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    I see that cease fire will be activated the same time as the downtime. How long is the downtime expected to last?
    Will the game be completely taken offline so we can't play, or will we still be able to play but may have some interference?

    Yes, I'll agree with that as well. Plus account gives nothing special compared to other available gold advantages. I wouldn't really complain if these other costs were the same as they are in T4.4, but they're not. This just further broadens the gap between whales, low budget players, and the players who don't buy any gold.

    Railgunz, if you sell every item you get from adventures, you can buy plus and res boost pretty quickly. But then that leads to the point you've made about keeping hero alive...

    Yeah. I was waiting for that answer before I'd have replied with the point about naked heroes dying fast.
    You'd effectively be spending 15k+ resources per revive for the sake of a plus account. Not worth it, in my opinion.

    The plus account is 10 gold, but then the res boost is 20, and wheat is another 10. You need 8000 silver to make 40 gold through exchange office. Nobody should be able to make a constant 8k silver every 5 days to maintain so many gold advantages. You'd be using most of that res boost to pay for the hero's revival every time, for one thing.

    It would be possible to get 2000 silver every 5 days to maintain just a plus account through various methods like gold/silver from card game, silver from daily quests, adventures, as well as selling some stuff at auction, however. So there's that, which is nice. When you focus on trying to complete the daily quests and sell most things received from adventures like ointments and bandages, maybe then you can scavange up 2000 silver every 5 days.

    This is honestly, the most free2play NON-pay2win game I have ever played. This is NOT the second pay to win, because it is so easy to get enough gold for a everlasting Plus account. Only about 2 weeks from start. , the devs need to eat. This game is freaking wonderful even without paying.

    Please tell me your methods on how to achieve 10 gold every 5 days.

    Any item costs in this post are referring to Com3 in its current state.

    People who don't use (and in some cases, abuse) Gold have no reliable way to keep their hero alive and relatively healthy without lucking out in early Hero adventures by acquiring some item to help with health regeneration and/or damage reduction.

    People who use Gold have several options in keeping their hero alive and healthy. They can (through the Gold to Silver option):
    - buy Buckets, Ointments, and multiple Hero items to help with health regen and/or damage reduction.

    People who don't use Gold have several options in keeping their hero healthy:
    - Get lucky in adventures and pick up a short-term item to help with the health regeneration like a bucket or some ointments (usually just enough ointments to cover the damage received from the adventure lol)
    - Get lucky in adventures and pick up a permanent item to help with the above mentioned, like scale armour or helmet of regeneration or whatever they're called (note: really lucky)
    - Get lucky in adventures and pick up enough silver to cover the cost of two to four ointments in the marketplace (usually around 200-400 Silver is found in adventures?)
    - Kill hero and spend thousands of resources on reviving him.

    It's a double edged blade right now. I could take the plunge and spend my 3k Silver on about 15-20 Ointments (yes, they are selling for 150-200 silver each right now) so I can take on one more adventure knowing he won't die. I could also save this silver for a book to place every single point into Strength and see how this affects how much damage he takes from adventures then. Or I could wait until T2 items are released in another 3 weeks and pick up a T1 health regeneration/damage reduction item on the cheap. Right now it's hard to even keep the Hero healthy because he's also helping the troops clear out robber hideouts every day, so I currently have 8 adventure points stashed up unable to be used because my hero will die.

    There's aways the other option to kill him off and wait god knows how many hours for him to revive at the expense of tens of thousands of resources every time he dies. But I want to avoid this too since revival is too expensive. But the way it is right now, simply getting a Book (selling for like 2-3k right now), placing all points into Strength and then reviving him each time he dies seems like the best way if you're not lucky enough to be owning necessary hero items to sustain health efficiently.

    Why I'm wriing now is because of this:

    My (Roman) Hero's last adventure was over 2 days ago where he popped out to the local Adventures R Us and picked up a pack of 22 bog rolls for the guys at home, at the expense of 17% of his life (I told him Tesco Value would do, but he wanted that expensive Charmin crap despite the extra cost of life).
    He was level 14 and had about 4,500 Strength from 36 points in said Strength and a short Legionnaire sword. The remaining 20 points were placed into Attack bonus so I can lose a few less troops when clearing Robber Hideouts when they pop up. I'm beginning to think this is a mistake. At what point is this "up to 5% less damage from Adventures depending on hero strength" begin to affect our Heroes? I'm not feeling it and heroes still feel like trash to me. Do I honestly need to place all hero points into Strength to achieve this 5% less damage from adventures?

    I'm unhappy with this hero situation, and I'm as unlucky with finding worthwhile hero equipment as I am unhappy with the state of the heroes right now. I have been unhappy with them for a long time, considering I made this post three months ago:

    I made some suggestions there and then and this 5% reduction may have been as a result of that, but honestly it still feels like it's not enough. The base 15 regen points a day feels like nothing when killing hideouts and using adventure points. People who play without gold in particular are hit the hardest by this luck-based system of adventure loot. The people who play with their wallets need not worry about their hero's wellbeing since they can simply buy back the health through various means. I think there should be at least one fair-to-all-players system that will allow everyone's heroes to stay alive and healthy.

    I hope the devs will read and at least consider helping us further improve gameplay for all.

    Now brb, I'm going to send my 4.9k strength 19% health hero on one last adventure. If he survives, I'll throw him into a mountain range with wolves and bears then pay (I'll update the cost of revival later) so much in resources and wait until morning for his revival.

    Edit: Hahahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oh talk of the devil, as they say, look at this new adventure report. It's almost too good to be true:

    Now I can smash his 2% health into a mountain range and revive him immediately for free. Man this is great.

    I'd probably disagree there. I've always viewed that as a reward for getting to villa 2, and helping you on the way to villa 3. I get the argument that you should be able to get the 500CP (or is it 800?) from the party as soon as you've thrown the party, but the one you're arguing about logically can only occur after you've settled villa 2. You can't ask for a reward from an achievement prior to actually managing it?

    That's the thing though. You don't get this reward until you've settled village 3 (effectively helping you get village 4 faster). Right now I have 2 villages and this quest is just sitting there waiting for a 3rd village to be settled or 1 of my 2 current villages to be made to a city.

    I wanted to ask the same question of Matej, isn't this a bit unfair for all players on COM5 ? I mean why wouldn't we receive prestige points and other active servers would ?

    That's the thing, though. Other servers are also not receiving prestige points yet. If com5 finishes before prestige is activated (next week sometime), then you must get yourself on the youngest server running right now (com3 I think?) to take advantage of it instead of waiting for com5 to restart or hoping com5 will continue long enough for people to collect points on it.

    Just a quick question about this one, too:

    This quest appears after I settled my second village. Surely this should be available before settling my second village/upgrading my spawn village to a city?

    I'm in the same situation. My town hall is up, yet we must still wait for the "build town hall" quest to unlock. It's a crock of crud in my opinion, especially if you're in a rush to get that nice 15c nearby.

    However, the wait for village 2 is nothing in comparison to the wait for village 3.

    The update apparently rolled out on to com3 server as we can now add more specific info to markers to the map.

    However the server is missing the prestige feature, unless it's intended to roll out when a new week begins or something.

    Are you (the Travian developers behind the idea to raise the cost of gold features) that confident that your gold whales will continue to buy gold as much as they do despite the recent hikes in the price of gold features?

    The new card system does not make up for the price increase for NPC trade, instant delivery, finish immediately, Travian Plus, resource and wheat bonuses (which have also been reduced from 7 days to 5 days on non-speed servers and costs more), or whatever else that has raised in price.

    It's a real kick in the teeth to the people who buy gold at a casual level and use it in moderation, such as myself. I'm happy to buy and use ~700 gold per server with a small topup near the end if needed, and this usually lasted me the whole server if I don't overdo things - even with Plus, wheat and resource bonuses running 24/7. But not any more. 50 gold to keep Plus, resource, and wheat bonuses up for 5 days? No, thanks. I'm not that stupid. Or that rich, for the matter.

    Kingdoms is still in beta, and I think you're going to kill it before it even hits its official opening.
    Maybe you're just trying to milk the last of the gold cows of every last penny before you shut down the show before it even leaves beta?
    You're supposed to entice people into buying and using Gold, not push away your current casual users like myself.

    Please, do tell what the general thought process is that justifies these raised cost of gold features.
    I'm just one person who will no longer be buying Gold, but I'm sure there are many like me who are justifiably p*ssed off with the current state of things.

    Yes, the hero's early game and mid game are the worst, definitely. Even with all points invested in Strength, they still take anything from 14%-18% damage from small adventures, which is quite the problem.
    I'm glad something will be done about it (but when?).

    Ever since things were changed so that our heroes won't heal when achieving a new level, things have gone absolutely gone to crap.

    I've started the UK3 server that's now 10 days old. I've revived my hero at least 4 times. The first revive was quick and cheap (just how I like it) but later revives get progressively longer and more expensive.
    He's level 11 with 3,320 (35 points) in Strength and Light Chainmail equipped, and still he takes 15% damage from short adventures. That would be 18% if it weren't for the chainmail.
    They are so fragile, and if you're unlucky like me and find no hero items (useless left-handed items don't count) in adventures (forking out 6k-7k silver in the marketplace for a crap-tier items), then your hero will continue to die at least 4 times per week, even without actually using it against other players.
    Between these adventures and taking down robber hideouts and camps, I think something needs to change with heroes.

    Some ideas:
    Let heroes heal 50% health on level-up (as opposed to 100% like before the update).
    Let them take even less damage for each point in Strength they have.
    Give a hero more EXP per adventure depending on how much Strength a hero has (5x more, at least). At least we'd feel less bad when it comes to crap like this: Wow, 15% health loss for 24 experience. Thanks a lot, so worth it. /sarcasm. My hero would lose less health if it hit an oasis with 24 rats.
    Add a generic in-game NPC store (other than the marketplace) where we don't have to pay 50-80 silver for a single bloody ointment, and lift the 100 a day limit use on ointments, maybe.

    Something. Anything. Please.

    Screenshot from UK3 server, which is now on its 4th day:

    These things hurt to kill, and the combined resources earned from the attack and those gained from the single treasure are just... pathetic really.
    For a Gaul and Roman player, or even a Teuton, hideouts aren't giving back in resources as much as they'd be killing, let alone the time it would take to retrain the lost troops.

    For reference, this is how much a single treasure currently gives back:

    We've all experienced it at some point, and it's not good.

    Allies turn red and grey all around you, and all you can realistically do is keep sending out those farm lists and continue growing your anvil/hammer.

    This is a problem with Kingdoms specifically. The way it works, it forces people to team up or fight. The first month or two are interesting, lots of kingdoms changing, forming, merging, etc.occurs. Once all the dust has settled though, then what?

    It's not like your hammer village can take off and fly to a new location a la Howl's Moving Castle-style(but wouldn't that be interesting?), so while you're settled and you were once on the frontline of the fight, you've conquered old alliances and recruited their most active members, the frontline shifts. Travel times to the old frontline were 9 hours for catapults, but as you've grown, new targets take 12+ hours to reach. The areas you destroyed and recruited a couple of players are your new frontlines, but these new frontlines are weak for obvious reasons.

    This kills the enthusiasm because who seriously wants to participate in attacks where it takes your troops a full day or more to return? Organising such lengthy attacks as an alliance is near impossible. The only realistic prospect everyone has to look forward to now are the release of the WWs, but that's another month off. It's highly unlikely anything will happen, so even more players will log in, see nothing happening, and may choose to not log in again.

    The endgame is more interesting of course, but there's this midgame lull that com3 is in right now, and I think everyone can feel it whenever a server hits the 60-70 day point. There's no point in ignoring it; it will inevitably drive players away. Personally I've already decided that Kingdoms com3 will be my last server until there's a proper (at least 3x) speed server released for Kingdoms.

    I hope new methods will be created to help fill this void, because I think Kingdoms really needs something else besides the endgame WWs to keep players online and give them something to do with the rest of their alliance.

    I chiefed a player's village who was inactive. He had used this village to settle a village, and that is his only one at zero population.

    I don't want to have to raise my Residence to level 20 just to train 3 settlers from this village.

    How long does it take for an inactive player with 0 pop to disappear?

    On a separate note, I really hate the fact that palace/residence slots remain used even after you've chiefed the village from that player. I know it makes sense to have it this way, but it's still stupidly annoying. Especially in my case where the player is inactive and you can do nothing but wait until the account is deleted from inactivity.

    I think something needs to change here.

    Hi Railgunz,
    We'll let you know as soon as we're ready to launch a speed server. About the test server - it will be reopened today at 2pm UTC+2, you can find more information here.

    Kind regards,

    Ah, 2x speed... But thanks for the info. The 5x speed of the old test server was great fun. I hope we can get something like that again.