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    You are right Xayira if a group of new players start together they would not be able to choose a king and join using menhir... but at the same time... will they know that before playing for a while?

    That is something we have to think about, does anyone have an idea how to avoid that potential issue in case something in the lines of needing xxx prestige to be king would be implemented?

    The main one would be, if the resources are stored somewhat "outside" the village, could they be raided when the village is raided?

    If not, how?

    Yes, you can choose a name at the start of the game world, but, most players are linked to a nick, the same nick they use in other game worlds and the same nick they want to keep using.

    I can choose a different nick, but, if Unknown is available (sometimes it isn't) I always take Unknown, no matter what game world I play.

    So yes, physically they can use a different nick, but most of us are recognised by our peers by a specific nick. Forcing them to use a different one would not be fair, in my opinion.

    That possibility is there for the players that like playing with different nicks, not to force someone to use something different if we feel like it.

    While the nick they choose doesn't break any rules, is appropriate, lawful, etc, I don't see why forcing them to use a different one...

    Now that I think about it... I wonder how "Unknown" is written in Elf... :D

    constantly have to update chats (

    they didn’t do anything

    I am sorry to hear that... in my avatar I didn't have issues.

    Please, send a ticket to the help center for investigation, since I don't see any issue in my account it may be either localised to your system or to your account.

    Something to think about is that the lobby is the same for every domain, so if a player plays mainly in the RU game worlds, for mentioning one with different letters, Cyrillic, and eventually the player decides to try his/her hand on the COM, we cannot force them to change the name of the account to a different one to fit the domain... specially since they may be playing as well in the RU domain (to follow the example).

    Thank you very much all, I really like seeing so many possibilities specially since we have gone back to the "drawing board" with the menhir feature.

    th0mm#NL thank you for adding the list.

    NotSoPretty well thought out! Limiting it to 200 would render some new players unable to use it at all in the circumstances you mention. This is exactly the type of thinking we need... what ever we do, how would it affect new players? Thank you!

    I have never though about limiting Kings to players with certain amount of prestige. Thank you Baron Max.

    Does any of the things mentioned so far strike any of you as too damaging for new players?

    It would be interesting to do an exercise between all of us similar to what NotSoPretty did there with each of the possibilities mentioned to ensure that we don't consider anything that would damage the game, or that we find solutions for it before even we think about implementing anything like that.

    Thank you very much, another very interesting set of ideas for a common feature.

    I think I have gathered the ideas that I see are new, or very strongly suggested even if it was suggested in the past:

    • Limiting attacks so you can only attack if you send the hero.
    • Creating a configuration menu for the king where the King can limit who attacks what camp
    • Making a limit that a village can attack robber camps only 8-12 squares away.
    • Make stolen goods be the LAST resource stolen from a wave.
    • And finally starting the timer for the next wave of camps when the current wave spawns, not when they are cleared

    Is this a fair list of things to consider?

    What does everyone think each of this solutions would give the game?

    If you would have to choose only 1 o 2 of them, what do you think would be more relevant or effective?

    Nice, is soo good to see so many new ideas thrown about!

    So I understand it correctly, we are talking about different things here.

    First the new type of "oasis" where you get extra storage for your village.

    There seems to be several issues, like:

    Do you get the extra storage in your village or in the tile?

    Where are those tiles placed? It seems that there is no space open to use them in the maps right now.

    What happens if you loose the bonus? Do you loose those extra resources you stored with the bonus?

    In case the resources are stored in the new type of "oasis", can you move resources between the village and the "new oasis" to protect resources if you are raided? Would that not be a bit OP?

    Then I see the Sir Cin Sincere oasis quest, and I must admit... I love the idea! Just love it!

    But... yes... a big big but... it seems to me that this would make bigger Kingdoms OP over the smaller ones...

    Don't you think?

    I see some others ideas as well, like an "outside the map" objetive that Pinkguy#NL mentions... I like that idea too, and I wonder if these 2 ideas should have their own thread, I was about to split them into their own threads but wanted to make sure you didn't loose them and give you the option to create the threads yourselves with some more detail. Would that be possible?

    Thank you very much for the nice exposition of ideas, please keep them coming!

    So far I see that it would be beneficial to implement something that will benefit small Kingdoms, but not sure what we can do yet for what I read in the thread, any one has any ideas of what that could be?

    A concrete suggestion I see is extra cranny capacity for smaller kingdoms.

    How would that work? What would be the limiting factors to get that benefit? When would you loose it? (in case the kingdom grew too much?)

    Would all players on the kingdom get it, or just gauls?

    Would bigger players not just use catas to destroy those smaller players?

    Any other ideas to get newer players protection without hampering experienced players and without it been too OP?

    Because we have to ensure what ever we think of could not be abused by more experience players...


    Dear players,

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    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Unknown How come you guys don't make any YouTube videos, its free advertising and you can engage with the community. We would like to see what is going on behind the scenes and put some names to faces :) Also maybe set up a discord server, user engagement is important to keep the game alive and healthy!

    We already have a Discord server:

    Travian Kingdoms official

    Regarding videos on youtube, I don't think I am good for it, if I was I would have already done it... some youtubers earn so much money!!!

    But I really don't believe I would be good for it. :D

    Thank you very much I love it!

    Let me see if I manage to capture the most important requests:

    • Link possibility to menhir to account age. After x days you cannot menhir any longer.
    • Suggested to remove Menhir completely.
    • Refunded resources are an issue when menhiring, as it is abused to feed other accounts. Preference would be to only be able to menhir 4446 accounts and only to 4446 fields and that fields are not destroyed, so no need to give resources.
    • 200 pop limit for menhir tested on test game world should be implemented in live game worlds. This could be considered, may be 300-400 could be more linient.
    • Limit it only to 1 time use.

    Did I miss anything?

    Thank you all for your comments.

    Yes, I see why you may feel I was not giving you the information you wanted to have, I was giving the one we had and saying the truth, it was better than at the beginning and as the devs were working at it it kept improving slightly until it finally was fixed.

    Regarding cheats, yes, I agree, there is work to do in that front, although we are much better than before, we can still improve, of course, and I hope that with your help we will be able to do so. And yes, everyone has to chip in informing of everything you know/see...

    Pinkguy#NL I understand your frustration, and could even say that I share some of it, although there are things we can do to improve.

    I invite you personally to send me some PMs with your opinions on how I can improve, I will do my best to do what ever is needed for the community to improve.

    And regarding exploits/bugs/other issues, you can do the same as well. I will always fight for the community and the game. Give me specific details in private and I will surely bring it up to the meetings with the team to ensure it is looked into.

    I do believe the community is something that we all have to collaborate on improving. The community needs you guys to be able to improve long term. You are the heart of the community!