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    Then the next proposal was received.

    Developers need:

    1 - limit online players to 2 hours a day, so that everyone would be on equal terms. And then you understand the crazy people sit for 20 hours and will not keep up with them.

    2 - put a limit of 3 raids (two of them are for lairs), not why he comes at me with a big office, we don't have adef. And we were not ready for this at all. We thought that we would come here and everything will be for us.

    3 - three houses a day, I don't have enough resources for more.

    4 - ban players in the top 10 every week - they are definitely cheaters and multi-accounts.

    So this is your answer for everything? You can continue with your shit because "players continue to play"? I bet at least 200-300 players stopped playing this game, who even paid for the game. Because of people like you. If i would be a GM, you would have get permabanned years ago. But TK are thinking with their wallet, not with their heads. So congratulations for putting money into something, that destroys the fun for others. You are the man bro. Keep up the good work and one day you will be the king of Travian, and your kingdom will be the army of your cheating/abusing/******* followers and yes sayer.

    Man, you will not find the guilty there.

    Many holes and bugs in the game have been described and sent to the administration. Not many of them have been closed or fixed.

    You now, one person blame travian for all the mortal sins, I'm not sure if this is right.

    Well, yes, it is banned for verification and then unbanned.

    Don't argue with me.

    You came here and publicly accuse without proof and without understanding the game. If you cannot understand yourself, turn to your comrades who will be smarter and better understand the mechanics of the game, perhaps they will explain to you.

    Different people play here. Some just vegetable, some make some effort to be better than 99% of vegetable growers.

    And there are those who go beyond. They're coming up with a Blood Magic type guide. Improving them, including new mechanics, and then improving them again.

    Some of this becomes public knowledge.

    Something remains in a narrow circle of people.

    But for the uninitiated, it's all cheating.

    Blood magic - it used to be cheats too, how about it?)

    Сломайте руки програмерам.
    Лаги на месте и по ощущениям в еще большем количестве.
    Зайти в игровой мир можно раз через два. Чаты виснут, атаки на королевство не отображаются.
    И это в финальной стадии игры - чудострое.
    Издевательство какое-то. :(

    Походу вам совсем положить болт на ваших игроков.

    Использовал функцию «Пригласить друга».:)
    И список друзей прикольная тема, можно будет кооперироваться в новых мирах.

    Падение онлайн будет еще больше.
    Данное обновление, еще больше убивает возможности для выживания и развития маленького королевства. Причем начисто.
    Только большие конгломераты с 100+аккаунтами (из которых 90 мульты) смогут развивать свое королевство и расширять его.
    Походу админами проводится и целенаправленная политика для полного уничтожения игры.
    С каждый обновлением играть становится все мене интересным и не желательным.

    Спасибо за очередное "говённое" обновление. Так держать.