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    are we mixing up invites and menhir teleportation (that ofc include an invite) right now? as im pretty sure you dont have to wait at all for getting invited back into the kingdom (or any other kingdom) when you leave. you do indeed have a 3d cooldown on being teleported via menhir

    Your RP always detects its value (+ its spyglasses value if equiped spyglass and hero in the village) - 1. So a RP lvl1 would be able to detect nothing, a RP 20 would detect an army/a fake of 19 units, 20 units fakes wouldnt reveal what units.
    To go for the 100% certainty you have to add
    32 units at T1,
    37 units at T2,
    45 units at T3
    (in any combination that suits you, for instance 44 clubs+1 cat at T3)
    to have them under like no circumstance reveal themselves as fakes by the RP itself (ofc other giveaways exist, swap of certain hero items etc)

    Basicly what the enemy sees if you fake insufficiently is bold questionmarks in the unit-types you sent to fake and strokes or whatever in all other units. so he would know what type of troops to expect but not its amount (unless its for instance RP 2, so he would only be able to see 1 unit and cats are bolded. kinda clear its 1 cat then :D)

    The amount of fakes needed depends strongly on circumstance. On a weaker kingdom with less def available to work with a few faked treasuries for instance could suffice. on a huge meta and if they know what hammersize you guys have you might need several fakes to spread and thin out the def and raise the chance that they not just luckily pick the right village.
    Also how much unit building time and res cost are you willing to pay to make extra sure your hammers survive? if you just plan to hit some support villages or more or less inactive govs in earlygame you might be fine faking 1 or 2 treasuries with save fakes and a couple more support villages with weaker fakes, as its less likely that they have lvl 20 RP and fully gemmed spyglasses (if a hero is almost naked, thats at least a good hint against FG spyglass), tho it raises the risk of a screwup.

    What about customized auction notifications?

    I would like a notification anytime an Artwork is within 10 minutes of finishing and the current bid is less than 5,000 silver (just an example).

    If they make highest bidder (and his kingdom) visible without hovering while they are at it, i wouldnt mind

    You guys know, that on PC you already have acustic notifications for incoming attacks, if you turn on sound, right? Even a quite loud one, got me out of bed a few times already.

    but you also have all the other sounds :rolleyes:
    also keeping your computer running 24/7 isnt ideal either. for several reasons.

    first of all i would figure with my kingdom if anyone else is already commiting on going for that natar (or planning to. especially if hes more experienced and/or uses a lot more gold he likely would make better use of it). also not sure if you know or not but be prepared to sink a lot of resources into taking it. its heavily defended (for ealrygame standards at least) and chiefs cost quite a bit aswell, again especially early.

    Basicly no matter if off or def, you will want as much crop (and therefor as many croppers) as possible, offers a bit more urgently as they can not divide the burden of their troops as easily by producing in multiple villages or offering standing def to treasures and whatnot.

    BUT unspent crop is worth less than spent any other resource, so if you are not intending to NPC trade often and/or if you are building only a half-a**ed hammer (without running troop buildings 24/7, without even having great rax/stable, no or only a few siege units) you might aswell donate the croppers (or at least the crop produced, but preferably the croppers) to someone else and/or go def instead.

    Also a little sidenote; even 'only' with all crop fields lvl12 (whats really rather low) this 100% natar would net you ~400ish k crop per day. even with 2 grannaries that would reslut in having to npc at least 2x per day for 5 gold each + ~1,3g/day for travian plus. that means ~1500 gold over 130 days. (- crop consumption by units but + stolen goods chipped in and without cropbonus active...).

    not wanting to discourage you (or anyone for that matter) from taking that, just telling what to expect from this project :)

    I actually had an idea a couple servers ago overhauling the oasis aspect of travian. I really hate and find it absolutely counterintuitive to have to 'fight' your kingdom members over the better spots in the oasis. thought about having an 'oasis upgrade project' in the kings kingdom window, where either the kingdom as whole or the king alone could 'donate' res to upgrade individual oases from say 0% to their respective max % for everyone in proximity who assinged them. would also fix the in my eyes highly overtuned amounts of tax income a (successfull) king gets (even considering treasury costs)

    depends on where your starter and your newfound village are. if they are like right next to each other or your starter is generally in a decent position why would you demolish it fully? yes its pretty gutted but founding a new one off of your 2nd village takes at least 60ish k for the residence + another 60ish k for the settlers you could instead put into something else. if its 6h away or in enemy territory you might indeed want to get it gone

    As far as I know you can only transfer gold to a dual after you made a new purchase on that world.
    Why some services are not working I dont know but Id assume its not travian games fault.

    Anyway, for me it shows Skrill as one possible method for turkish players. Also you could check out the other payment methods. You are not limited to the ones for your language. Chose international and get a paysafecard. They should be available in Turkey. Credit card might work aswell.

    if they are already on their way back they will continue with the same traveltime they originally had, outgoing im not sure if they instantly return and what traveltime they have but they will also return, they wont delete or get lost or something

    Du hast immer die Option über 200 Einwohner zu gehen. Dadurch beendet sich der Anfängerschutz vorzeitig und du kannst andere Spieler angreifen (und natürlich auch selbst angegriffen werden). Oder als Deff Spieler (solltest du einer sein) die Zeit nutzen, um so viele Truppen wie möglich zu bauen und diese deinem König (oder anderen, die schon aus dem AS raus sind und angegriffen werden) zur Verfügung zu stellen.

    Wenn du Späher hast und/oder mutig bist, kannst du auch die Oasen anderer Königreiche angreifen, geht auch im AS. Wie Merener schon erwähnt hat, kann man seine Truppen da rein stellen und diese Resourcen generieren lassen. Und diese können dort auch angegriffen werden. Ist aber vielleicht, wenn die Welt echt schon was älter ist auch nicht die smarteste Idee, jedenfalls nicht, wenn die Gegner, die du dir damit machst wesentlich stärker sind als du :D

    Nothing bad if it does not influence other playere that are not NPC

    It would tho. Out of all the multies ever made, I would be surprised if more than .1% even built cats or chiefs. the vast majority is milked for def, resources and used for herobombing. That are the issues they had to prevent, not cataing

    The defensive role is already pretty strong as is, such feature might just tip the scales some more.
    I know being a king may be taxing (literally lol). and even more so, if this guy has to take care about the other 'jobs' in the kingdom. May I instead suggest that you look for someone else to take the role of def coordinator or at least co-def coordinator?
    Also you guys gonna have to kick your govs in the rear to get sitters for times when they are asleep, so the info about who and what attacks can be shared faster, making the DCs job at least somewhat easier :D

    For what purpose tho? What would TG gain out of hiring these 3 ppl (or why would they do it for free when it will be a pretty intense and imho not that appealing job)? What would we gain from having someone like that on our servers? there are a decent amount of people playing on professional niveau already, both using and not using gold, dualing and playing solo.

    If this was a game where everyone (every account) fought alone, then this might be somewhat decent as some sort of benchmark but adding one account like this to a server will either be unfair or just wont make a difference at all


    And this is not some stupid idea from person on canabis. I currently hold 8th population player and 25th attacker on Com normal speed day 70 with 0 gold bought and no active sitter or dual. If I had 2 more persons like me on ¸1 single account, no golder could beat us no matter what. Also, pro players should have ban for joining Kingdoms and Secret SS, due to obvious reasons.

    Hey! Is there a single person here who would not like to chief or cat TravTeam Member village?!!

    I personally know couple of players that would come back to play travian just to atk them.

    You are aware that there are goldusers dualing too right? And not everyone of them purely relies on gold and time, some of them also have skill :D I honestly dont know you and your skill and dont intend to offend you but since you already gave out some rankings you have, I am pretty sure that even in this thread at least one would "beat" you if he wanted to (be glad he plays local worlds only afaik). And no, thats not me.
    But it wouldnt matter at all as its not about you vs them, its your kingdom vs their kingdom (at least if you follow the intended goal of the game)

    If you want me to I can give you the alias of a couple of players I would consider professional tier. You can then go on and challenge them and see how you compete :)

    Maybe I can explain better.

    Travian Kingdoms has unlimited options, specially on large worlds.
    None player can utilise 100 percent of the options, it is not possible, you would have to have some kind of bot or AI.

    If there would be Professional Players, we would see what is really possible to do via script.

    Arent you contradicting yourself there a bit? You are right, a human-played account would never be 100% efficient, so how would a (human) pro be? Unless he does script in what case there is not much difference to the (luckily relatively few) scripters already playing. Or do you mistake professional play for scripted/automated play? Because thats not the same.

    I hope they never introduce that system it is dogshit, also in my opinion u can easily just build an army and chief the 15c u want later once u have chiefs - u can do that in a few days on speed no problem if u raid nicely. Anyone who can't get a cropper simply isn't good enough at the game and need to accept that :) I play teutons and romans regularly and have no problem taking 15c with either tribe using the fast settle guide or waiting to conquer one.

    I kinda agree with you and would have replied something similar that you could just chief or cata the village (in theory, not always doable especially with menhir turtlestance shenanigans). but even if you could doesnt mean its anywhere near efficient. i mean, you have to build a hammer either (maybe) far away in your starer or make a closeby one from scratch. either way in a village where you maybe dont want your hammer to be made in. AND you will delay your capital by quite some days, including your ww hammer/rammer if you do one (and honestly, what else do offers do nowadays? skirmishes??)

    Not a single game should be decided by a set of COMPLETELY RANDOM factors. Who knows if my teammate spawned 1 square closer he might have gotten that 150% 15c, he didnt so he ended up wasting 3 travels with his settlers, losing him even more places he could have settled. This is not only extremely frustrating but unbalances the game.

    Well, you have to play the cards you're dealt. If a 150% cropper is on the other side of the map you can risk walk for it or take a slightly worse one closer to you with a much higher rate of success. Sure there is a bit randomness in it and in a perfect world next to everyone would be a 150% cropper (if he so desired) but imho it is fine as it is. A 150% one might end up with <100% anyway if theres a couple others taking these oases around or its taken by one whos team is in another sector or whatever, so I rather have the still solid 100% one with backup of a nice team than the other way around. Getting or not getting a gladiator helmet (or any other good item for that matter) on the other hand is (again imho) far more harmfull random factor (or pay2win but thats similar bad).

    What somewhat leads me to

    For me, best would be if no gladiator helmets and no 800CP quest. Than everything will depend on CP gain from buildings and celebrations, which are very expensive at start. This would be much better, and 2nd villages would appear only at the end of week for the most active players

    Would be my approach to a solution aswell. Especially since I like the earlygame the most I would love for it to be a bit longer. Would personally chip in a "no kings till day x" or "...till second village" esque policy so anybody starts more or less equally, no king will have a bazillion res (due to menhir taxpayers) or maybe cp (due to treasuries), or the other way around because hes not premade and left alone.

    Even if you look at it in a vacuum, that's still 20h attack. Once you settle that village it's 16h for troops to get there and 4h to get from there to the target. And you have few hours to raze it before def arrives.

    But I don't think it would turn into that. I think the game would be more strategic/tactical in troop movement. No more static gameplay where troops wait at home for end game, instead are moving around the map much like real troops.

    I understand it would change the game drastically, but I for one would welcome that change.

    Seeing a 20h countdown over your village is something entirely different to having an enemies village in (lets say somewhat) proximity popping up and being there for 16h not nowing where he will att. Also pennant could potentially cut that 16h in half aswell. Same for a village located somewhere between the original hammer village and the invading new one.

    You would only have a few hours before the def arives if no allied village is around (I doubt that one would just go right next to the enemies villages like 100 tiles from the next allied village away hoping for the best. it woudl rather be a "Ill sim my hammer in the corner and once big enough ill go a bit closer to the enemy but still somewhat near to my friends" scenario), especially if its a planned op that could be factored in.

    Well, the 'static gameplay' is not because of lack of this feature but rather because a lack of incentive to use them. Because of how VP work and because of the importance of certain villages and especially the wonders.

    On a sidenote: I played a starfaring-MMO thats currently in Beta or something for a while. Its quite similar (in aspects) to Travian. There you can forward troops and it works well. Most likely because there you can see troop movements around you (on the map and in a seperate menu). Not only attacks on you or your own troop movements. I would imagine that it would potentially work here aswell. But personally I would use the workforce to fix more urgend and actual problems rather than changing something that works into something else that works but is different.