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    That is so great that you are doing an unofficial tournament :love::love::love:

    thank you Mayo for setting this up and thank you all for actually participating!

    Here are some screenshots of the statistics today:

    I am sure, I am not the only one interested in some insights of this round. @all: will you share some more screenshots and statistics with us curious people?

    Are most kingdoms divided by language/domain or are there also some mixed kingdoms on this game round?

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    With that, you say Smilzo is a liar, if an Administrator can do that, i can say...

    :D haha, nice try. That is twisting words of others with the purpose of justifying your own rudeness.

    As galadriel stated several times in the Italian forum: Every game wish and idea that you post in the local forum is explained to the whole team and we are discussing them within the team. Assuming that we don't do this, is false.

    About your discussion with JJ: I also remember that. It was before the menhir era started and before we got all those mobile push notifications. With the menhirs, it's finally possible to play with your friends and it's easier to switch to more active kingdoms. That was a player wish coming from several domains.

    About small game rounds with less players: We consider all our domains, the ones with bigger game rounds and the ones with smaller ones. At the beginning of this year, we even merged a lot of small domains to com and announced this in all domains, even the ones that weren't affect like Italy Domini confluiti nel COM

    Kingdoms game rounds are not as big as Legends game rounds. Even though, the Birthday Bash worlds were full in all domains. Also the still ongoing com1n round is active.

    If i think Travian Kingdoms need changes, i talk, i discuss, i argument,

    Yes, thank you for listing this here: It is important that we understand the reason behind wishes about game play chances. There are so many different play styles between players and between speed rounds, night truce and standard rounds. And then, there are differences if you play on an international world or a local world. It's more work that it seems on first glance. What would benefit some, wouldn't be good for others. The most obvious example would be OFF and DEF players.

    But you've heard this before from galadriel in the Italian forum section. I stop repeating myself now.

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    galadriel has reported all the suggestions of the Italian community and no one has ever been taken into consideration.

    That is a false! It doesn't matter in which language feedback is provided, we are discussing it on a regular basis.

    Like Georgi already mentioned, we can only discuss within the team what we get: feedback suggestion and preferably a reason for why it would benefit the game play.

    --> 2017 - F5 and Neverending Story

    --> 2017 - Marketplace - Warehouse Info

    Thank you for sharing the links to your suggestions. These kind of suggestions are best practices: You explain what you want and why. Plus, you also put in screenshots. <3

    We have transferred these wishes to our internal ideas backlog already. I am sorry that we haven't given a status quo feedback on them on time. That is our bad and I apologize for this. Be assured that we are aware of these wishes, though.

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    Was für Adelungen macht ihr den meistens?

    Ich muss ja gestehen, ich hab, um das Game-Feature zu gestehen, einfach mal ein graues Dorf geadelt, das in meiner Nähe war und schon ein wenig ausgebaut war. Meistens ist aber schon ziemlich aufwendig und ich nutze den zweiten Kulturpunktslot dann doch einfach zum siedeln.

    Was macht für euch den Reiz am Adeln aus?

    test, Round 14

    Game world information

    Game world start 21.05.2019
    Release of the Wonders of the World 04.07.2019
    Game world end 17.07.2019
    Game world duration 57 days
    Players 937


    Tribe Players Percent
    roman.png 281 30%
    teuton.png 226 24%
    gaul.png 430 46%

    Kings and governors

    Role Players Percent
    king.png 25 3%
    duke.png 54 6%
    gov.png 847 90%

    Kingdom ranking (victory points)

    Rank Kingdom Points King Members Population
    vp1.png The Wall 3.784.888 Aegon Targaryen 131 1.090.697
    vp2.png Osmanlı 3.349.605 Eşkiya_Lazkopat 112 698.089
    vp3.png ALSANC4K 3.320.912 muammer2424® 92 664.282

    Wonder of the World

    Rank Kingdom Level Builder Bonus
    ww1.png Osmanlı 100 ZEYNA 50%
    ww2.png The Wall 97 Drogon 33%
    ww3.png ALSANC4K 96 FSM 25%

    Top 3 players - population & attackers

    pop.png attack.png
    Rank Player Points Rank Player Points
    #1 costiban 23.610 #1 Nasdaq 842.714
    #2 FSM 20.066 #2 Nagibator 810.080
    #3 ketodex 19.698 #3 КуниМастер 743.741

    Top 3 players - defenders & hero

    defence.png hero.png
    #1 The Gamer 1.061.355 #1 Comedian 1.594.628
    #2 FSM 944.690 #2 Varys 1.493.935
    #3 Barrel 759.402 #3 Nagibator 1.435.824

    My question here is: Do you see it the same way?

    Farming can make a huge difference, when done right. But only a view players are taking the time and effort per round to gain this effort. For the majority of the players, the focus is on getting their economy into a smoothly running system. And that is difficult to find out as a new player because the game depths here is not obvious on first glance.

    So spiking has been around for as long as Travian has existed, but it should have no place in the modern version of the game

    What is your actual whish to happen? And yes, I've read all posts before. I am asking about the why behind this original whish.

    Anyway, we are working on a full guide on how to build accounts for off/def players and other stuff. It will be released at the end of COM2.

    I am looking forward to read it :love:

    If you raid very well, you can reach new limits, was quite amazing to see big hammers like these in 1x speed Travian Legends (I played in that server, in dutch domain :P), due to their insane raid income.

    Thank you for sharing this report! I hope, that Sch... list that name refers to, is still ongoing :D

    I actually don't care all too much about whether grays should be removed completely or not, from my account's point of view.

    The thing is that the basis of a great account is not its raiding stat but its economy.

    My feeling from reading this whole thread and seeing the turn, this discussion took, is, that it's not about spiking or farming. It's about finding the best way to create a big hammer. For that, you need to get a huge amount of resources from somewhere. The main part is not coming from farmlist, but your own villages. To enable your own villages to support training a huge hammer, you need to have a clear plan on how to do so: Destroy buildings you don't need anymore (academy), don't train all kinds of troops in every village, set up trade routes, etc.

    Danke für deine ausführliche Antwort Sol-Alpha#DE ! Ja, wir haben bei ein paar Sachen von anderen Sachen gesprochen. Vor allem, weil es Unterschiede zwischen der iOS und der Android App gibt. Wir arbeiten daran, diese beiden Apps zu vereinheitlichen. Manches ist bei der einen Version besser, manches bei der anderen.

    die Wimpel das jedes Mitglied eines Markierten Königreichs bekommt

    die hab ich z.B. bei iOS. So süß, wie du sie in deinen Post mit eingebaut hast. <3

    Und ja, das sollte unbedingt auch in die Android App eingebaut werden.

    Ja kenne ich deshalb habe ich ja den Vorschlag gemacht weil es sowas nicht in der App gibt

    Drum, hab mich schon gewundert. Es gibt einige versteckte Feature, wie z.B. dass man auf die Prestige-Sterne klicken kann, um den Überblick zu sehen. Allerdings dachte ich, dass der eigene Dörfer-Button nicht dazuzählt. :thumbup:

    Das ist möglich wenn auch etwas umständlich gemacht:

    Mach Folgendes drück länger mit dem Finger auf das Gebäude/Feld das du Ausbauen möchtest den erscheint ein Menü.

    Super, danke fürs Teilen dieses Workarounds :love:. Dafür sind dir sicher so einige Spieler dankbar!

    Travian wurde für Desktop PC entwickelt, es jetzt für Mobile Geräte anzupassen das ein ganz anderes Bedienkonzept hat ist bestimmt nicht einfach.

    Dafür ist die App schon ok. ;)

    Ja, da hast du ein wahres Wort gesprochen. Allein die Wechselstube zu finden, wenn du nicht auch auf dem Browser spielst, ist eine Herausforderung X/ Unser Mobile-Team lässt sich davon aber nicht abschrecken, sondern arbeitet stetig daran, die Apps zu verbessern.

    Falls du daran interessiert bist, Beta Tester für Android zu werden, kannst du dich gerne hier anmelden:…viangames.traviankingdoms

    Dein Feedback hat uns bisher jedenfalls schon sehr geholfen. Auch wenn wir manches schon kennen, wissen wir doch durch die Rückmeldungen besser, in welcher Reihenfolge wir was fixen sollen.

    LG BridgetB

    Um dörfer außerhalb des KRs besser den jeweiligen KR zu zu ordnen habe ich die wichtigsten KRs Markiert
    z.B. die BBG/BBG² in Rot damit haben alle dörfer ein Roten Wimbel zumindest in der DV.
    Währe schön das auch in der App zusehen

    Das ist übrigens schon in der APP, etwas versteckt: Wenn du auf der Kartenansicht bist, lass deinen Finger länger auf dem Feld/Spielerdorf, das du markieren möchtest und ein weiteres Menü geht auf. Dort kannst du dann Spieler, Königreiche und Felder markieren:

    @alle: Kanntet ihr den Trick schon oder ist das auch neu für euch? Die APP ist immer wieder für ne Überraschung gut :S