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    On the left side in lobby it says 'your gameworlds' where you log in for urself. under that there should be 'Avatars you are sitting for' and the list of ppl who entered you as sitter. assumed they really added you as sitter ofc

    this might be. in the closed beta every village gave influence, in the fis server they changed it to said. how its not i cant say but i think u can still get influence with ur 2. villa after u turned it into a city. but since i dont play king and just barely remember the announcement about it i cant guarantee :D

    Basicly Kings get influence through Villagesize+tributes/treasures. That kings with large Kingdoms archive this by huge amounts of treasures gotten by their govs, taking over oases, 'stealing' others Kings govs (or make them abdicate) and later on smart settling

    This is from the Travian Blog (can only advice every new player to read, its super informative!):

    Area size and treasures

    The area of a kingdom is mirrored by the villages of the king. The more inhabitants these villages have, the greater the influence on the surrounding fields.
    The further away a field, the more the influence will be reduced (1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4,…). If the king has multiple villages, the influence will add up.
    A village’s influence has a maximum range, which is dependent on the village size. At 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1.000 population, this range will increase:

    Through treasures in the treasury, a king will also receive a bonus on the influence of that particular village. This is why the change of treasure ownership might cause a kingdom’s area to change.

    more info please.

    Marshmallowman (nice nick)thank you for the info. Do you have a link? I looked in the blog and didn't see anything about generals, I must have missed it. I didn't see anything in Wiki either, is there additional info there?

    Dunno, if posting links is ok here but since its their own blog it should be okay? if not georgi has to delete it :D…tails-about-the-kingdoms/ its under "war between king and governor"

    quote from the travian blog:
    "there are the normal governors and on the other side are the generals. The latter are governors who have been promoted to the rank of a general by their king. This gives them additional permissions and they can view more information within their kingdom or an alliance."
    it moslty means that a general can see the troops and crop production/consumption in the kings villages and vice versa

    The only oases you will find loot in are wild oases (those with animals in them) and in wild oases whatever resource the oasis generates will build up over time according to how many animals are in them. There seems to be no limit on the amount possible.

    Cant say right now if its true from this site but if u obtain an oasis and producing resources there they can get lost by being attacked. what i dont know cuz cant test atm is if the attacker get any or they are just lost, get destroyed or whatever

    although i do mostly short ones and kinda successfull (uf u can succeed in luck :D) i just refuse to beliefe that there is no more benefit in large ones that bypassing offline time. i would love the statement of any officials about this topic

    if u are the fist to offer a specific item, lets say the kinda rare helmet of the gladiator u start an auction where u get the price that the buyer payed. the ones selling the (exact) same item AFTER your is sold get some sort of average price for it instantly without waiting for the results of the auction

    i personaly never liked the minimap. it was just a green field full of random red dots to me :D the new map with this new map filters is pretty good now

    there might be other reasons but maybe someone just 'marked' the kingdom or the alliance it belongs to as red

    edit: also marking the king results in turning the borders to chosen color. btw to mark you have to open the map, leftclick on the person/field to open circlemenu and choose mark field then choose whatever u want to mark

    Too. Durned. Slow.

    Could we not have had at least a x2 server? Is the Open Beta going to run for an entire 6 months+ before it generally goes live?

    I guess the Devs want some as real as it gets situation and thats an x1 server :D at least the WW will spawn after 111 days so not even 4 month. how long after that is up to us players :D

    I dont see much of a problem to be honest. Follow the quests, 1. the ones for resource fields till 5 and warehouse/granary to 5 or 6. 2. you go for residence 1 and for the townhall (baracks, academy and residence give u some nice amount of res aswell). TH gies u the nice culture point bonus. then eather go for more res or try to 'rush' residence 10 (dont know whats faster lol). in the meantime farm the robbers and sell the treasures (assuming ur a gov) or enslave your govs (kek) as king. This might not be the fastest way but it works decent for me.
    In addition, settling as fast as u can got more irrelevant in TK because u go well with a nice 7c village as ur 2nd one which u turn into a capital and make it a city.
    kinda sadly gold users will ALLWAYS have an easier game due to all the lovely advantages from merchant routes over master builders to like infinite silver for market stuff. but thats the game and if u are lucky and a bit smart u can make much silver /-> gold aswell

    are you sure you didnt hit abdicate since its both in ambassy and listed right under each other? i tried creating an aliance and leaving it for you and i stayed a king (tested on fis server, not OB but it *should* be the same)