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    Dear players,

    From Thursday, Dec 5 until Sunday, Dec 8, someone used thousands of e-mail addresses and tried to log into Travian Kingdoms. Most of these addresses didn’t even have a game account. With this message we still recommend you to change your passwords to further minimize the risk for any security issues.

    We’ve already taken steps to limit any outcome. Plus, we’ve implemented some new restrictions for several failed login attempts and will add some more soon.

    In case you have questions to your own account, please write us a Help Center ticket.

    We are sorry for any inconveniences.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hi sssss#DE

    to elaborate on this topic, I created this dedicated thread in the General section.

    1. We've already anticipated more players. We knew there will be more activity due to more players because playing on a x5 round is a frequent player wish.

    2. x5 means more things happening at once. Especially on the map.

    3. Travian Kingdoms and Travian: Legends are two different games. Even though we've expected more players, we didn't expect as many players as Travian: Legends gets on tournament rounds.

    I hope, these points make it easier to understand what happened. Be assured, our team learned to ensure a stable performance next time. Whenever "next time" will be.

    kind regards,


    I hope it won't look misty again. Map and inside the village, I am talking about. On x5 server map used to lag and our browsers would use more RAM than usual.

    Hi Bronx thanks for sharing feedback! x5 needed RAM because it was 5 times faster. The mist does need more GPU. That means, it helps to turn off the animations in the settings. If you experience it again, can you provide us with detailed data in a Help Center ticket so that we can check it again?

    kind regards,



    Dear players,

    thank you all again for providing us with feedback about the menhir feature and especially for participating in the discussion about the overhaul. [Discussion] Relocation Overhaul – Menhir Era 2.0 Since we are currently adjusting the concept accordingly, it is still work in progress and therefore cannot be rolled out yet.

    On the other hand, we don’t want you all to wait so long anymore. That is why we will roll out the menhir overhaul out partially already to new game worlds that are starting.

    Since the Halloween Special proofed that the Mist is beneficial for the gameplay, we will start with this part:


    Area around the world wonders

    It won’t be possible to relocate there, only settle. The mist will stay until the end of the game round to indicate this restriction.

    Size 13² map tiles = a quadrat with a radius of 7 fields around the World Wonder tile.


    Please not that there are no special rules like on comx5. They were part of the Halloween special. Since only new game worlds will have this new feature, this is an announcement and not a changelog.

    Only new game worlds will get this feature, :!:including the speed rounds that will start today. :!: We know, it’s on short notice. But we believe that the game play will benefit from including the mist.

    Kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


    Dear players,

    Your achievement is ready and we are giving it to you all tomorrow, November 19. :love:

    Since we are cautious and don't want the distribution of this achievement to too cause other lagging, we will roll it out step-by-step. We will start with the first players at 14:00 CET (UTC +1) and then continue every hour the next players.

    Thank you all again for participating in the creativ process. Create your special THANK YOU achievement

    Kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Cold Steel thank you for sharing your idea. That idea would go beyond the scope of the original topic of the discussion and deserves an own discussion. That is why I copied the last 2 comments into this thread: Start with a ring shaped map

    Several of you suggested to set a time limit for the menhir usage. We've discussed them all. The most promising one was the suggestion to bind the menhir feature to the avatar age. That means starting to count when the player is joining a game round and then, after time X, disabling the feature for this player.

    As you know, we have as less limitations as possible in Travian Kingdoms to keep the game open for as many strategies and game styles as possible. On the other hand, limitations can create new problems or so many edge cases, that, at the end, the exceptions are becoming the new norm. Not just explaining, but also playing under these conditions, is hard.

    We've also discussed the general limit to disable the menhir feature at the same time the WWs are opening up. The consequence would be, again, to have more rules. But also, the original purpose of adjusting the menhir feature wouldn't be met.

    The guerilla attacks are not just done against WWs, but also against important villages within a kingdom.

    "Interesting that you say the area could be even bigger @all: any opinions about this?"

    i think that the aera without relocation could be bigger.
    let arrive in WW aera only those who know how to do others villages.

    We've discussed the map size again. That area is currently already "spawn-free" area, meaning no new avatar will start there. But it would be too big of a chance now and prolong implementing these fixes. That is why we keep it in mind for later.

    Thank you all for your feedback! I am going to close this discussion within the next week.

    kind regards,


    Are you talking about your own robber hideouts or the kingdom wide robber camps? Be aware that the kingdom wide robber camps only spawn on fields that are not occupied by nature plus have another resource field distribution than 4-4-4-6. With the kingdoms being so crowded, it could be that there is not enough free space within the kingdom borders.

    kind regards,



    Dear players,

    we've implemented the permanent fix mentioned here: The Halloween Hunt - Chat Stability

    yesterday afternoon and monitored the outcome closely.

    It's working as intended and the chat in comx5 is running :thumbup:

    That is why we are able to turn off the temporary solution. There won't be regular resets every 3 hours anymore.

    Thank you all for your fast feedback yesterday.

    Participate in the poll about the final badge for your special achievement.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hi Serski

    thank you for asking. I made a new thread out of your question and moved it here in the Questions section.

    Will this new servers have changes? (Menhir 2.0 or fog on wonder area)

    We are still in the middle of the discussion with the about menhir 2.0 [Discussion] Relocation Overhaul – Menhir Era 2.0

    and are not yet at a conclusion. It is too early to already have these reworks live yet.

    And yes, we tested the mysterious mist on comx5. But be aware that those game changers like stronger troops in there are special and only part of the Halloween Hunt round. They are not part of the menhir 2.0 concept.

    planning to make comx5 servers regular

    There are no plans yet. I reckon you are up for it and would like to play on a comx5 round again?

    Why do you always say it is "on the weekend"?

    Hello sssss#DE thank you for bringing it up. It's true that I am posting a rundown on what happened every weekend so far (we had 2). I am also posting regular updates during the week, the most recent one from yesterday here:

    The Halloween Hunt - Chat Stability

    These resets are a temporary solution to the connectivity issues while we are working on a permanent fix.

    Be assured, there will be a next status update about the permanent fix I was talking about very soon.

    kind regards,


    So I play as a King and I invite via menhir a player to be my governor. Player goes inactive and keeps that slot for settling for a month or so. Dissaster.

    A king can actually cancel a menhir invitation. But only by clicking on the menhir on the map, not in the embassy.

    But with the Reservation feature mentioned in the concept, this wouldn't work anymore if a player actively reserved the relocation. This behavior excludes inactives and was ment to prevent a player from being blocked by getting constant farm list entries.

    To emphasize why we want to help players that have a hard time finding a kingdom, I want to highlight this shared player experience. Joining a kingdom appears impossible

    Unfortunately, this happens more than you'd think. That is why we are so cautious about limitations.