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    Realistically though, new "female" units could offer some village/troop utility, where they tend to the cavalry, soldiers, village and fields in some way or another.

    Maybe a brothel to raise the army's esteem.


    Gonna need a bit of clarity on that, pal.

    You have your equations for how much an item sells for - so that can't possibly be abused. And any items on the marketplace are free for all to bid on - so that too can't possibly be abused. You can't even access the auction on accounts you are sitting.

    So really, what the hell? We need some serious clarification.

    MB 18hrs needs to be discounted by 52% as this will be built by level 19 MB, which makes things 52% faster. MB 20 takes only 9hrs -no change from previous versions basically.

    The rest, you only need to build once or twice on an account - they have always taken pretty much this long to upgrade. The higher levels are just being made a bit longer now because level 1-5 or whatever are so much faster now.

    48% faster* But you're right, I didn't know the Main Building's bonus also affected its own upgrade times.

    As for total upgrade times though, nearly every building upgrade time has been increased across the board from Travian 4.x, as well as the upgrade costs. But let's not get into the increased upgrade costs in a topic about upgrade times.

    I would bring up some examples, but the official TK wiki doesn't go into total training time with different MB levels, etc. unlike the (unofficial) Travian wiki does with T4.4 buildings.

    I can give a few examples, since the upgrade times are on the wiki, MB level 20:

    Barracks over 10 hours, Main Building over 18 hours, Stable over 11 hours, Workshop over 13 hours - just to name a few that will be hitting 20. That's just the final level too, not including the time it takes to actually get these buildings up to level 19 in the first place. It's a real drag.

    When you begin upgrading a level 19 building before going to sleep, it's still going to be upgrading when you wake up, with many hours still remaining on the clock before it's done. This renders the Master Builder slot pretty much redundant.

    Master Builder slots are most useful in the earlier levels of a building's upgrade, particularly between 8-12, when you can have 5 levels of a single building completed overnight.

    And there I was, religiously checking the embassy every so often to pick up the resources before some mad merchant would just walk away with my res. Turns out he's just giving it to me, anyway.

    Our plan is to add the oasis production to the village production, like it was in T4.
    So you won't have to collect the resources and it will be easier to see the total production.

    Finally. Collecting every so often because all the oases are not in sync is just a pain in the arse.

    Simming doesn't mean you don't build troops, it just means you don't attack much (if at all).

    Yes, this is what I was getting at. Sorry for the confusion.

    @ Fisaga:

    I was also only using Stable as an example of how the time will be reduced if the MB bonus was 60% faster instead of the current 50%. The example would be the same kind of thing if I had used the Residence as an example of building time.

    And on that note, a level 20 Residence upgrade takes 12 hours and 35 minutes to complete, with the MB bonus at 50%. Ouch.

    With regards to your counter-argument that fields take far less time to reach level 15: That's very nice indeed, but only one village will be able to take advantage of level 15 fields, as I'm sure you know already. In the meantime, every other village will be going for those level 20 buildings, whether it's troop training-related, or the Residence, Town Hall, Warehouse, Granary, etc...

    Add it all up, and that's a lot of time just sitting around, waiting for things to finish. Impatient players will end up using a lot more gold to finish their buildings, and because every village suffers the same fate of long building upgrade times, that's essentially a boatload of Gold being spent gaining a distinct advantage, while non-Gold users are punished for their patience.

    But I suppose the increased usage of Gold is what the top guys at Travian want.

    I mean, really, really, long. It's nice that the lower levels are so short, but once your buildings hit level 13+, upgrade times - even with a Main Building at 20 - can take anywhere around 8 to 10 hours depending on the building.

    This is a serious nerf to people simming, and forces people to put resources into troops of course, but people who do not use gold are put at a massive disadvantage here since gold users and abusers don't have to wait 5 days of non-stop upgrading to get their Main Building to level 20, amongst other things.<br><br>Not only has the time for building upgrades been significantly lengthened, but so too has the cost of upgrading the buildings.

    I'd like to propose these changes to the Main Building:

    1. The Main Building should not be able to be immediately completed using Gold, like Residence and Palace.
    2. The Main Building bonus at level 20 is 50% faster upgrades. Considering the increase in cost and time, this is not really worth it since you can upgrade a number of buildings in the time it takes to fully upgrade the Main Building. With this in mind, let's put more reason into upgrading the Main Building earlier by slightly buffing the upgrade boost.

    Example: Level 20 main building, 50% upgrade time reduction, a Stable takes 11 hours to reach level 20 from 19. At 100% it would normally be 22 hours.
    If the Main Building's time reduction bonus was at 40%, this would come down to a respectable, and altogether more fair, 8 hours 48 minutes. This would put it more in line with upgrade times of T4.4 and earlier, and it will feel even more beneficial to actually use your time raising the Main Building if you don't plan on using Gold to complete other structures immediately, or don't have Gold to use.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Yes, that's exactly what happens.

    Someone is attacking it and not taking all the resources for the next camp wave to appear, not allowing the next attacker to take any treasures for himself.

    This was fixed in closed beta, and I'm sick of continuously bringing this problem up with no fixes being applied in this open beta.

    People are still able to attack the camp, kill all the enemies, take all the treasure, yet can leave resources only for the next attacker to pick up ZERO KILLS AND TREASURES.

    Images for case in point:

    This is what the overview of the camp SAYS I killed and looted:

    It just pisses me off that this problem DID NOT EXIST IN CLOSED BETA because the camp waves were cleared REGARDLESS of what was taken by an attacker. Why is this problem being allowed to exist now? Completely arse-backwards. I made a topic regarding this problem ages ago, when camps first began spawning in the FIS server. It feels like I'm being ignored here.

    That's true. I didn't look up other buildings/fields, etc. so I am pleased to see it doesn't extend past the main building. In the long run, it may still be worth building the MB up, if it's one of the first buildings completed.

    The Master Builder slot costs 50 Gold. The second and third slots cost 75 and 100 Gold, respectfully. Same for the merchant re-run thing.

    In the closed beta, one Master Builder and merchant re-run slot came included with the starter package, which was bigger and better than it is now, at 100 Gold.