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    Alot of people keep posting on the forums about way more important stuff and they get ignored time after time.

    Alot of these things will solve alot of problems the game has server after server. There are more solutions, but they would get more technical. The suggetions above would be implementable within weeks.

    I hope Admins will for once read such a post and maybe even reply(hope) to it for once.


    1 - Rip your own prestige then ;)

    2 - Way too soft, gives people alot of 'second chances' and cheating plebs don't deserve any new chances.

    Zero tolerance should be the policy going forward, but can't miss out on big cheaters spending alot of gold every round.

    Again, I will be adding feedback as i get it, it does not mean that we prioritize some issues over others or that some issues are not being discussed.

    I like the gradually adding of feedback, thanks. Gives us insight.

    My thoughts for now:

    - Menhir : Are you sure it can be restricted somehow? ( ppl with workshop/catas/rams/chiefs cant menhir for example). 1 village 3 chief villages that menhir around do exist.

    - The raiding restriction suggestion also applies for people who -> leave kingdom -> get farmed -> rejoin -> repeat.

    - Expand rally point incoming attacks/other movements. If you have 40+ attacks incoming, 3 attacks per page gets annoying.

    - Statistics: I think this one really shudnt be that hard, as you can also track troops that got lost deffing a SS. Show how much troops you made in the total round of all kinds.

    - Please think about 1 special server for HaHu/BBash

    Small changes that are quite easily implementable are always welcome.

    Keep the feedback coming bbash-handshake

    Meme Squad arrived.

    I think you owe this thread one suggestion now, posting off topic and having nothing to give.

    I would suggest you give 5, how can we Improve Travian Kingdoms ?

    The first 1 or 2 pages are filled with good ideas/things the devs could follow up on.

    Imo new features arent relevant as long the game is being plagued by cheating and punishments are (still...) too soft.

    Alot of the features on page 1 and 2 are actually requested for years and when i see it already takes over 1 months to get a bit of feedback from the devs, i don't have much hope much will be done.

    I accidentily stumbled across this forum post.

    It is now 6 months later and the same methods are still used, i can show the list of banned players and alot will match with the round in this thread and i can even compare it with the list from LITA vs OTTOMAN and even way more match.

    CHEATERINO - Album on Imgur
    HISTORY LESSONS - Album on Imgur

    A little look into BB1 recently with the same players.

    1 - MYarbasi

    2 - Psycho

    3 - ☪️тнєкυηѕ☪️

    4 - Bonaventura

    5 - Augustinus

    6 - Tramer

    7 - PurpleOne

    8 - Cpt Jack

    9 - Scofield

    10 - Kraken

    11 - Gumayushi

    12 - Joni

    13 - Luis

    14 - Giru

    15 - Hell

    16 - Corn

    17 - tHE KİNGS

    18 - Charms

    19 - ZaGoR

    20 - WenGeFull

    21 - Cyber55

    22 - Hyper55

    23 - Mesteorm

    24 - Aretuza

    25 - Katon

    26 - MRarco

    27 - ☪️тнєкυηѕ☪️ (2nd ban)

    28 - Frick

    29 - Apocalypse

    30 - Yolgezer

    31 - RaDaGaS

    32 - Yolgezer (2nd ban)

    33 - ☪️тнєкυηѕ☪️ (3rd ban)

    34 - MYarbasi (2nd ban)

    35 - Psycho (2nd ban)

    36 - No.1

    37 - VEGAS

    38 - Polis

    39 - Keystone

    40 - MetroPoL

    41 - Andromeda

    42 - GfoceS

    43 - PUTIN

    44 - Unekartio

    45 - Pragile

    46 - Bloodshed

    47 - Kerkene

    48 - XXOgy

    49 - PunarJanma

    50 - ROFL

    51 - basher

    52 - JUL

    53 - ELON


    55 - Camel

    56 - Mikrop

    57 - keops

    58 - CASIO

    59 - KONT

    60 - Charley

    61 - Raizen

    62 - Fawzia

    63 - ADAM

    64 - Steel Heart

    65 - Cevriye

    66 - Showmaker

    67 - Katon

    68 - PunarJanma (2nd ban)

    69 - UneKartio (2nd ban)

    70 - Battasoui

    71 - Muha

    72 - Ryuga

    73 - Star (TheKuns 4th ban)

    74 - No.1 (2nd ban)

    75 - Bloodshed (2nd ban)

    76 - FATİH

    77 - Thepolo

    78 - Kadırgalı

    79 - SON ŞAMPİYON !!

    80 - MangaKolik

    81 - Mesteorm (2nd ban)

    82 - Destur

    83 - Kerim

    84 - king25 (racist admins banned RIDO DESTROYER his son who he farmed )

    So when are the methods we keep sending to support over and over again are going to be balanced/fixed?

    - Vacation mode has no place in x3/x5 servers. In all these years its available i have seen max 5 ppl use it for the real purposes of it. Either get 2 sitters, don't start a round if you miss 7 out of average 55 days or let a acc be semi inactive.

    The list of issues with vac mode:

    - Royals in vac mode (fixed)

    - Hammers being boosted with vac mode (kinda fixed )

    - WW in vac mode (fixed )

    - Targets for potential ops can just hide. (still possible)

    It was just an idea. I do agree with the -> the more active you are , the more camps you get mindset. Camps changes are at the bottom of the priorities i.m.o.

    I'm still confused why the same cheating players get protected over and over. If you play this game, you should agree by default that others can see ban info, mock you, or discuss bans in public. You cheat -> You are a loser, no need to hide that.

    As far i'm concerned, bans+punishments policy should be #1. Troopwipe should be STANDARD penalty at every single violaton.

    How on earth is is possible ( for example on bb 1 ) that a 2 times banned player can keep attacking with boosted/cheated offs? Why are we non cheating players getting the disadvantage of this behaviour?

    Punishment policy seems to be a bit changed since some weeks ago, but can be better. It took only way over 2 years to get some slight changes.

    1 > Change menhir (+ lootable menhir piles)

    2 > People who are not playing a round can be setup as dual to send multiple ops for multiple people.... if you play an account you should send yourself. Adding to this fix the weird emails being added as dual to control accounts....

    3 > Punishments cant be harsh enough, you cheat > you're a loser who deserves to be punished... why not a time penalty? 7 days free ban cooldown period... good luck catching up. Also keep track of banned players across servers and punish them more harsh every ban... 4 bans on 1 round is just ridiculous

    4 > CSR should be checking tickets more often... especially during server launches there almost should be a 'live' team. Now you basically have 1 free day to whatever you want before tickets are read. -> CSR usual check times during start of BBash was 11:30 - 12:00.... so from serverstart 14:00 you had till 11:30 next day to do whatever you wanted.

    5 > Camps can only be taken with hero and attack.

    BONUS 6 > Limit the amount of res you can steal from 1 player.... 1 'friend' giving out millions of res to kingdom players is suspicious.

    BONUS 7 > Why can 0.5-1 offers be accepted during first week of a server but you cant send res to others? -> Only allow 1:1 offers first week.

    This is a platform open to everyone, free to think whatever they want. I respect.

    We are business people. It's just a way to distract yourself. I'm really surprised you're exaggerating that. What is your problem? Laugh away.

    I am doing that. I will not write again. I have a job on the computer, now I'm surprised that I even spent so much time with you.

    Good luck to you in life.

    Go tell ingame how you silenced 3 of us this time. Bye

    So you were the spy on wp.Because you have no other way of knowing the number of people in wp.

    Also, if you noticed, there were only Turks. Where are countrys .

    The subjects are open in many languages. After all, we have an account in the kingdom. :) Write it here, if possible, add the number of people from other countries.


    A spy on Whatsapp? I'm not on there, ppl send it to me.

    If you are sure that you know the number of people in my kingdom better than I do, let me know the number.

    Whatsapp had 154 members on day 1 or 2, the player amount of wings was 375-400 in first week.

    You had 79 bans in the kingdom, of which alot got multiple.

    Then you guys started to get alot of naps/allies. List should be somewhere in BBash1 tribune and is correct.

    It is not 'knowing numbers better' its called observation. Just as we observe whats happening in regarding of friendly farming, telling ppl to farm multies before they do, add weird mails as sitter/dual but cant write that ingame as moderators watch... etc etc

    It's your opinion. You do not accept the fact that we are a successful team.

    I may be joke, but we will still win the game with a good margin of victory points. Everything is out there.

    If you got 700+ allied/naps players out of 1870 accounts active, i surely better hope you win xD

    Don't worry, your whole kingdom is a joke. Cheating orchastrated from everyone within royal ranking.