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    You have the x3 servers so stop crying about normal servers, for me a x3 is unplayable and im not always saying "ey x3 is so fast, slow it to x2" ...

    Other thing is to implement a x1.5 special server or x2, that could be really interesting ٩( ᐛ )و

    Im doing a lot of adventures since the tier 2 items appears at the com3 yesterday, I will be adding what I've got from them (Im gold user)

    1 Res
    2 40 phal
    3 41 TTs
    4 Res
    5 Res
    6 Res
    7 19 bandages
    8. 293 silver
    9. Res
    10. Scale armour
    11. 414 silver
    12. 74 small bandages
    13. 8 cages
    14. Res
    15. Res
    16. Res
    17 Nothing
    18 Res
    19 Res
    20. Res
    21 Art work
    22 Res
    23. Nothing
    24 Res
    25 Res
    26 Standart
    27. Map
    28. Boots of the warrior
    29. Horn
    30. Res
    31. 74 small bandages
    32. 52 Bandages

    And another gold user:

    74 scrolls
    111 small bandages
    8 cages
    20 bandages
    CP Helmet
    Horn of the Natars
    22 Oinment
    Book of wisdom

    Ey guys, is there any way to buy gold for my account (like in the lobby or something like that) and not in a specific server? I wanna use the 20% offer to buy some gold for the com8, but dont know if it that possible, or if i can create a new pj buy there then delete it and get the gold? (the gold is given back right?)

    Edited: when I sent this the offert was up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and yeah, the gold is given back if you delete your account, but you need to wait 8 days after buying gold to be able to delete, cheers.

    i would like to know what troops are the best when you start as a deff player?'
    the most comon def trops for deff romans are the praetorians but for the sake of the hideaout i should make legionarie or imperian troops?
    maybe i should just make praetorians and wait for the attack??

    Hi, I play as roman def, in the main village you should be focus on basically create legios, since they can be send also to raid or attack other players, wich is amazing, legios stats: 5th in attack per cost, 3rd in inf.def per cost, 2nd in cavalry def per cost, 5th in raiding (better than imperians). For me its the best unit of the game, it allows you to build a legion of legios in the main village to clean robbers camp raid etc (with the other tribes you are forced to build some offensive) Praetorians is the oposite of them, its probably the best defensive unit in the late game since his defs/crop are the best and for turtle in a WW are also the best, but they are expensive as fak (actually 3 legios cost close the same than 2 praets and def kinda better) and they are SLOW, really slow... In my experience my legios could deffend my allies several times, while praets didnt arrive on time (the late game is full of catas so the speed of the defensive trops didnt really matter) You should check this post, it has kinda important information: Praetorian "sucks" and inactives villages/players.

    In my opinion if you are full def you dont have to waste on imperians, much better legios, or even if you can raid a lot get a group of EI.

    PD: if do need something else send a message here or ingame (same nick). Saludos :)

    Sorry for double post, I didnt read it before xD

    Praterion is the best defensive unit according to crop. The thing which accounts mostly is not how much a troop costs or how much defense it provides. the thing is how much troops will survive after defending. If you count that you will realize that units with high defense survive in large numbers while units with low defense even they are a lot can't survive as much as they should. Same sort of thing is applied in offense, If you notice EC's which are without any doubt the strongest attacking unit whats the purpose of placing them in game when 4 imperian provide more offense.

    The thing which is most important is not just training of troops but their survival after battles as well. The units with high points in their respective fields survives.

    MMM thanx for the information, didn't know it... but with that kind of think EC are one of the best deffenders of the game too xD, and If a gaul attacks you with an army of TT (VERY common) your praetorian will fall like flys...

    If you are a turtle (or wanna turtle on a specific city) your analysis makes sense, but for me, if I get 6k of legionnaires I would use them to raid or attacks others, while the 4k of praetorian cant do that, so It's like praetorian are a waste meanwhile legios are an inversion that will finance themselves on the long time... And about the defense differences, I dont think that all armies are infantry, gaul's infantry pretty sucks (offensively), and romans have the best cavalry of the game, also the horse drinking trough, so it would be kinda stupid to dont use cavalry as a roman... And about teutons... ok, full infantry, no doubt about that xD

    In my personal case, sometimes my praetorian dont arrive on time while the legios do, so its kinda weird... they should upgrade their speed to 7 (as the other defensive units have, and downgrade their attack from 30 to whatever you want) or atleast to 6 to be equal to legios...

    Resuming, If you are not going to be very active (on the world, or in a specific city -I mean to raid from there- ) use praetorians, for every other case legionnaires.

    So, what's the sense of the praetorian? It's suposed they are defensive unit, but If you make some calculations, 3legionnaires cost close the same ( 225 wood, 150 clay 300 iron = 675) than 2 praetorian ( 160 wood, 200 clay, 320 iron = 680 ), and the 3 legionnaires defend much better (105 def Infantry 150 def cavalry ) than the 2 praetorian (130 Infantry 70 cavalry)... Furthermore the praetorian stats doesn't have sense, they have 30 attack, but can only carry 20 resources and 5 fking speed... holy moly... phalanx and spearfighter have 7 speed and can carry 35 and 40 resources (and ofcourse they are much cheaper than praetorian...) wtf is this joke? And dont tell me that per crop the praetorian is better than the legio, because he only apports 15 more defense and much more unbalanced type... If you play defensive with romans, you are forced to play hybrid with legios or tu pay a gaul to produce phalanx for you (again 2 praetorian cost close the same amount than 3 phalanx (255wood, 300 clay, 150 iron = 705) and they give pretty more defense ( 120 infantry, 150 cavalry) . So am I missing something? or praetorian just sucks? :whistling: (also ofcourse legios are faster, stronger and can carry 50 resource, NOT 20 -.-).

    Ok, what's about inactive players? how many time take the game to delete their villages? (for example if im interested in settled or conquered in a inactive village/city).

    Hi, do I need a free slot in the village that I want to upgrade? or can I build (for example) the residence at lvl 10 on another village and use that slot to upgrade another village?

    Ty for answer :saint:

    Yeah, as Curtain said, be really carefull when defending, be sure that you will win, if they destroy your army you will be on a really bad possition...

    Crany, Expend resources and be polite... there isn`t other way.

    Good luck!

    Ty for answer!

    And another question, how many time take an innactive player to dissapear from the map? (and his cities ofcourse)

    1st, Hi everyone and ty for reading this :P

    2nd, can anyone explain me why a ram or a catapult has crop consumption? It's kinda weird :whistling:

    3rd, What is the utility of reinforcement an oases? is it increase the influence on it? or is just to defend it?

    4th, Is It a 9c 150% enough to maintenance a big army? or will I need another 9c or a 15c? (Im playing with Romans).

    5th, will be the wiki translated to spanish with the new spanish server?

    6th, Thnx again for reading :thumbsup: