 5-6 slots for buildings (1 more for romans) but you could store an infinite amount of resources in the barrack, you could feed all the armies of all your kingdom this way, making the logistics of defending way easier. Of course you can do that with buildings but only with 5-6 slots.

    No it doesn't, so your logic is a :equites-caesaris: taking up 4 crop consumption pre Horse Drinking Trough is 4 units, then after level 20 HDT it becomes 3 units? Dear Tarloc, at the end of the day you have the same :equites-caesaris: no more no less.

    Always count as 4, on GT or any other tool, an EC count as 4 units in an army, HDT or not.

    If you level up a building or a resource field by mistake you can cancel it right? I'm asking for the same thing with units, it should've been like that in the first place.

    You have a finite number of buildings you can queue, not troops. Basically that would mean infinite warehouse capacity, and granary when combined with npc trader, that would be way too powerful of a tool especially defensively, you could send all the resources you want during the day and one player could manage the resources to feed an army of any size on a single village, way way too powerful in the hands of an experienced kingdom.

    The building itself is a balancing problem! But a really good one! Before the Healing Tent if you lost your army you have to start from scratch, this building alone allows for a faster recovery, meaning you get to hit more often.

    Well i agree the building is already a balancing problem, since siege weapons cannot be healed, it benefits defensive players a lot more than offensive ones.

    How? If everyone has the ability to do so? What balancing problems do you see?

    Balancing between troops obviously, if you can pick and choose what you want in the tent or not. You can already do that anyway by choosing what to train, but if you only heal the biggest, badest troop, you only make tents even more powerful of a tool, and they are already way too powerful for those who can use them. Once again, if the units in the tent take as many spaces as their crop consumption (before HDT) i'm all for it, if they count as 1 unit no matter what, i am against it.

    As per the crop consumption, the current building takes into consideration a % of your army. Therefore it translates into 40% of troops that you can heal, not 40% of troops by crop consumption.

    Any troop count as 1 in the tent, be it a teuton knight or a club, both take 1 space. If you have 5000 free spaces you can have 5000 clubs or 5000 teuton knights the game doesnt care. The actual amount of crops they eat is irrelevant to my argument. An army is not the flat amount of troops you have but the crop it consumes, for this exact reason.

    Crop consumption makes no sense when we consider unit production.

    It absolutely does, a club or axe count as 1 unit, a teuton knight count as 3.

    Then in a hurry a player goes to the tent and clicks "heal all".

    If you make errors this is on you. ^^ In a hurry i trained equites legati instead of caesaris the other day, shit happens, i end up with more legati and that's it. But just disabling some units to come back to the tent would create another pletora of balancing problems in my opinion.

    Like you just said, :clubswinger: vs :teutonic-knight: . You would obviously prefer to heal :teutonic-knight: due to cost and training time. No matter what unit you want to "disband" you'll lose the chance to heal it at a much lower cost. Hence you lose resources. Say you have 3k :clubswinger: and 2k :teutonic-knight: on the tent. You disband the 3k :clubswinger: because you only want to heal :teutonic-knight: . You lost resources there.

    Everyone has that limitation and choice to make. The 'wasting' resource argument doesn't make sense because i wouldn't disband the clubs, i would heal them. The tent is just a thing to take into consideration in army building, like, axes are much better in the tent than clubs, not only are they stronger per slot taken but there are less of them, hence leaving more space for teuton knigts, i do like this auto-balancing part and i want it to stay.

    Like 50 Calibre pointed out, the most efficient way would be to have an option to pick the unit you want to heal, otherwise you are throwing resources away.

    That is exactly what i don't want, you don't disband clubs because they are cheap, you disband spearfighters because they are level 0 in forge! Or else the tent become a 'teuton knight healing tent'. Since all units take 1 slot in tent no matter what they are. I would agree with this idea of disabling certain units only if the tent would take crop consumption into consideration. Teuton knights taking 3 spaces for exemple, an equites caesaris would take 4, and a club, 1. I want the tent to be filled in proportion of whatever the army is, but i just want a button 'disband' for those units i don't care about.

    I don't think that would be the best option, since you could decide to heal only the most expensive troops. Like if you have 5k space in the tents and 40k clubs and 20k teuton knights, disabling clubs would mean 5k teuton knights in the tent, so everyone would only heal their most expensive units. I think this must be 40% of every unit regardless of what it is, and the ability to disband those you don't want.


    How is the change i want cost resources? If i get praetorians in adventure or for any reason, want to kill some troops off, i simply don't want them in the tent, just add a 'disband' button on them so i can free up space in the tent without healing them.

    As for the rest, i think this is unrelated anyway, i'm not 100% against it but there would need to be a 'tax' on cancelling troop training, might need further discussion but in another subject because this is not what i was talking about anyway and wouldn't solve my issue.

    You can change the order, if we get that for the tent you open the door for having that for barracks and stable, in other words, hiding resources in the barrack via starting/cancelling troop training. ^^ I just want a button 'Disband' on the troops so i can remove those i don't want to heal without them taking space.

    The idea of the hospital was because basically the governors lose troops every day with the robbers, always have the hospital empty, the big difference between a king and a governor (removing the difference in resources) is that the king does not need to attack and can accumulate troops, the governor needs to attack every day.

    That is why the hospital and the natar horn exist, you recover troops, you reduce casualties, as governor and duke it will be one of your priorities...

    Ok great, so what is the point you are trying to make?

    I would like to have the option to disband some troops in the tent, sometimes i will get praetorians during adventure on my offensive village and since they are lvl 0 i just want to kill them off but i cant do it because the tent will heal 40% and i'll either have to heal them at a cost or let them fill up slots in my tent. The option to discard them would be welcome.

    That would be great to split by unit type as well.^^ Like if you are roman you will train less units than a teuton obviously, or even if you decide to train EC instead of EI, they both count as a single unit but they are not worth the same, but maybe that would turn an easy idea into a more complex one.