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    Dear players,

    Thank you for your patience. Contrary to some assumptions going around, this was not a DDoS attack but issues restricted to COM1. Our developers fixed it and that means we can give you all a compensation. :)

    All players on COM1 got the following:

    • 25 Gold
    • All starved troops between Friday 22:30 pm CET and Sunday 20:30 pm CET will be restored
    • 1 large pile of each resource: wood, clay, iron, and crop

    We want to thank all of you who reported the issues here and on discord. Can you confirm that everything is fine on your side again?

    Hint: You can split these piles into 16 smaller piles to manage your inventory!

    Kind regards and enjoy the game round,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Thank you all who were able to join the call today! For those who couldn't, here the artwork our artist created. He first "tricked" us by drawing on the snow globe template, a Gaul Fish ;) and suddenly zoomed out to the Roman snowman and continued drawing:

    I hope, it's an inspiration for you. And don't forget, that was a professional artist! Don't compare your skills, just enjoy the artwork!


    P.S.: you are allowed to upload several times, just in different posts for the likes <3

    Awesome thread iribuya we will need that overview for the achievement hunt!

    This time, we'll give you a preview of the new Halloween Masks.

    remember that they are all repetitive tasks

    are they truly? Here some quotes from the last teaser:

    Most of them have one thing in common: you must repeat a specific action several times.

    Well, and then there are some new special achievements that don't have a progress bar.

    iribuya I didn't go through your complete list yet, some of them are wrong, but this one was outstanding:

    Mummy: revive 1000 units with bandages

    trick  100% even the amount of units is correct! I guess, only the name of this achievement will be a surprise ^^

    medusa- use cages on snakes or kill them in oasis

    werewolf- use cages on wolves or kill them in oasis

    You are on to something there :thumbup:

    We will have an overview thread with a table for all achievements soon in the contest section and we will copy some of your posts from this thread to there <3

    Congratulations to the members of the Dothraki kingdoms and the friendly kingdoms, where I asked for help so that we could succeed in this vote.

    Thank you for answering the call and voting en masse.



    Yeah I found in several servers players were encouraging others to vote for 25.

    That was awesome! :love: Thank you all for your commitment and sharing your excitement about the new achievements!

    btw: there might be the first hint on how to get one of them hidden in the announcement above 8)

    From discord:
    NyadayoToday at 20:03

    1. I am experiencing a serious bug after updating app on Android, game logouts to lobby whenever I build something, making the game unplayable.

      [20:04]I have sent ticket. Anyone experiencing the same bug plz send a ticket too so we can get devs awareness

    I'm experiencing the same after the update

    thank you very much for the report!

    This bug is already fixed since yesterday evening and the new App version is already in the PlayStore. iribuya  Nyadayo can one of you confirm the issues are gone with the newest version of the App?

    Dear players,

    A big THANK YOU for sticking with us through this rollercoaster ride. This second wave of DDoS attacks is now defeated. Some of you with tech-background have probably noticed already: We have invested in better DDoS protection and are using Cloudflare now as a host. We know that this company is currently the most popular company when it comes to protection against cyber-attacks and several of you have suggested this to us, as well. <3

    Switching hosts did cause some side-effects like Lobby Gold was not immediately transferred after a game world ended or you might have seen wrong raiding limit due to the same IP in reports. Those errors are fixed already, and our game worlds are stable since Saturday afternoon.

    That is why we have restored the starved troops by now. We know, it’s not much compensation. As we said right from the start: We cannot do any more compensation, otherwise we would invite copycats to do the same.

    We are hopeful that these investments were the right move to improve our protection long term and to secure stable game rounds.

    Thank you all for your great understanding,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Good morning to you all bbash-partyhat what a nice and calm day and night it was yesterday. ilike

    Lord Volkon_PT

    yes, it was a DDoS attack. In the past special rounds, we faced other performance issues and we were always quick to admit that it was our fault. We like to be transparent with our players in our communication.

    We did a lot of measures against these kind of attacks and secured all game worlds. And we are still working on finetuning these measures, especially when it comes to protecting the lobby.

    The staff is playing on BBash1 AND on BBash2, but most of us are actually playing on BBash2. So, no, it wasn't us trolling ourselves. Players who still had access to the game worlds used the direct link into the worlds without logging out (as explained in the very first post of this thread).

    I hope this reply helps a bit in understanding what's going on.

    have a great day,



    got my gold..ty

    teuton-strong thank you for sharing! I am happy to read that.

    UPDATE: Yes, there was another attack this afternoon again. That's also why there is no status in the thread name anymore: It's changing too often. We have built level 20 Natar Walls around them. That's why the direct links work if you don't log out.

    But yes, during attacks, there are issues in the lobby we are still working on. If you still cannot login, which error code do you see exactly? Or is it no error code and the loading icon on the start page before even getting to the credential window? The latter one should also be solved by now, but please share if that is not the case.

    Thank you all for sharing your personal experiences here. And a big thank you to everyone helping with explaining and answering questions.


    Good morning <3

    thank you for reporting the issues this night. Our developers saw them too and this is solved by now. It really helps us when you report issues. Please also confirm when it does work again.

    belfastguy_COM I am sorry the Gold takes so long. Is it solved now? If not, please write again in the same ticket that your case is not solved yet and the Gold is still not there.

    Yes, this page looks suspicious, but it actually is not. Yes, you should not see that one normally. But it really is one our our pages that work normally in the background. If you still see this one, please clear your cache and cookies. If not, don't clear your cookies, because your session will be gone and you cannot use the direct link into the gameworld anymore.

    It's weekend, and as we all know, TK staff doesnt work on weekends

    I don't know if we made it clear enough. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so again: The whole TK staff is taking these attacks very seriously and working very hard and long hours to defend against these attacks and to resolve other issues like some payment delays. That means, we also work on the weekend.

    rafal92f#PL I don't know why you reduce Travian to the country the headquarter is placed in. People from all around the work for Travian Games. Yes, some of them do live in Germany, some of them work remotely from where ever the live. Especially in the community management team, we actively seek diversity in our team. And when it comes to online gaming in general, not just Travian, that is what makes it so special: people from all around the world can connect with each other through their common interest in games.

    @all: please share this within your kingdoms if you haven't done already. At the moment, everything works fine, yes. I still want to be make sure as many players know this as possible. Let's take care of each other <3

    We are sure that more attacks are coming. Therefore, please follow these two steps to get access to your gameworlds:
    • Don’t use the red “Go to lobby” button to log out of your gameworld (close the window instead).
    • Bookmark the direct link to your gameworlds, for example:, or

    and yes, this might no

    So basically you just admitted you are not compensating because you are cheap.

    Just because I use the word "expensive", doesn't mean that we don't spend the money. We do. We see it as an investment in the future. So, no, your conclusion is incorrect.

    You were still making fun of it.

    That is not true. We made the best out of the situation. The players completely created this achievement badge for the very first Halloween Hunt: You all gave suggestions for the title, the description text and the image. Then, there were public votes on them and the texts with the most votes won. The picture is actually a mix of two images our artist drew following players suggestions, which was also coming from the community.

    Even in the player survey afterwards, most players said they had fun despite the lagging issues. Otherwise, we wouldn't have repeated that event.

    Short version: Yes, I can remember that one. I also can remember we did give out other compensation on top of this achievement, too.

    Thank you for reminding me. We really made the best out of the given circumstances at that time. How long ago was it? 4 years?

    This attack has costed more than you would ever compensate for the attacker so its not that great business plan..

    Yes, DDoS attacks are super expensive. Not just for us defending, but for them initiating them. That's why we highly suspect that they have to have another source of income, e.g. selling game bots. And these kind of attacks should provoke us to lessen the bans for bots. But we won't.

    I wish, we could use all these resources to actually improve the game and implement some player wishes. There are so many great ones just waiting to be worked on. Especially now would have been a great time since the BBash worlds were so stable and we didn't phase those lagging issues we had on other specials before.

    At least, the newest measures seem to really work quickly in defending against these attacks. teuton-strong