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    I don't understand why the unit cap is such a big deal.

    If you have a 200 pop limit then the chances are slim that someone can actually train and/or sustain enough troops to cause problems.

    If we add a limit to its usage, 1x, plus 1x every time your king goes inactive, then hit and runs aren't possible anymore. It is already very unlikely due to the 12h no-attack restrictions.

    The 200 pop limit is evadable, just have some 'friend' cata you till you are below 200 pop and move around. These accounts mostly are multi accounts so they wont care the minus crop prod and if the acc gets banned eventually.

    They should also punish the kingdoms/groups who benefit from it.

    Certain ppl will do anything to exploit every little detail that isn't closed.

    What a pixel medal is worth... xD

    For me, I think the 2 main issues around menhir are

    1. It's gets abused in the early game, by players menhiring accounts into their borders, to then kick and farm (to enhance their own/main account)
    2. Later in the game after an account has had time to establish a decent amount of troops to then demo their other villages & jump around the map & attack unprepared kingdoms.

    So to fix the first issue, make either keep the fields and do away with the res packages, then a 400k raid potential between the 2 accounts cannot happen, or make it that if the account menhirs & their fields are lost, then their pop will be under 200 again and the rest of their 7 days BP comes back into play & their res packages are not ever "farm-able income" and can only be invested back into the menhired account.

    the 2nd issue is a more complex, but maybe the cool-down needs to be longer the older the server is? or troop restricted, say like if you are about to have a certain amount of troops then you get a warning "it won't be possible to menhir any more" same as it now does if you're about to reach 200 pop.

    I think an "age of the account" restriction on menhir is also a possible solution for this, if your kingdom falls after 3 months of playing, then sometimes that's the sad reality of War & you just have to accept it and make a new path for yourself from your current position. But it would stop those currently abusing it from gaining an advantage from by doing so.

    1) Menhir has made it too easy for abusers to teleport over their 'friends' that suddenly turn into great farms ( how convenient! ). Also menhir provides for a way for ppl to hunt down certain players/kingdoms if wanted, the amount of 'menhir kings' with low prestige are insane and they're obvious.

    We've had situations where a opposing kingdom landed close to the ww we were aiming for, and when we had some of their key players isolated they simply menhired away... In a game thats about war and fighting, this easy early option to disengage is lame.

    2) That is what happening atm, players build up a accounts with 4-5 villages. Then in 1 night 3-4 villages get all friendly chiefed by prepared multi accounts that 'holds they villages' till they can menhir back and rechief them.

    Not to even mention that on the testx3 that got closed too early, players still did this on ww launch day. Imagine you build up 44 days for a ww setup to find out ppl can just menhir literally next to you when you could be asleep.

    So in my opinion suitable options are :

    - Limit menhir to 1 time, everytime after you get troop wiped.

    - Limit menhir to account age

    - Limit menhir to troop count

    - Limit menhir to pop

    - Limit menhir to BP

    - Make res from res packages not farmable

    - Remove menhir ( i mean you could test it on a server that is specially for testing? Lol )

    - Give menhir a big cooldown

    - Remove the option to send a reinforcement after relocation ( just like you cant attack. This gives ppl 4-8h to freely destroy any abuser).

    - Limit menhir to world age.

    Most ideally would be a combination of some of these things.

    Bring back hanging !!! :S

    Together th0mm#NL we could save the world :D

    Lol, bit extreme isn't it.

    Current policy on bans for multiing:' You're arrested for stealing 20m euros, pay us back 1m and we let you go'.

    It's getting annoying starting every round and 0 prestige players asking to join and you just have no idea what to expect. It could be a legit new player, but are you going to take the risk keeping in mind that certain people would die for having a spy in a kingdom?

    It is also getting tiring facing the same groups of people, who get banned every server, brag on the forums how great they are in cheating and are provoking the admins (sometimes way over the limit).

    A proven user of a own made bot for 5 years gets permabanned and now just gets to play every new round on a multi acc they have in reserve. Lol.

    I still take more proud in a hard fought 2nd place with action then having a 400-700+ group of players and cheat your way to a win.


    The main problem i.m.o. is the obvious cheating and the way bans of such (repeat) offenders get handled.

    People don't quit because of menhir being unbalanced, people dont quit because of vacation mode.

    People quit because of the people that are almost looking 24/7 looking for ways to abuse mechanics and take pride in it.

    I.m.o. cheaters should be banned/deleted from a server immediately with no chance to get back. Some have proven to not behave better even after 10+ bans, so get rid of them.

    People on these forums that keep cheering for people to actually get fired, lmao little kids.

    We still didn't get a explanation why the 200 pop rule was removed as menhir limitation.

    'after feedback' doesnt work for me, there wasnt any negative feedback.

    Such a rule would've been nice, because if you get a euro for every time somebody menhirs on the current trick server ;)...

    I think we need to be more considerate of new players, stop seeing them just as farms & give them a chance to learn the basics before they get annihilated by some much bigger/more experienced player

    Good luck telling that to certain kingdoms. Everything for a pixel medal that says they won.

    Just because it doesn't fix all the problems doesn't mean it is a bad idea.

    It would be a big improvement from the current situation. Maybe later it could be improved even further.

    True, this thread has a lot of great ideas and even a lot of detailed ideas. The fact we get told every few weeks again to discuss the same things again gets repetitive.

    limit it to one time. if a player lost it, then it's his problem to settle manually like old times.

    and only for accounts under 2 weeks or 15 days old. (5 days on x3, 3 days on x5).

    no need for pop or troops limit.

    this is simple and effective at same time and fixes couple issues.

    Way too easy to evade:

    - They can just use the old speed settle strat without menhir and get pushed after.

    - They just create a king account and take other multis in that boost them.

    They will still have a menhir and will menhir over on last few hours before limitation starts.

    Before you think about 'will they really do such effort for this?', you know they will lol.

    A pop limit (like 300-400) and a troop limit (1k?).

    Could even combine it with a avatar age (3-5 days?)

    Do you will fix bag with real attack vision until server will start?

    As i see it, your team got walled bigtime on testx3 and because of that there must be some exploit?

    To add something that a member of your team said in the other test thread "its only a test server, its to test" right?

    Found it "it is TEST server, no competitive. We all going to test different things. Why are you so serious?" said by you

    I think that the 1k troop limit option is one of the best "fixes" to menhir.

    New players wont have 1k troops within a few days and the ppl using menhir purely to menhir next to targets can't use it anymore.

    I really hope something is considered before the start of the Trick and Treat round, because every decent player can already tell what will happen.

    Bump once again

    As a result of removing the 200 pop menhir restriction (no idea who complained about it), on the current testx3 there are once again ppl menhiring multiple times with over 1200 pop+. And no these players arent "new players", they know exactly what they are doing.

    - Limit menhir on pop

    - Limit menhir on BP

    - Limit menhir on troops

    - Limit menhir on avatar age

    Plenty of options to "fix" it.