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    that changes work only on x5 now?

    Big NO! These changes are nowhere. We are discussing them here first with you all.

    Do not mix it up with the special rules applying to comx5!

    This hole thing has do be overworked....

    that is why we are discussing it here. What do you think about the concept in the initial thread post? Do you think it will improve the situation you described?

    If you limit it to two weeks on x3 and 6 weeks on normal speed, almost every player will have at the very least 2 villages (which stops menhir automatically).

    @all: what do you think about these timing? Do you think they are too short, too long? Or do you see any other impediments why we shouldn't implement them?


    We understand that it was frustrating yesterday. Still, your assumption that there was no lagging is not true. The lagging started right at the beginning at 14:00. The players who are ahead now did spend a lot of time waiting in front of their computers yesterday.

    With 25 Gold, you can buy 2 days of Travian Plus + 2 days of crop bonus and still have Gold left.

    We wanted to let you choose for what you want to spend the Gold. That is why we didn't give out any other compensation.


    Dear players,

    thank you all for your big interest in the Halloween Hunt! We expected more players than usually on the first day of a game round, but we didn’t estimate with so many of you at once. That is awesome!

    Unfortunately, we had severe lagging issues right from the start for some hours yesterday.

    We want to be as transparent as possible and give you a short rundown of what happened. Plus, we want to address the most frequent questions you posted in the forum and the in-game chat.

    Who was affected?

    Every player that registered on comx5 faced the same lagging issues. It had nothing to do with the time zone or the location you’ve been in.

    When do we get a compensation?

    As we understand that this affected the start of this round, we are compensationg you all with Gold.

    We gave 25 Gold to everybody playing on comx5 today, Oct 23, at 14:30 pm CEST (UTC +2). This Gold is not transferable. We want you to spend it on the Halloween Hunt round. Thank you for being patient and for staying!

    What exactly happened?

    As stated above, we took precautions in advance. In addition to increasing the performance beforehand, our developers were monitoring comx5 right from the start.

    As soon as the first lagging issues happened, they evaluated what exactly causes them and stabilized them. Since there were several different problems, the stabilization took until 19:00 CEST (UTC +2).

    Mostly, actions got stuck and accumulated to an event jam. That is what you’ve seen when your troops got stuck or already finished level ups were still in the building queue.

    After the developers stabilized the system, these events were able to finish one by one. The recovery needed two more hours so that the game round was stable again around 21:00 CEST (UTC +2).

    Why don’t you restart the game world?

    This would not solve these lagging issues. As some of you know and shared in the posts, we’ve had these lagging issues several times in the past, especially with speed round starts.

    Even though we took precautions against the lagging, we couldn't get rid of them completely yet. We are working on long-term solutions already.

    Plus, we’ve asked you to mark the date and prepare for Oct 22 and so many of you did. Several of you stayed in the game despite of the rough start and put so much effort in already. We appreciate your hard work and don’t want to delete it.

    Some of you referred to Travian Legends and that especially a couple of years ago, these game rounds were able to handle 15k or more players. The difference is that Kingdoms has a completely different software and hardware setup because our game rounds are smaller than that.

    Thank you for sharing your Feedback on the forum. A special thanks goes out for everyone who helped explaining what happened.

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Hello Hellfreya

    thank you for playing on comx5 and addressing your whish here in the correct thread :thumbup:

    We will not do a restart because we already evaluated that this would not solve the lagging issues. We would only repeat what happened yesterday.

    I will post a longer statement this afternoon and what further measures we will take.

    That is why I am closing this thread now.

    Kind regards,


    yeah but it looks like it just gets abused bye veteran teams

    All the cooldown thinks sound good, but they will find a way arround it and keep abusing this.
    So there needs to be a limitation for 1 village accounts you loose the possibility to relocate as you have build more than 5k troops.

    Or you can relocate but only take 5k troops with you.

    If you build more than 5k troops and than still don't know if you want to stick to the kingdome you are in, it can't be helped.

    troop limit would prevent abuse much better.

    Good point.

    So, you are saying, we need to add a 4th point or would you switch it with another point? A relative troop limit depending on what exactly or a fixed one?

    If this is not working then just cap the amount of Menhir relocations to 1 or 2 and close it after 14 days of the server (speed x3).

    This makes sense on speed rounds, but not on standard game rounds that last more than 5 months.

    Do you think, there should be harsher rules for speed rounds and relocation? Or would these harder restrictions harm to many players that got a rough start?


    Dear players,

    We have released the new App versions, iOS 1.8-0 and Android 1.3-0 :love:

    We got ready for the Halloween Hunt :evil: comx5 round and got some bugs fixed.

    General Improvements & bug fixes

    • Arabic: When changing the phone language to English and back, we got mixed up and displayed both languages at once. This is fixed and we will show you only one language from now on.
    • Backend preparation for the upcoming Halloween Hunt 5x round on Oct 22
    • Smaller text improvements

    Changelog iOS 1.8-0: Improvements & bug fixes

    With this update, we ask you again to allow push notifications.

    • Name: We renamed the App name to Kingdoms
    • Treasury: Kings and Dukes can now activate and deactivate treasuries. Vice-Kings will learn this skill later.
    • New players can accept the terms & conditions
    • Night Truce Rounds: We implemented several adjustments to optimize the playing on Night Truce rounds:
      • Image: We now display the Night Truce image in the game round list on iOS
      • Attack restriction: We display now more information when trying to set up an attack within the Night Truce time
      • Farm lists: You will get a notification if only some targets can be raided

    Changelog Android 1.3-0: Bug fixes

    • Chat: Linked kingdoms either weren’t displayed at all or with a wrong name in the APP. This is fixed and tagged kingdoms are shown correctly now.
    • Several smaller bug fixes

    Thank you for playing Travian Kingdoms! :thumbup:

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Will this game update affects going servers?

    Important question! Thanks for asking! This is a huge game changer and we would only roll it out on new starting game rounds.

    Kingdoms will be stimulated to occupy more areas around the WW`s.

    thank you Lambda λ for answering my question. Do you think this would be a good or a bad thing? I can see more fights over territory and hence more action before the WWs open up.

    using the can't attack but can be attacked to their advantage.

    how exactly do would you think could there be an abuse? If we think about it in advance, we could counteract it :)

    Thanks for the reaction to the community. The proposed changes sounds good, I hope this will return the game to normal.

    My choise: reservation and cool down phase.

    thank you for sharing your feedback! Just to clarify: It will be all 3 parts of the solution combined.

    we can attack to robber camps?

    No attacks at all, that includes NPC targets like robbers.

    Bad news for russians

    We are discussing with the Russian community for a while now and got a couple of ideas from them on how to improve the relocation feature.

    I haven't seen a comment to the Area around the World Wonder yet. What do you think about this part of the feature?

    Sound exciting

    Is this a one time thing, or will this be seen on more future servers?

    Great to see you all excited about the Halloween Hunt!

    It's definitely a first time thing. I can't tell you what the future will bring. It will depend on what kind of feedback we will get from the players playing on comx5.

    Will you play on it? Have you found a team yet?


    Liebe Spielerinnen & Spieler,

    diese Ankündigung zu schreiben, fällt mir ziemlich schwer. Leider habe ich die Aufgabe, euch mitzuteilen, dass wir Moony als deutschen Community Manager und Customer Service Representative verlieren.

    Durch deine 10-jährige Erfahrung bei Travian und mit deiner freundlichen und zuverlässigen Arbeitsweise warst du mir stets eine große Hilfe. Dankeschön!

    Es war eine sehr schöne Zeit mit dir und ich bin mir sicher, dass nicht nur ich dich vermissen werde. Ich bin froh, dass sich unsere Wege hier bei Kingdoms gekreuzt haben und wünsche dir auf deinem weiteren Lebensweg alles Glück der Welt und viel Erfolg!


    Die Nachfolge als deutsche Community Managerin tritt Skadi an. Sie arbeitet auch seit vielen Jahren für Travian und hat auch bereits mit Moony zusammengearbeitet. Sie wird eure Ansprechpartnerin hier im Forum sein. Mehr über Skadi könnt ihr hier nachlesen: Wer bist du?

    Willkommen im Team! <3


    Die Nachfolge als Customer Service Representative tritt Yoshi an. Er hat bereits Erfahrung aus anderen Travian Spielen und wird euer Ansprechpartner im Help Center sein.

    Willkommen im Team! <3


    An dieser Stelle möchte ich auch ein großes Dankeschön and unseren Multihunter und Super Moderator Cyanite aussprechen. Danke <3, dass du Skadi und Yoshi zur Seite stehst.


    Die Neubesetzung tritt ab sofort in Kraft. Auch wenn das jetzt sehr überraschend und plötzlich wirkt, haben wir den Wechsel schon intern seit einiger Zeit vorbereitet.

    Ich bitte euch, unsere Neuzugänge bei uns in der Kingdoms Community willkommen zu heißen.

    Jedes Ende bedeutet auch den Anfang von etwas Neuem.

    LG BridgetB


    Thank you Arievilo for this fitting conclusion:

    Any serious company should care about their customer feedback...

    Smilzo : About your question regarding the "big feature" that JJ was talking about: He ment the menhir era.

    Like I stated before in this thread, the biggest changes in the last 1 1/2 years were the menhir era, the merge to com and the push notifications.

    On all 3 three of them, players had a big impact on:

    Menhir Era: Players asked vor a relocation overhaul for a while now and they wanted us to make it easier to play with their friends. Also, thanks to the player's feedback, we restricted relocation to 15c and 9c fields

    Merge to com: As I stated in the original announcement, we tried other marketing efforts before, but they didn't turn out as we wished. Also, thanks to the open discussion with the players in advance, we kept Polish and Portuguese as in-game languages on com rounds.

    Push notifications: Especially our mobile players were asking for them for a while now. And yes, our App ratings went down. But we got valuable feedback through them that we were partially able to implement already.

    Even though I repeated myself, I did ellaborate a bit more on the topics.

    kind regards,