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    What a horrible Pandora's Box to open, first of all "Faust Paladin", you saying it out loud can only cause damage to future players & current players. so again, NOT thank you and sometimes silence is golden.

    and for the topic of this subject, as said here, all players should be valued by their own currency even if it means other can exchange their EU money to gold with TR lira.. if that means we can have TR people playing in COM worlds and we are not creating a bigger cultural and geo gap between players or "letting the rich(and strong) get richer(stronger)"

    Zer0 i have been monitoring your team, and you created one of the most beautiful teams and communities in less then a year. thank you for being a part in the Travian Kingdom first of all.
    second - i think if the TK developer team actually listen to one of these, it will be amazing and will put the game on a different lvl.

    personally my own team left completely around 2~ years ago, a heavy gold users that played this game from the moment it got released and they were a big part of this community Jallu  Curtain &Paul Rott  Negru Celo99 Pasam and more that i might forgot. i think some game fixs would bring alot of people back

    Sadly i have to agree this time ,
    logging in and seeing we broke a record of players just to get 1 scroll (that gave my poor hero exp like 10 bats) and 5 gold , was such a sad moment for me

    Hello , how does the new kingdoms system works ?

    i remember you used to unlock a duke slot every time time king settle a new village up to 5 dukes , and extra treasury slots everytime a kingdom hit 4K treasures.

    i read something about "2 kingdoms can merge to one big kingdom with vice-king and bla bla bla."

    when does that option unlock ? and what happend if the vice-king goes inactive ? cant i merge with new kingdom ?
    pls if someone have answers to all of that let me know :)

    Good night - KOF

    Hey curtain :D
    nice to see you answerd.

    So what is the best thing to do right now after everything that happend to me ?
    i got 150 swords , thats everything from troops wise.

    Hey again !
    Thanks for that info , so think i already messed up.

    i start com4 with like 70 TT's , and everything went right , untill a teuton that i used to attack and steal like 3K each cought me with 170 spears ..
    so i lost all the TT's and start on phalanx , when i reach 250 phalanx , wall lvl 10 and trapper with 150 traps i start 100 swords and so far im raiding 100 targets that give me little to nothing.
    and just now i got attacked by a guy that crush my phalanx and my traps and cata down my warehouse.

    so im standing on no def , 100 swords and a guy on my tail.

    what is the best way to be a raider and survive accourding to what i just said :D

    (sry about my english , i hope its understandable)

    Hello there, I once played an off gaul.

    First you would like to rush the stables and research pathfinder, make atleast 20 of it and start scouting nearby players.
    Then upgrade stables to level 5 and research Theutates thunder, from there make atleast 20 of it and start raiding idle/sleeping players I prefer teutons.
    Raid over and over again so your Theutates Thunder army grows bigger, its the fastest and cheapest raider in the game so its very easy to utilize. Just don't risk everything on 1 target and just do 3-5 tt per target. If your TT army grows big you can snipe oasis where some players hide their offense armies or expand your area of attack/raid.