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    When you are going for a WW hammer there is two kinds.

    Either you can build one that has rams in it or one with catapults. These two must work together to make a siege against the WW work.

    The idea is that because there are so many troops in the WW destroying the wall is a must to be able to make some significant damage with your catapult hammer. So just like said with 15k extra troops vs 5k rams the idea of the rams are to suicide and lower the wall as much as possible to do this you need a good mix between troops and siege equipment.

    Normally rammers are Teutons (because of the brewery) and normally catapult hammers are Roman for their superior catapults. Gauls are generally used for both.

    If You are not a member of nation who will loose server than You have no moral right to take part in discussion.

    Haha, what? Of course I can have a opinion either way. You cannot silence people just because they do not agree with you. And for your information they are shutting down my nations servers. At least try to think about your arguments before you attack. I seriously in this thread have only seen complaints from you and your guys and nothing else. How about trying to be constructive for once?

    "I will quit the game if you do this". Yeah super useful for the Travian Team.

    What you do not seem to understand is that they have absolutely nothing to gain from making the community angry. But how are you supposed to deal with these childish ultimatums, how do they better anything?

    They obviously want to do this the best way possible and will try to see that as many people as possible will be happy in the end. If you look at it from the other side there has been so many vocal players saying that there are to many servers and hoping they will narrow it down. So in many ways this is the Travian Team listening to the community.

    And I also see people saying accommodate the casual players,

    Travian is a business not something ran for charity. In the long run do you actually think that it is worth it keeping a slowly declining player base that are on the national servers for a business? Especially if it pays nothing for the company? Jesus, please grow up.

    Especially while I would suggest that half the national players play on a COM server already and keep a account for fun on their nations server. Effectively making the real player base much much smaller.

    As for langue support,

    I agree with players saying that they would like to use their preferences in this area. However you are making a hen out of a feather, work with the Travian Team and express it in a reasonable manner and I am sure the response you get is much more reasonable back.

    It's so silly the outrage here. There is no need to behave in such a poor maner. This is a smart decision as servers that has so few players needs to be closed. It is not a viable strategy keeping them open. Just take off your outrage googles for a while and see this fact.

    As for the gold you have won in prices or such it is obvious that the Travian Team is trying to make everyone happy and move everything for you. Don't be a spoiled toxic brat and complain when people are obviously trying to help and make the best that they can.

    This would be a feature that I think will improve for all of us. I am very interested in what is going on, on servers that I am not playing. But it is not that fun to have a lot of small accounts on each server to keep up. I will even read the politics in the embassy on the forums for different servers.

    I am glad to see there is some updates coming for the game removing some of the issues with the map and relocation. Also very happy to see changes made to stabilize and remove bugs for the iOS app as it has been harder to play since iOS12.

    Might it be possible to know on beforehand to not download the next update until the app is up to date? Like iOS 12 to make sure Travian app stability is not compromised?

    Then once you spend the money you feel obligated to just finish the server... Com8 has killed my morale to even start another server.

    Isn't that true, I talked with Jak and I wrote a whole page about COM6's teams and who would start to try to motive you guys joining COM6, did you see it? Its just a sad situation brought on by to few people on COM8 right now.

    Agreed, duals should have the same treatment as if you were on your own original account, improvements like this will make the game much more enjoyable. Honestly the game that we have is working fine, maybe put someone on this, cause this has value ^^