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    Interesting, thank you Haji#EN(1), so you want to add some special troops, right?

    Where would you train them?

    How would it affect the rest of the game and the balance of the troops in the game?

    It brings me more questions than answers.

    What would be the implementation of it?

    And more importantly, what would it bring to the game, why doing it?


    I love this way of giving a suggestion.

    I believe we have touched on it previously. You want to be able to cancel merchants the first few seconds after sending the resources, is that right?

    Dear players!

    Our towns people have found a combination locked chest and together there is a scroll with a code.

    Who knows what is in the chest... maybe gold.

    In the scroll there is a strange code and the solution allows you to find the combination to open the chest.

    Guess the code and find the combination to open the chest and you can win prizes.

    • How?
      Participating is simple. Just solve the final combination and answer in this thread. (Please note that you will not see the answer until the end of the contest)
    • How many times is it possible to participate?
      You can only participate once.
    • How do you win?
      Among those who have given the correct answer, 3 players will be randomly selected to win 50 Gold each. If there are more than 30 participants, we will have two more winners.
    • When does it end?
      You can participate until Sunday 07.03.2021 at 23:59 UTC+1.

    Note: By participating in the contest you agree that your nickname and content can be published on other platforms, including Facebook and other Travian Games pages.

    The Travian Kingdoms team

    There were some questions that may not have been 100% correct, Arfadem was very kind to change it and eliminate those rumours from the original quiz.

    If you find any other question that may be dubious please let us know. :)

    I also found it interesting that given all the suggestions and topics on the forum, this is the most important one brought to the table. Music. ^^

    Well, the fact is that they come from different teams, it is not the same preparing this for youtube than doing game changes. The music was already there and getting it to this format doesn't require any developer's time. ;)

    It doesn't sound nice if i have more than 1 tab open as i usually have more than 1 server going with different tribes.

    In this case you can have just one tab open with the music, without the rest of the sounds. :)

    And, the best part is that for a while there will be a live chat where you will be able to speak with some of the team. ;)

    I have moved this comments here regarding the announcement:

    New game worlds ahead! [March]

    I want to mention that you can see we have several Speed game worlds, so the ones asking for Speed game worlds you can choose one of them.

    If a night game worlds is the one you look for, then I suggest you look at :

    Embassy - COM1N

    It is the Night truce game world we have now.

    For now there are no plans for more at this moment in time.

    Don't get me wrong, I gain nothing by telling you I like something I don't. I tried to be as honest as possible in giving you the view I have in my shoes.

    I agree with you in the fact that the App needs improvements, but may be that is because of our history.

    Kingdoms is a standard browser game that got a companion App as an add on.

    At the time of Kingdom's creation TG was a browser game's company.

    Recently we are trying to improve regarding mobile devices, and I think we are going in the right direction.

    But, that takes time, it is very different one thing from the other.

    We already have a much better App than we used to have, things have improved a lot, the different versions of the App along the years has always improved what we used to have before.

    So, although not at the desired speed, we are improving constantly and hopefully, with time, we will reach the desired quality of App and game.