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    Dear players,

    as mentioned in this thread: Halloween Hunt - 3rd day lagging issues

    we were monitoring the Halloween Hunt game world very closely over the weekend.

    Other than the Card Game getting confused with the European winter time and some rare single stopped events, the Halloween Hunt round ran smoothly.:love:

    You all were very active over the weekend :thumbup:Thank you! You’ve also completed two quests and caught a lot of spiders and bats! Don’t forget to collect your rewards in the browsers.

    There is an iOS App bug connected to the Night Truce notifications. We’ve already submitted a hotfix and you should be able to update your Kingdoms App today.

    Have you already participated in creating the special achievement for you all?

    You all deserve a special achievement for sticking with us through thick and thin. We are so grateful having you as players and appreciate your supportive behavior. <3

    If you haven’t already, go to the embassy and participate in the name and description finding process for this special achievement. We only grant this achievement to the players on comx5.

    Create your special THANK YOU achievement

    Check out the great ideas that players already put there and give a like to your favorite idea.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    I am closing this thread now, because I am repeating myself in my answers.

    LoCrus Like stated before, I know your game changing ideas because the local community managers translate and share the wishes and ideas provided by players. Huge game overhauls like getting rid of the World Wonders made it on our list for special game round ideas. But we don't have so many special rounds during the year.

    Have you already checked out Arkheim? This is a new Travian game in the making in which we are more flexible in changes of the gameplay.

    Why is there not even a mention that there is a discussion about this topic in any other forum (german for example)?

    2 reasons: Because we will start the same discussion in the German forum section soon. The feature concept is already translated. And because the COM and RU community was affected by guerilla attacks first and we've already discussed with them several solutions. This is the follow up discussion on this topic with them.

    Please don't complicate the game. Please keep it simple.

    Yes, that is what we want, too. That is one of the reasons why we don't want to implement too many unnecessary restrictions. Only the most needed ones. What would help with keeping it simple in your opinion?

    In the 5x round so far I'm quite happy with the way the wonders look in terms of this rule.

    The area for no relocation could even stand to be bit bigger by another 2-5 tiles than it is since the area directly around the wonder tends to be bare of oasis already meaning kingdoms don't want to relocate there in the first place and the wonder itself does take substantial chunk of the blocked area as well.

    Alternatively more oasis could be added under the wonder to make it more valuable now that you can't just dump an entire team there day 1?

    Thank you for sharing your feedback! Keep in mind that the special rules only apply on 5x though.

    We don't want to make this area more valuable in adding more oases there. It's already an advantage if you have experienced players within your kingdom who know how to settle there quickly. We don't want to unbalance it any further.

    Interesting that you say the area could be even bigger :/ @all: any opinions about this?

    so any player joining a server would have 6 weeks to find a kingdom

    on a standard round you mean? Would this really be a fix or would it just shift everything to week 5 and week 6? I know where you all coming from with the time limit. Breaking it down to a specific point in the game though makes it difficult.

    Would the better solution be to say until a player trained X troops like some of you mentioned? Or would that be a disadvantage against players who lost their starting team through no fault of one's own?

    Павлентий thank you for sharing your idea. It's worth to discuss it in a dedicated thread. That is why I moved it from the menhir discussion and created this own thread.

    @all: What do you think about this idea?

    My concerns: there is not just one way on how to play Travian Kingdoms. What if these trainers don't follow the rules or what if the the team members don't want to follow orders but want to be part of the decision making?

    What exactly do you mean with 5.?


    interesting combi of names you've chosen as your nickname :thumbup:

    Please write a bug ticket in the Help Center so that our Customer Service Team can link your in-game data to your bug description and help you out immediately.

    Thanks in advance,


    Mucha[pl] did it work for you know after the lagging issues were over?

    I just say avatar to what I assumed you said account to. For us, the account is your lobby account and your nickname and "account" on a game round is called avatar. Can get confusing which is which.

    Here is the statement I've mentioned yesterday: Halloween Hunt - 3rd day lagging issues

    Ektos8 thanks :S you put the tea in event 8o

    Puppel#EN thank you for reporting! Please write a Help Center next time so that our Customer Support can work faster on it. Even during night truce, you are always able to attack robbers. We already figured out that there is a bug only on the iOS App connected to Night Truce. Our mobile team is working on it. As a work around for now, please use the browser.

    As stated in the linked announcement, there is no compensation yet because the case is not closed for us yet. We are taking the weekend to monitor and make sure that the lagging issues are gone for good this time.

    I am closing this thread now.

    Thank you all for sharing your feedback, beeing with us and your understanding.


    Dear players,

    and we did it again. We are so happy for your continuous big interest in the Halloween Hunt! We highly appreciate that so many of you are playing.

    Unfortunately, our efforts from the first day weren’t enough. Comx5 had again lagging issues for a couple of hours yesterday.

    Fortunately, some of the previous fixes helped a bit and the lagging was shorter and softer this time.

    We have now implemented additionally a new, enhanced solution. The Halloween Hunt world is running smoothly right now.

    But since this is a new path we are taking, we need more time to assess it. We will take this time over the weekend and monitor comx5 closely. That also means, that there is no compensation yet since we cannot estimate the total extent yet.

    Be assured, we have high hopes that the game world is stabilized.

    You will get another update the upcoming week.

    What we already know is, that you all deserve a special achievement for sticking with us through thick and thin. Thank you all. We are so grateful having you as players and appreciate your supportive behavior. <3

    Go to the embassy and participate in the name and description finding process for this special achievement.

    Create your special THANK YOU achievement

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team