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    That's the thing though, people who use gold and use the finish now feature extensively will be hardly affected by it, as they will more than likely use it only on buildings that they aren't intending to use the gold feature on - smaller, lower levelled things that take less time to raise anyway so will hardly notice the effects of this new feature.
    Meanwhile this feature is available for those non-gold users to use on their own high-levelled fields and buildings. It does reduce the gap in this sense, because it will affect those with no gold much more than those with who use finish now extensively.

    I'm no Travian dev, but I'm sure this was one of the goals of the feature, aside form extra revenue gain from ads. And it's a good one, in my opinion. I'll happily agree to disagree with you, and I'm curious to hear what other people think on the matter too.

    There's not much difference.

    If you're new to Kingdoms then it's best to simply start as a Governor. It asks you after the short tutorial at the start of the game whether you want to be a King or Governor. A new player who is generally good at Travian and is willing to learn fast the ways of Kingdoms and hos it works could play a King role, but I'd still recommend Governor for at least your first Kingdoms server.

    As a governor you're placed within a kingdom of someone who chose to be a king. It's up to you whether you want to stick with your current king or accept an invite from a neighbouring kingdom that is expanding faster than your current king. The size of a kingdom grows with the population of the king's village so it's entirely possible that a neighbouring kingdom's influence expands and covers your village's tile.

    Anyway, during a later update in Kingdoms they'll be implementing a system that allows you to relocate your village (literally change coordinates) to an active king's kingdom if you are outgrowing your current king by at least double the pop, as long as you still have only one village below 200 pop. This will somewhat relieve those early game woes of having to deal with rubbish or inactive kings early on.

    As a governor, you want to play as normal, really. Troops in Kingdoms are cheaper than they are in T4 and cost 0 wheat to train. Yet Kingdoms servers are about only half as long as normal T4 servers. Offensive Romans still have a chance to be effective, but only the best Roman players (read: gold users) will make them work effectively.

    Heroes are a problem if you don't put at least 90% of their points into strength. Adventures will take chunks out of your hero's health, but less so if you put every point into strength. If you're a gold user, exchange some of it to silver and pick up a scale armour from the marketplace for that flat damage reduction and extra health regen. It's a godsend for any hero. If you're lucky enough to pick one up form an adventure then even better. Either way, getting a scale armour is top of my priority list of things to to in Kingdoms.

    You can either get that item, or you can try to pick up bundles of books of wisdom which will allow you to switch between strength and resource output and back again after you've saved up a few hero adventure points. But really, don't even bother trying to put all your points into resources and do more than 3-4 adventures without killing your hero. Damage against your hero with all points into strength is still quite heavy, but not nearly as much as none at all.

    There's a crapton of quests to complete, too. So just take them as they come, because even though I'm nearly on village 4 on the com3 server, the quest book just keeps itself full. Not that I'm complaining. It probably helps those with no particular aim in a game to have a goal to strive for.

    As well as the scale armour I mentioned earlier, for the love of god if you find a helmet that gives you culture points, keep the **** thing and use it. It may well be worth 10-15k silver on the marketplace but the fact of the matter is that village CP benchmarks are so few and far between early in the game, it may take up to 3 weeks or a month for people who don't use the CP helmet, artworks or town hall celebrations to reach their third village. I did read that the benchmarks will be lowered in a future update of Kingdoms, but still. For now the wait between early villages feels worse than trying to take your own eyes out with a wooden spoon. I think.

    Also different in Kingdoms than it is in T4 are the way troops are trained. You can no longer equip your 10% reduced training time helmet, queue some troops, then unequip the helmet. You must keep the helmet on to benefit from it. In this sense, it is impossible to use the effects of cavalry and infantry helmets simultaneously. I believe the term is "dynamic training." The same also applies to upgrading the stable and barracks whilst there are troops already training. Total remaining time will be reduced for troops already queued up even before the upgrade completes, so that's good, at least.

    Edit: Oh and as a governor, you will see robber hideouts pop up on the map. So keep an eye out for those every few hours as at least 2 spawn not far from your capital every so often. You will kill them to collect the resources, and the treasures they hold. The collected treasures are stored in your hero inventory, and you can use them to collect extra resources. You will lose some troops taking out the robber hideout, but the resources you gain from both the attack and the collected treasures should make up for it, and more. They will attack you if you don't clear them out within about a day or two, however if they do attack, they attack with only about half their force. This is a good time to attack if you don't want to lose so many troops, but it also requires to to be active so you can counterattack in time. Also this method gives your hero less experience overall; I personally just wipe out robber hideouts as they appear.

    Also once you have 1k troops in your village and use at least 1 ram, the "siege" option unlocks, so you can attack, raid or siege a target. Siege attacks take 2x longer to reach their target, but also hit for...I think 30% more power. Definitely makes a huge difference in number of troops lost when it comes to clearing out those robber hideouts.

    Anyway, the best thing you can do is play as normal and ask about things you don't know about or are unsure of as they pop up.

    No, I don't play T$. Gave a few goes when it first came out but that version is not for me.

    What I dislike is that it simply deteriorates the quality of the game some more. Watching ads is now a gameplay mechanic and if you don't use it you'll be behind people who do. Do you think it's a fun mechanic that enhances the game? Also, do you think it will stop here? If they're desperate enough to put ads into the game this way, they'll soon be even more desperate and throw in more ads. What's the big deal when you've gotten your unit training reduces after having watched a 30 sec ad? What's the big deal after having your movement speed upgraded a bit after you watch this 1 min ad? What's the big deal if you win the server having watched this 20-hour ad? Hyperbolic but I'm sure you get my point.

    I get your point, but we're not talking about hypothetical (and in my opinion unrealistic) future possibilities here. I'm talking about this particular new feature, regardless of what you think it may or may not lead on to. If the Kingdoms devs were so desperate for more money from ad revenue they would have already bolted this feature on to Kingdoms servers too.

    This system serves to reduce the gap between gold players and non-gold players. Also you really do not have to watch the adverts. You can click "play" then go to another tab for a short while, read the news, check up on a second server account, whatever, and the reduced build time will still begin as soon as the advertisements are played out. So in short, you will not notice it. And people do benefit from the feature. Both Travian and its playerbase.

    I find it ironic that you're giving T4.4 the "T$" label when Kingdoms sucks your wallet dry faster and harder than any T4.x server ever will.

    Players asking for ads to be implemented now? Wow, that's a new low...

    Do you currently play any T4 servers? Everyone I've spoken to about this new system is happy with it. When you've got a 10 hour building or field reduced to just 7 hours 30 minutes, what's the big deal about having a 30 second advertisement play beforehand?

    Travian receives more revenue from the adverts they put out, and players receive faster upgrades in return (limited to 9 a day). Win-win, is it not?

    This feature where we can upgrade up to 9 buildings a day 25% faster if we watch a 30 second advert was recently released on a Scattered Empire server (uk20), and I believe it's available on most/all old-fashioned Travian servers.

    Considering how ridonkulous upgrade times are for later building levels and how much an advantage this gives gold users in game who can upgrade immediately, how's about this feature also hits our Kingdoms servers? Please?

    I'm sure you can explain in the "message" section what your problem is, regardless of server chosen. Just explain that you couldn't pick the right server in the drop-down box and state which server your problem really applies to.
    The guys who answer these things are human too and will know what's up.

    Is it by email account or in-game name?
    I don't have the Closed Beta vet badge or a Finished TK World prestige point.

    I'm pretty sure it's by email account, and all accounts you make within Kingdoms are connected to this.

    I partook in the closed beta - it was my first Kingdoms server, did pretty well in it if I may say so.
    I'd like to know what other requirements would have had to have been met to obtain the closed beta badge.

    I honestly feel kind of cheated that I haven't got it.

    Edit: Added screenshots to my original post.
    If more proof is required or if I should do this through a support ticket instead, let me know.

    I like the idea, but as Ammanurt said it should be 3.6 server at most, because with no gold in game whole auction system doesn't work...

    Well, it could. People would just have to use the silver they get from selling items, find from adventures, card game, and earned from daily quests. Things would be a lot cheaper, and it would be more of an even playing field, outside of being lucky enough to find items from adventures.

    I was going to say , play Romans because their heroes are tough, but then I see you can't do that right either.

    My suggestion which might not matter now, is get some Scale or chainmail(scale is better), and only do short adventures. You shouldn't have a Roman Hero die much on an entire server ,(1-3) times, doing adventures.

    I had 3k silver saved up and spent some of it on a book. All points are now in strength, and I actually sold the bucket and picked up a light scale armour that was being sold. This (and its t2 and t3 variants) is honestly the best item you can buy in terms of damage control and regeneration for your hero. It's a shame that such things are so hard to come by for non-Gold users.

    On that note, buying an item with extra strength is quite underwhelming to be honest. I see people paying 10k+ silver for small shields and the like, and I can't help but think "why?" It's equivalent to an extra 5 or 6 points placed into strength.


    It's not really that simple. If you don't get the right armour during adventures, what do you do then? If you don't buy gold, you're not going to have the silver to buy in auctions. Not only that, but if you don't buy gold, you really need to put points in res production, and move it around to limit the fact you can't NPC. As it stands now, if you don't have all points in strength, the hero is unusable. The simple fix is to go back to the old mechanic. Hero levels up, 100% health comes with it. That suggestion has been made so many times, it's not funny. Generally, I've been a fan of the game dev and design team answering questions on the forums, but I really think they need to come clean on why they removed hero health restoration on levelling up, because it appears to have bee a pure economic decision that ruins gameplay for non playing players.

    Quite right. This is what I was trying to say in my original post but you summarised it well. Non-gold users are not able to play around in the marketplace because they get so little silver income from other means. You can't buy a ton of books to switch around hero points as you please. You can't buy a decent item unless you sell another decent item, but that also requires getting lucky in your adventures. Continuously going on adventures kills your hero too quickly so you're forced to wait for the rubbish 15 health a day to restore you or take the plunge and kill your hero, spending resources and time to revive him.

    If any non-gold paying user is unlucky in adventures with regards to hero items, they're going to have a bad time. Regardless of whether or not they've placed all hero points into strength.

    The old system of hero regaining health on level up was a good one. They got rid of it to gate people into using ointments more > which automatically raises their cost on the marketplace > which means more people are forced to use their gold for more silver to keep their hero alive.

    tl;dr: Money.

    Well that was quick.

    Looks like I already have 18 prestige points from other servers. Maybe the test server but I'm not sure.

    Will there be a page on the wiki describing all achievements available and how they can be earned?

    Edit: Spoke too soon lol.