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    Pretty low standards how when you talk to some people its all about the Governors and that everyone should think about them but then Saber and TwistedMercy jump ship and destroy for their govs going out. Travian will be better off without people intentionally destroying the game. Goodbye, thanks for deleting Mercy and Deadman.

    Well looks like someone has upgraded themselves to a new kind of human :D Just think about that before you play with any of the Warriors again

    When you are going for a WW hammer there is two kinds.

    Either you can build one that has rams in it or one with catapults. These two must work together to make a siege against the WW work.

    The idea is that because there are so many troops in the WW destroying the wall is a must to be able to make some significant damage with your catapult hammer. So just like said with 15k extra troops vs 5k rams the idea of the rams are to suicide and lower the wall as much as possible to do this you need a good mix between troops and siege equipment.

    Normally rammers are Teutons (because of the brewery) and normally catapult hammers are Roman for their superior catapults. Gauls are generally used for both.

    You just responded to my quote by doing exactly what I said in my quote. You guys deserve to be humbled because its obviously been awhile for you.

    Um haha I explained to you why they wont speak up or do something intriguing since it was hard to understand for you :)

    I wish Silver or Warden spoke up a bit. This is just becoming an echo chamber filling with salty water

    You guys don't get it do you, com4 is finished. This is the king of the 100+ player kingdom Warden that FnF speaks so highly of as their competition solo attacking yesterday. Maybe when Warden attacks you can use Namiriel's clubs as def, should be enough.

    Haha if you check it again feanor about the dumb comment you laid it up for me and served it too. Can’t exactly get much cheaper then that. I think I have made my points in both facts and banter.

    Yes feanor your the best in the server as a team. But being the best I would put more responsibility on your shoulders to play a game that makes it fun for everyone. (By that I mean not using shady tactics and intentionally destroying for others just to destroy).

    Maybe you can think about it next time.

    As for competitive fun Feanor I predict you won’t be attacked the remainder of the server and then you can post your stomping then the server will be over. That’s what I meant by that.

    And another thing why are you so afraid to say that you did the best and the server is almost over in your favor? It’s actually a praise if you think about it.

    As for the points you did not seriously answer a single one.

    1. You clearly have a huge advantage so the server is over as far as first place goes. (Unless you plan to mess up majorly?)

    2. Well fair point, but yeah I will don’t worry.

    3. My point 3 was more related to your ingame antics. Such as using spies to the effect of destroying the fun for another kingdom. Or recruiting people to your kingdom just because it can destroy for someone else. Those are just two examples. But I am glad the dumb comment hit home feanor, you seem upset about that one 😱 Do you want that I say sorry again?

    4. See point 3.

    Also to Sissox you were writing with me so don’t bring up stuff that is nonsense in your reply then?

    Um maybe you should check if I said any of those things.. lol

    I said good game to you and you win already.

    My points have been.

    1. You have already won the server.

    2. We are moving on.

    3. Your antics suck.

    4. Why push harder for a win (doing shady stuff) when you are already way ahead.

    None of those points have you mentioned. So please crawl back in that cave both of you already. You can come back to the forums when something competitive fun happens on COM4. Oh wait that’s right it won’t 😂

    We decided we can have more fun somewhere else, good on you having fun then. I guess it's like anything else you love something that I would despise.

    Also did you just really dictionary me? Lol whats wrong? I think it fits pretty well myself. But whatever

    Why do you always need to lie like that?

    Well technically I am correct, you recruited. So please take back your statement Sissox. Much appreciated.

    All that there is left to do I guess is to congratulate you for the win Sissox! Maybe you should also leave since its already decided?

    Ahahaha Feanor, please dude. You guys are a huge premade team with experience of several servers. You guys have already won unless you SEVERELY mess up.

    Its not all about the number of players. But really I don't care tell yourself whatever story you would like meanwhile rest of the players can take a look at this :D

    Ahhh the good ol' escape to greener pastures play

    Com4 is a dead race. FnF knows it and still recruits members to try to further gain advantages (fair enough I get it but still lol). Think Com8 BM round and then you have your answer.

    Its not like we were super invested in com4, so thanks for the cheese, smell ya later :) GGs, you win!