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    Some of you may or may not have noticed, but your granary's door is closed when it's under half full, and open with wheat flowing out when over half full.

    What pieces of useless trivia do you have to share?

    An easy way around this is to create a trade route for each group of merchants. So trade route 1 goes at 12pm and every 3 hours afterwards. Trade route 2 goes at 1pm and every 3 hours afterwards, and trade route 3 goes at 2pm and every 3 hours afterwards.

    Good news, the ex-sitter is now undergoing punishment. The attacker hasn't received punishment as far as I'm aware, but I don't think he was in violation of any rules as he had no access to my account.
    I don't know what the ex-sitter's punishmet is exactly aside from a ban, but I'm satisfied. Thanks for listening, TK team.

    I hope this serves as a warning to anyone who intends to do similar things in the future.

    If anyone's interested, I've written up a summary of events that took place, with names redacted. I sent a full report to support, including names and more detailed information including coordinates, screenshots, launch times, travel times, land times, and whatnot.


    Summary of events (21/05/2016):

    19:15:17 - ==SITTER== sends my first wave of reinforcements (all pathfinders, TT, haeds, and rams) to the oasis, they will arrive at 19:59:00.
    19:16:51 - ==ATTACKER== scouts the oasis, possibly to see for any other troops that could damage his Club siege. 50 Praetorians, no problem.
    19:40:52 - ==ATTACKER== sends his siege to the oasis, they will land at 20:02:04.
    20:02:04 - The attack lands, killing all troops from the first reinforcement wave.
    20:02:05-20:06:32 - ==SITTER== reads the red shield report.
    20:06:33 - ==SITTER== sends the second wave of reinforcements (all swords, druids, cats) to the oasis, they will arrive at 21:04:51.
    20:34:xx - I am online and ask ==SITTER== why they are reinforcing an oasis I'm not even using.
    20:36:xx - I realise what's going on and lose my cool in chats with both ==SITTER== and ==ATTACKER==. This may have scared ==ATTACKER== into not attacking again, but I don't know if he attacked the oasis a second time since I removed all of my troops as soon as they landed. ==SITTER== has still not read my messages, nearly 3 days later. They had removed themselves as my sitter before I had the chance to remove them myself.
    21:04:51 - The second wave arrives at the oasis, and I withdraw it as quickly as possible.


    I wish I'd left a single Sword behind so I could have seen any further attacks intending to take out the whole second reinforcement wave. But I'm sure the admins will be able to see the full picture.

    Either way, I'm convinced both my ex-sitter and this attacker both had malicious intent to ruin my troop count. Splitting my army into easier to handle waves was their mistake, assuming I wouldn't come online to catch the second. They would have killed everything albeit at the cost of more clubs if they sent all my troops at once. Unfortunately the first wave still had the most troops in number and cost, so I'm still pretty pissed off with the whole thing.

    The discussions have definitely been an interesting read, and I'll write up a detailed ticket today mentioning everything that happened - including reports, travel times, and the likes.

    Thanks for the support.

    The attacker claims to not have had any communication with my ex-sitter, and was using over 7k clubs, hero, and a ram to siege to clear out 50 praetorians he found in an earlier scout report of the oasis. But the timing is too good for me to believe him.

    My ex-sitter has not read my messages since the incident, and is either ignoring me or has not logged in since then. I haven't been checking up on the population.

    Yesterday I had a sitter send my troops to an oasis, and they were killed 3 minutes later by a siege attack.

    My sitter recently left my alliance before this incident without me knowing. The report was read by the sitter (so it took me a few minutes to realise where my troops went) and they removed themselves as my sitter before I even had the chance to do so. The person who sieged and killed my troops is in the same alliance my sitter recently changed to.

    What is the punishment/compensation for intentional account sabotage?

    I will edit this post with facts regarding timings etc. When I am not on mobile.

    This would be an interesting mechanic, I think. One that would give more value and worth to a level 20 Main Building at ALL stages in the game.

    Put simply: The level of the Main Building would also be the maximum level possible of all other buildings and fields within the village. If your MB is level 15, for example, no other building can be upgraded beyond level 15 until the MB itself is upgraded first.

    As a result of this, it may also make it too easy for enemies to gimp the village into being unable to upgrade anything if the MB is constantly being catapulted to zero. this is why I think if such a feature went through, the MB should also become untargetable like stonemason, crannies, and trapper buildings.

    This would also get people into upgrading their Main Building sooner instead of forgetting about it because it doesn't really give such large benefits until other buildings are reaching mid-high levels anyway.


    I'm so sick of others attacking a camp only to not pick up all resources, jacking all the treasures, taking all the kills/hero exp then flying off home, all the while I follow behind, take what scrap of resources they so KINDLY left behind, and not a single god darn treasure. And to add insult to injury I can't attack again because you can't attack them more than once.

    When is this going to be PERMANENTLY FIXED? PLEASE. How can you ignore this problem for so long? Remember that one time you fixed it for a server? Why didn't you KEEP that fix?

    The fix was to close a robber camp wave REGARDLESS of whether or not all the resources were taken. This lets the next attacker kill the next wave, taking treasures and resources for himself. The current system is MORONIC.

    Either that, or let the treasures be the LAST thing an attacker picks up, after the resources. INSTEAD of before the resources. Not as good as closing the wave, but still better than this POS method currently in place.

    I'm pissed off. Stop ignoring us on this matter.

    Actually, the first master building slot is free. So as a Teuton or Gaul, you can still queue two builds, as a Roman three. Also, if a build has less than 5 minutes on it, you cn insta-build free, otherwise insta build cost depends on how much time is left on the build and covers only one building at a time.

    "The first one of those will be unlocked automatically when the game starts." Looks like I missed this. Seems my post is moot, and I'm happy to be wrong.

    e.g. a flat 1/2/3/4 strength (depending on wheat consumption) to offense, infantry defense and cavalry defense stat to each troop per upgrade. This would greatly buff weak units, and slightly buff stronger units (even Imperians).

    Or, if that is too overboard, a mix.

    e.g. flat 0.5/1/1.5/2 point(s), plus 0.5% base strength per level (level 20 = flat 10/20/30/40 +10% base).

    I don't have time to do the maths for each unit using these two methods right now, but I may do so when I come back later and work out which units will benefit and which won't (or if someone else wants to do it out of boredom while I'm gone?). Right now each unit receives a flat 1.5% upgrade per level, maxing at +30% strength at level 20, so there's that to go by.

    One of the suggestions I was thinking of was to at least have the resources take priority over the treasures (as you said), and to also stop heroes from taking treasures when alone. This way, people are forced to attack with enough troops in order to pick up all the resources to get through to those treasures.

    I always assumed that the camps were able to be hit only once, as I've never not fully cleared a wave in one hit to find out for myself. One time however, I did raid instead of attack. Some robber troops survived but I took all resources and treasures, and the wave was considered complete so the next attacker could take the next wave. I'm not sure if this is still the case, though.

    This thing happens more often in active kingdoms, and also at the start of the server when people may not have enough troops to clear and take all the resources in one hit.

    From the screen shot it says clearly that the wave is defeated as soon as all troops are killed AND all resources taken. Has it not been this way since the closed beta?

    I was not a fan of robbers at first. They were a pain in the neck. However, the camps will encourage teamwork which can carry over into other operations. A leader (king) will have to work out how to encourage his or her governors to attack the camps in such a way as to clear the waves. I have come to see this as a positive addition to the game.

    And this is exactly the problem. You cannot go back to attack a robber camp again to take all resources remaining. A player attacks with maybe just his hero (yes, heroes don't need troops to carry treasures from robber camps when troops are needed to take treasures from player villages) and steals the treasures, killing any troops there with his hero. The hero can carry treasures but not resources and cannot return to pick up the resources later because it only lets you hit a camp once, no exceptions.

    This screws over the next player who will attack the camp because the main reason for attacking is already gone, which is some hero exp and the treasures. They have in the past fixed it so that no matter what you do with a camp (kill everything, take all resources, or just take treasures), that wave will be finished and the next attacker will hit the next wave. Which is by far the superior way, and I do not understand why it keeps reverting back to this inferior system.

    Why is this still a problem? Numerous people, including myself, have complained numerous times about this robber camp shenenigans where a camp wave remains even after all the treasures have been taken.

    Nonsensical. Fix this once and for all. You fixed this problem in the middle of the closed beta (iirc) server so why can't it stay permanently fixed?

    Either way, whoever attacks this camp next won't get diddly squat except a pitiful handful of resources and no treasures, all because the previous attacker didn't send enough troops to completely empty all resources from the wave. It makes me mad.

    Do you want people to move their armies around even less? Because this is an incentive to do exactly that.

    I'll agree with this. I see no need to penalise someone just because they have large armies and/or large farmlists. The cost of training them and the cost of keeping them fed is plenty cost enough.

    e.g. 100 clubs travelling for 2 hours out and 2 hours back would incur a 400 crop deployment cost, regardless of whether all return or not.
    Meanwhile the attacking village gains +100 crop an hour because the troops are out of house.

    I like this idea.

    Something like this would mean a large army will need many granaries. Or granaries would need a nice buff to compensate.