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    Getting over 100 players by absorbing another neighbouring kingdom when other kingdoms are less than 60 players seems like a meta behavior to a noob like me

    But you can just ignore me and believe whatever helps you sleep at night 😘

    we only have 15-20 players more... Instead of whing on the forms about it. Do something instead, we havent gotten any ops against us, instead you go after the weaker kingdoms(and fail). You are pretending you dont have any change, maybe your meta just isnt good enough ^^

    this funny because even US , EU Teams use multi and BOT tools and pay a lot but just because get rekt by others so start cry about it lol ,this game even before t5 and still IN T4 have full of cheating ways so ,GG

    There is a big difference between a individual in a kingdom botting/cheating, and the whole kingdom like 75% of the russian metas;)

    These are part of the reasons why it's not possible to ban vpn´s, I really appreciate the feedback but in all honesty, this is something that was already discussed in the past and it won't be considered because it prevents many, many players from playing. I will rather be completely transparent with you than let you think that this is something that's viable and create unreal expectations.

    If you have different suggestions on how to stop multis that dont involve preventing also honest players from accessing the game I would love to hear them and I can guarantee I will send them to hq.

    I have an idea ban the people who are known cheaters?

    Hi! we, the forum crew, have no access to the server control panel, only CSR does, so we can't verify any information. The bans are currently handled by them and they are the only ones that can make a difference and be able to ban players that are cheating.

    Since we can't know anything about those bans or possible infractions we can't decide who is wrong and who is right, therefore here is not the place to accuse someone of cheating. If it's about the system, to let us know something is not working the way it should or there are ways to improve it, like constructive criticism, it's always really welcomed since it's the way we can see something is not right and correct it.

    But dont you agree that the fact that travian legit doenst give a single fk about their players just about the money, that the forums are the only way of making sure this doesnt happen or at least protect other kingdoms in this community for the big cheater kingdoms? I know the rule is there to protect the money, and that it isnt your fault (you dont make those rules).

    Ah im sorry to hear that. Kinda of funny how 1 meta can ruin 2 worlds in a 6 month time by cheating and botting. But I wouldnt call them out here since you will get banned. Thats called travians justice.

    thank you for the clarification, i do believe you all have very valid points, and its important to know this is an ongoing problem so we can try to find solutions together.

    yes, HQ is aware of the problems and it's certainly trying to find a way to solve the issues and taking steps towards permanently solving this so we can all play in fare gameworlds.

    I absolutely understand and 100% share the views on wanting and needing fair gameworlds where every cheater gets punished and certainly appreciate the feedback and the insights on these issues.

    You keep telling us, there are people who are actively going after bots. But even when we have chats of them admiting they are botting and we report them they wont get banned. and if we post those screens on the forums we get banned. How is that fair? And why arent we allowed to talk about people who have been cheating? that rule only make Travian less transparent. If a kingdom is proven to be botting and or multing (like 150 accounts banned) why arent we allowed to talk about them? So people know what they might be up agianst. I mean you keep telling us travian cares about there players they have a funny way of showing it. Why take the time of telling us you/travian cares when we all know they dont and they only care about the money. And mute or ban the ones who try to make the game playable.