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    If there will be no action against the images the post owner showed. It will literally mean "everyone should just do it without any consequences". Is this the game you want? Everyone farming own kingdom members first 10 days and then relocating across the map.

    Perhaps it's really time to remove menhir and vac mode. I suggest removing all troops when you menhir ( no exceptions ), or limit the possibility to menhir to a certain server day. I know it's said travian wanted it to be available all the time for casual players, but at this point it's getting more abused then that it is used for it's purpose. Georgi

    Edit: All i see are non/low prestige players relocated.

    I'm sure these are all new players who accidentily happen to play with the russian kingdoms around us ;)

    If humiliate and kill = farming multies and getting such a advantage over people that it's laughable. Yes, you are totally right.

    For a closed beta veteran you have awfully low prestige points, how come?

    Again cry. May be you need play in game, not on forum? You want nothing doing and don't like that somebody can do more than you.

    Danko i near you in game, you wrote me everyday and i have came. Where is your brave? Here?)

    If you stop cheating for once, then we can actually see if you are skilled (or not).

    Edit: You are the reason the amount of players decrease. Didn't you cry about that on the Russian forums? Wonder why new players wont play any further if they get stomped by Sharley and his 10+ cartoons. Grow a pair.

    No, as every server is, so is easy to understand they can't/don't want to do something.

    And the times he + multies get banned, they only remove the multies and don't punish the main acc.

    While last server we had a case where someone was banned for multi accounting, yet no other acc was banned. It resulted in the main acc being punished.

    Inconsequent punishments are also a thing.

    Inbefore Georgi swoops in and tells us again that they can detect cheating blablabla.... they can't and after all incidents with support and questionable bans we have to wonder if such groups perhaps are being protected for the sake of money.

    The game is more broken as ever since the vacation mode and menhir was introduced. Being able to move a 70+ person kingdom on day 9 to the other side of the map is ridiculous and it surely isnt where menhir was meant for. People will just say "adapt" or "also use it' yet this doesn't hide the fact its broken as hell.

    Edit: I know it has been discussed before and ruled out, but at some point i really think permanent bans should be used. People that are cheating the last 10 servers every damn server have no place in such a game.

    Why would you make a GT plan to plan scoutings which arent timed on launch times, might as wel send randomly then.

    I wonder how you ever got the silver prestige, judging on your comments here.

    Last comment for now, my brain cells that starved reading some of your comments need to regenerate.

    Doom treasuries were being hit by other kingdoms then RfR, so a let went into hiding and some treasuries got destroyed. So we had the treasures but couldnt store them.

    Teutonic has been handing over treasures to Disaster.