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    Thank you very much for looking out for new incentives King. the intention is appreciated.

    But this type of game round is not in our plans at all.

    It has been talked about in the team, and we all feel the issues are too big and would hinder more than help.

    At a later time I may be able to give some more detail, but I wanted to keep everyone at ease with the theme, since there is some concerns already shown by some players, and rightly so.

    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us.

    As far as I know, we only act when the rules are broken, you can check them here:

    Forum Rules & FAQ

    And usually we actually write a private message explaining what we have done and why.

    Sincerely, almost all the ones we have removed so far are writing in a foreign language.

    IF you have had any message deleted, I am sure you must have had a private message from me or the Mod, so you can approach us if you don't agree with our decision and we can talk about it.

    We will be happy to explain anything that is unclear.

    Exactly that is what is intended, Kingdoms is a team playing game.

    Without team play it is impossible to accomplish almost anything.

    But if there are ideas that could improve gameplay somehow, we are all ears. :)

    Dear players,

    On Wednesday 28th July 2021 between 8:00 am CEST and 8:30 am CEST, we will have a planned Firewall update. During this time, there will be 2 failovers where all connections are getting disconnected.

    If you experience anything at all, a reload (F5) should fix it.

    We are just announcing this, so that you are aware that we are doing some work in the background in case anything unexpected happens. The last update of this kind was done very smoothly without any noticeable impact.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    I find it very interesting proposition, thank you Алёнка Алкашка sorry I didn’t reply sooner, I read it when you posted it but wanted to wait for interaction from other players to see their opinions.

    I have some questions, let’s see, regarding the first point, Attack. What I understand is that the more Victory Points a kingdom has, the more bonus their players will have.

    Is that correct?

    How would that affect game play? Would it not make bigger kingdoms even more OP?

    I have the same questions with Protection, I am concerned that it would give even more power to bigger kingdoms, and if I understand it correctly that is something your idea is trying to limit with number 3, limit kingdom members.

    In general we are not opposed to this limitation, but we are concerned if it would have the desired effect. At the end of the day, we cannot force players to play in the way we think is best. You, the players, choose and decide how you want to play the game and if metas appear, it is the player’s wishes to play that way.

    Let’s say we limit the number of governors in a kingdom as you suggest, what would stop kingdoms collaborating with each other? May be even creating Kingdom1, Kingdom2, Kingdom3, etc, all from the same “meta”.

    Would we have to enforce that limitation some other way?

    Another issue to think about are new players, if a kingdom has only 30 spaces on it’s kingdom, would any use those spaces to give a chance to a new player?

    How do you envision the game play once those limitations are implanted?

    Regarding the hero’s development, yes, I see that it would be interesting to have those. I just wonder if that would make the bigger hero’s, again, OP and giving advantage to the bigger players vs smaller ones.

    What do you think about the effect that it could have?

    And please, anyone else, join in with your opinions, it helps to see everyone's point of view before we move forward with this type of discussions in the team. :)

    Thank you scanerang#EN it is an interesting suggestion, but I have some doubts...

    I think I see things as Bigheaded#EN, that side of the game is the bases of the most exciting part of it.

    The most successful kingdoms are the ones that have someone in charge of defensive operations that knows how to read attacks and organise defenses.

    If you have a great organisation of defenses, you are in my opinion about 80% there to winning any war.

    If we make the change you talk about, an important part of the offensive play is destroyed, faking.

    If you cannot send fakes (requiring over 100 troops, or 1000, to fake would mean no more effective fakes at all), then the game is exclusively defensive, no point in organising huge rounds, since the defenders will immediately know where the armies are going.

    So the game would be just a race for the WW and to see who does the more number of hammers to destroy enemy WW.

    Don't you think so?

    Do you think the changes you suggest would work with this part of the game play?


    The attack gets calculated at the time of landing.

    So, if you have done and confirmed the change before the attack, the new hero's characteristics will be taken into account when the attack lands.

    But please note that some hero changes cannot be done while the hero is travelling, like for example changing anything that affects the speed of the attack, objects and the like, so just make sure all changes in that front are done before you launch the attack.

    And more good news everyone!

    The iOS v1.16 updated App version is now live!

    It is time to update your Kingdoms iOS version of the App and benefit from its improvements.

    In addition to the bugs mentioned in the changelog announcement at the beginning of this thread, we have also fixed bugs that affect the auction house:

    • Auction house: It wasn't possible to sell an item if it was a stackable item and you had more than one in the hero inventory. With the new app version, you will be able to sell these kind of items.
    • Several crash issues regarding the auction house and marketplace have been fixed.

    I am looking forward to hearing your experiences with it.


    the Travian Kingdoms team.

    Exactly what I said, you won despite the issues.

    I can tell you that I would be very, very, very surprised if it happens again.

    So far our understanding is that it will not, and that is what we are working hard to make sure it happens, that the issue is not reproducible in future.

    Exactly what you said is right, we cannot know what would have been the result without the issues.

    But there is something we can say: The Kingdom Multi has won, not because of the issues, but despite the issues. So may be even harder than it should have been for them.

    In the teams case, TK, we have learned the lesson, this issue as far as we understand cannot happen in a normal game world.

    But, just in case we are working to make sure it doesn't happen again.

    We can only ask for a little faith from you, or better said a little patience, while we work on it internally.

    At least we know that even without the issues the outcome would have been the same so the issues didn't affect that part.

    Thank you for your opinion Olegas#EN(1) although it was not the intention of the message to go back over covered ground, I will try to answer with the current state of the issues.

    The WW not ending the game world when it reached 100 has been located and it is getting fix so it doesn't happen again.

    Regarding the event jams, we are working on it, but, and this is personal opinion, I am confident it will be fixed before the next end game happens in a similar gameworld. So hopefully we will not see that issue again.

    As some players already said in the forum, so far when issues have happened, they have been fixed and don't come back in following rounds. Let's keep working so it carries on that way.

    Going back to topic, yes, you are right, despite the circumstances, both main Kingdoms worked very hard and gave spectacle along all the game round, so it has to be noted and thanked.

    The time to archive this area is nearing, so I didn't want to loose my opportunity to thank you all for sharing this time with us.

    But, specially, congratulate WildWest on winning the round:


    But I cannot bypass my congratulations as well to Fun, that with around half the number of villages, managed to finish the WW, which is an achievement on itself:

    Thank you very much for making us enjoy the ride with you.

    I hope to see you all in future gameworlds, who knows, may be the HaHu rounds? treatteuton-strong

    This was an exciting round, with a lot of fight and struggle ongoing during the whole round.

    In the end, it was Multis who came out on top:

    Congratulations Multis!

    Although we have to highlight TÜRK's actions, since with a lot less villages managed to finish very close on Victory Points, nice going!

    TÜRK as well managed to take the WW to 100, although it was not enough to win the round:

    Still, a huge achievement.

    Thank you all for such an amazing round.

    I hope to see you soon in another gameworld, may be the coming HaHu rounds? As Violence 59 rightly says:

    "lots of competitive players love Halloween servers"

    So it may be the right place to come back rocking!

    We will soon archive this area, so I didn't want to pass on the opportunity to thank you all for sharing this time with us.

    And that is already what happens... I guess the times we have now in place is what you want to shorten, right?

    What do you think is a good enough time frame for the player to be able to come back to his/her account?