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    How to Roman.
    Best answer is,you don t they roman you.
    Best tribe in whole opportunity for quick advance duo to 2 building timers going in same time(one building construction and one resource field upgrade).That means advance at double speed which is amazing if you have nice resource income,Tip number 1. Be offensive to earn enough resource to power your constructions
    2.The strongest troops in game but the most expensive(so farm only secured targets to save as much as possible,remember its not about how much you pillage its about how much you earned resources when you take down all of expenses
    3.When you have good income from fields and army plunders you can start with heavy advance (building as much villages as possible,taking control of the map)
    4.A lot of tutorials say best way to farm is with imperatoris.Tryed it more then enough times and never worth(Imperians rulez)
    5.Enjoy your supremacy and your troop Power and low food consumption equility while you are growing in population.
    6.Soon enough your farm players will start to turn to you because its in his intrest to stop farming them.
    7.And yea personal deffers will apeat too.
    From this part on you can do whatever you want.Those are just quick tips about my experience i hope it helps.