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    PaultheGaul well done ^^

    Since most of you favor the gravestone, here is another poll. This time, it's about having it with the flower or the hand. I personally favor the one with the flower, because I like flowers. And because it reminds me of the song "Where have all the flowers gone"

    image (42).png

    But it's your choice. Which one do you like? Take part in the vote until next week Wednesday, Nov 13.

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    Thank you all for your participation. It's so great that so many of you participated! We will do the ruffle tomorrow morning and we will announce the winners here. You will get your reward via private message tomorrow, too.

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    Hi Serski

    thank you for asking. I made a new thread out of your question and moved it here in the Questions section.

    Will this new servers have changes? (Menhir 2.0 or fog on wonder area)

    We are still in the middle of the discussion with the about menhir 2.0 [Discussion] Relocation Overhaul – Menhir Era 2.0

    and are not yet at a conclusion. It is too early to already have these reworks live yet.

    And yes, we tested the mysterious mist on comx5. But be aware that those game changers like stronger troops in there are special and only part of the Halloween Hunt round. They are not part of the menhir 2.0 concept.

    planning to make comx5 servers regular

    There are no plans yet. I reckon you are up for it and would like to play on a comx5 round again?

    Why do you always say it is "on the weekend"?

    Hello sssss#DE thank you for bringing it up. It's true that I am posting a rundown on what happened every weekend so far (we had 2). I am also posting regular updates during the week, the most recent one from yesterday here:

    The Halloween Hunt - Chat Stability

    These resets are a temporary solution to the connectivity issues while we are working on a permanent fix.

    Be assured, there will be a next status update about the permanent fix I was talking about very soon.

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    So I play as a King and I invite via menhir a player to be my governor. Player goes inactive and keeps that slot for settling for a month or so. Dissaster.

    A king can actually cancel a menhir invitation. But only by clicking on the menhir on the map, not in the embassy.

    But with the Reservation feature mentioned in the concept, this wouldn't work anymore if a player actively reserved the relocation. This behavior excludes inactives and was ment to prevent a player from being blocked by getting constant farm list entries.

    To emphasize why we want to help players that have a hard time finding a kingdom, I want to highlight this shared player experience. Joining a kingdom appears impossible

    Unfortunately, this happens more than you'd think. That is why we are so cautious about limitations.


    Dear players,

    as stated here: Halloween Hunt - the second weekend

    we are focusing on improving the chat stability for comx5.

    To do so, our developers intentionally reset the chat every 3 hours. During this reset, you will experience a very short disconnection and see the red icon pasted-from-clipboard.png on the bottom left. We are doing this to prevent longer connectivity losses.

    To narrow it down and make it more transparent for you, these restarts will only happen on the following full hours:

    3:00, 6:00, 9:00, 12:00 am/pm CET (UTC+1)

    These resets are a temporary solution to the connectivity issues while we are working on a permanent fix.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


    Dear players,

    many of you reported lagging issues over the weekend again. Not just our developers were monitoring the game round closely. The whole Kingdoms team is focused on the Halloween Hunt world. Many of us and people from other Travian departments are playing on this game round are emotionally involved in comx5.

    It’s frustrating for us, when our efforts are not visible. Like mentioned in a previous statement, there are several different issues leading to what you see as lagging. Our developers combined their work force with developers from other departments. They were able to fix some of them, improving others and we work hard on improving your (and our) playing experience. Rest assured we want these issues fixed just as much as you do.

    That is why the focus has shifted. The errors are not about general being stuck in-game anymore. Mostly, the chat is not reachable, or troop movements are not updated.

    Our recommended workaround for now is: go easy on your F5 key. Please do not refresh too often. Instead, try to open a new tab to see troop movements.

    Whenever you experience any issues, report here: [comx5] Lagging issues

    We are reading all your posts.

    Our main focus for now is improving the chat stability.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    P.S.: Seize the day and participate in the forum contest! Today is the last full day. We will close participation tomorrow morning. Halloween Hunt - The Forum Contest

    Hi Wahlberg

    you are referring to the rewards of the registration second registration goal: As soon as we've reached 7.500 player on the Halloween Hunt, every player got 1x scroll and 1x instant delivery.

    it was already known in the beginning what the rewards were and how much each.

    If you like these kind of Quests, and want us to have more of them but with different rewards, feel free to start a thread in the suggestions section :thumbup:: Ideas / Wishes / Suggestions or in the RU community.

    I am closing this thread now because everything about this topic is stated already

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    Hi again guys

    our system administrators are looking into the issue again, we'll keep you updated as soon as we have any further information.
    Meanwhile we had to do a short maintenance, please find the details here: Halloween Hunt - Short Maintenances

    Best regards

    Halloween Hunt - Short Maintenances

    we also announce these short maintenances in game.

    Sometimes, it is more helpful to wait it out instead of pressing f5, especially when it comes to the buidling queue or the in-game chat. But for other events like incoming attacks, it`s more helpful to open a new tab. It`s a bit complicated to differenciate and this advice could be more confusing than helping. That`s why I haven`t said this before. Please try it.

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    @all: please keep it civilized and follow the forum Netiquette

    the suggestion for the limitation came up as a help for handling the lagging issues of comx5.

    with all posts here strongly disagreeing, I am closing this discussion now. We won't consider this option.

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback to this topic.

    El Rodriguezo if you suspect some players to be multis, or if someone is assaulting you in the chat, please report them via the Help Center. Only when we know about these cases, we can do something against it.

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    Hi IcePrincess#EN(1)

    me again :)

    I moved your post into this bugs and errors section. Probably more players have a similar experience.

    You should be able to close the window and the link at the bottom should be greyed out.

    Does it work now for you or is there still an issue?

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