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    Dear players,

    Thank you again for the valuable feedback and lively discussion. We evaluated all your feedback internally in a couple of brainstorming sessions and meetings.
    This is our conclusion by now:

    If we will go further with this concept, we already decided on reducing the PvE approach and on keeping some empty 15c fields on the map.

    We will close this discussion because your feedback changed the concept completely. It makes more sense to discuss the new iteration in a new thread as soon as it has matured more.

    For now, we only need you to answer one last question. Help us by taking part in the poll on the left.

    Some of you already addressed the topic of having the 15c as main village. There are some good reasons for handling them like WW villages and forbid them to be main villages. On the other hand, that might be too harsh of a limitation for players.

    I wish you a nice weekend and have fun playing,


    It’s fantastic how much feedback we get from the international thread as well as from the local ones, so thanks for your input on the discussion.

    I see that you have brought up some pros and cons and we will be evaluating them. This will take some time, so please be patient.

    So far, the main pros are:

    • More teamplay on player side be it in kingdoms or groups
    • Active NPCs which leads to more PVP 
    • NPCs are guarding the 15c and thus delaying the access to it

    On the other side the main cons are:

    • Experienced players would profit the most from the concept as it currently is, and it would be too complicated for new players
    • Deff players would need to get support from off players to have a chance in getting a 15c
    • PVE element in a PVP game  

    You’ve also provided good suggestions to tackle the cons. We will discuss them within the internal team and come back to you about it.

    Stay tuned ;)


    Thank you for participating in the discussion. I am answering more of the questions that have raised.

    Upfront, I would like to emphasize, that this is just a concept, so the technical development of the feature didn’t even start yet. We started this discussion on purpose now to get a general opinion of the community and see if it’s worth to continue developing this concept or not ( Curtain). Also, your input helps to look at the concept from different angles to get rid of crucial exploits beforehand. That means that it will take quite a while until it’s playable on TEST.

    How does the 60% on phase 2 actually work? If (what should be intended) the player clears the village in one swoop, will this phase be sort of skipped? Will they fight back if one sends a single unit attack baiting the attack to farm some easy xp+rewards?

    60% of the NPC troops are viewed as stationed defense troops of this village. Marshmallowman, as you assumed correctly: if a player makes a bulk attack and clears 40% of the troops, the case 2 is skipped and there is no fighting back. This is a valuable strategy inmho. What do you think?

    And, yes you could send just 1 unit as a bait to the NPC settlement ( Curtain). That’s a great option to get on the list of the NPC’s enemies. However, the NPC troops aren’t attacking all the time and everyone right away.

    Is it intended to weaken off overall. Is it intended to not weaken teuton off as much as the other tribes?

    Is it intended to make it near impossible for non-extremist veteran players to get croppers?

    As you’ve pointed out the general off would be weakened as the 15c are blocked at the beginning and the building of big hammers would start later and they’d be smaller. Yes, it is intended to not weaken the Teuton off much as they are currently on the weaker side. Clubs are fast trained but fragile fellows.

    It’ll be more effort to get the croppers. In a good cooperation with kingdom members even a non-extremist veteran could get the field, if they coordinate the attack together. A strategy could be that some players are taking care of the troops while another prepares for the siege of the settlement. Or as a team, you could also decide to destroy the NPC settlement and then settle there with an own village.

    Was the idea that was up on the forum a while back about letting players themselves "upgrade/modify" their capital to more crop fields and less resource fields up for discussion at any point among the dev team?

    Yes, the idea of terraforming the resource fields has been brought up and discussed thoroughly. This would be a huge game changer. After evaluating the pros and cons, our conclusion is that we will keep the resource fields as they are. The 15c or even 9c should keep their importance and be rare on the map to keep them as valuable targets. Also, it could be noob trap and players might specialize in producing one resource not thinking about consequences such a decision has on the whole round.


    What tribe would the NPCs be? New one or like a mix of the existing 3

    Do they build units or start with a bunch of them or mix of both?

    How strong would the city be in terms of unit count? (stronger than natars? weaker? about the same?)

    The NPC tribe would be a new one. They would have built units at the beginning. The NPC village would be about the same as the current natar villages and the NPC cities would be stronger. What would you like them to be called? Or would you prefer them to be robbers, too?


    - Are the rules on city per city basis or do they apply to all of the NPCs. What I mean by this is that does the 75% and 60% breakpoints count for that one NPC or for the entire game world as a whole? The third bit seems to imply the NPCs retaliate as a group but does that apply to stages 1 and 2 too or just for the 3rd?

    - Since the break points seem to be quite close to each other that would imply the NPCs has lot of units and attacks with small portions of it's army each time instead of it's entire force?

    - Is the intended gameplay to first chip down the NPC units on the defense, then goad them to attack more (killing more of their units in their small attacks) and then finish them off in one chunk? Or are the NPCs structured more like a robber camp that you can't finish off with one siege?

    - Do they build units (I know same question as above but relevant still) or perhaps get reinforcements from other NPCs

    • The rule applies per city basis. The group retaliation would be for the 3rd case only.
    • Correct.
    • The intended gameplay is to reduce the NPC units by defending well and with that decreasing the troops a little bit for defense players and for offensive players to do a big attack on the NPC village/city and clear them.
    • No, they don’t. The rebuilding of units would be a feature version 2.0 that we might introduce at a later point.

    can you already tell what kinds of buildings the city has and how much pop we are looking at?

    The city population would be ~1000 and the building types would be resource related ones as well as defense ones like a wall and a water ditch. As this is a concept now, note that there could be some changes here. Which kind of buildings would you want to find there?

    What with us active players? Im gona be under constant attack due to my big army cause i Play and I dont Sleep. OK? Not fair, first.

    These attacks are not all-day long. You’ll have time to sleep and build up units. For the 1st case, the attack would be triggered only once per day for a player that is near the NPC settlement, and this attack can hit just one of the neighbors. What do you think would be an adequate attack rhythm?

    I’ll be back on Monday to answer further questions that either came up or haven’t been answered yet.

    Wish you all a nice weekend 😊

    Thanks for the feedback that already came up and I’m anticipating the further opinions that are going to come over the course of the discussion. Here already some small answers:


    Phase 1 sounds like it will destroy the newbies that just randomly spawned or cluelessly settled close to one, even more so with siege included

    PogChamp#EN(1) & Marshmallowman
    Concerning the NPC attacks: They aren’t attacking players that are in beginner protection.

    Furthermore, the number of troops that are attacking is quite small. That means that they will not crash all the troops you’ve built up at the beginning.

    What do you think of the idea that the sieges would only be part in case 2 and 3?


    “Whats phase 3 unit count supposed to be based on?”

    This units count is based on the units that have originally belonged to the NPC settlement.

    I’ll go over the unanswered points and especially the long feedback of Curtain during the day tomorrow.
    Wish you all a nice evening.


    Dear Players,

    there have been quite some discussions about the run for the map tiles with 15 crop fields, the 15 cropper (15c). With the new Menhir feature, it’s possible to reach a 15c even faster than before. Also, players who are not playing the complete game round are blocking those fields by making them their capital village.

    We want to make it more challenging for players to get those 15c. To achieve this goal, we thought about a solution and want to present it to you. Please, read the concept, ask questions and give us constructive feedback on it.

    The basic idea is that all 15 Cropper are NPC cities and half of the 9 Cropper are NPC villages. Like the Natarian villages that already exist on the map, but different.

    What would that mean for you exactly?

    The early run to 15c will be no more.

    Basically, you’ll need to first defeat the NPCs to get hold of those tiles and can’t just settle on it. The intention is to make it more competitive for players to get these tiles.

    There are 2 options: Either conquer the villages or destroy them completely and make room for a settlement.

    Both options require longer building times of either training a chieftain or building siege engines like catapults and rams.

    There is more:

    Some players requested more attacks, for example by the Natars. These new NPC cities and villages will be populated with feisty and vengeful inhabitants. There are 3 main cases of their “attacking strategy”:

    Case 1: Actively attack neighbors

    • The NPC tribe isn’t waiting for you to attack them. After some weeks, they will search for their targets and start raiding them.
    • They won’t concentrate their attack on only one player but will reach out to players that are nearby (radius of 5 tiles). So that you are not spammed all the time by attacks, they only attack once per day. The time of the attack however differs from time to time. With this, you should consider if you want to settle next to the NPCs 😉
    • If you are defending yourself very well against those attacks we will grant you a little reward, such as a resource chest.
    • Of course, defending against those NPCs also reduces their troop power, so we will have a stopper for them. As soon as they are only around 75% of troops remaining, the NPC will stop with attacking the players until players attack them (see the next case).

    Case 2: Fighting back

    • When you start attacking the NPCs, they won’t stay put and only defend themselves. They will remember who attacked them and attack those players back. They will attack all players that picked up a fight with them at some point. That means, different players will get targeted.
    • Players with more troop power will get targeted more often and with more troops than players with less troop power.
    • Nonetheless, also players with a smaller force level will get a chance to win deff points and small rewards
    • Same as in the first phase, when only 60% of troops are remaining, the NPCs will stop attacking the players.

    Case 3: Revenge attacks

    • This case will arise after you conquered/destroyed a NPC village/city
    • The NPCs are now out for their revenge and will attack the lost village/city in 5 waves. That means: prepare for defense.
    • As a defense tactic, you could choose to dodge the attacks by sending your troops away, or you accept the battle, and if you defended your village well, each wave will give you and your supporters each a special item.

    Specific Questions:

    • What kind of little rewards or special items would you think would be fair for successfully defending against these NPC troops? We are thinking about resource chest. Would you prefer resource piles? Or something else?
    • Should this new NPC tribe have siege engines and therefore the power to destroy player buildings and/or even whole villages? Or would that be OP in your eyes? If so, which kind of restrictions would even it out or would you prefer to just cut out this option for good?
    • Is there anything else you would want to change? What is your general opinion of this concept? What do you think, will be other benefits of this new feature?

    We are looking forward to your feedback,

    Kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hi Pururin,

    danke für Deine Meldungen :)

    Für den Oasen Quest, haben wir einen Bug erstellt.
    Zu Deinen Zweiten Quest Fehler ("sell item"):
    Das ist kein Bug. Diese Aufgabe wird getriggert sobald Du entweder etwas verkaufst oder mit dem Preis Kalkulieren eines Objektes anfängst.