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    About reponse time, you're not gonna have hammers hitting your treasury from a village next to them, you're gonna have few hours to respond at very least and your def troops should be close enough that they can respond to the threat, especially with forwarding. You shouldn't let your enemy develop a village next to your treasury.

    It doesnt even have to be that extreme. A 20h attack could become a 4h one (especially around european nighttimes thats a huge difference).
    Also with enough gold you could have a decently reinforced city built up from scratch in under an hour right inside enemy territory. Let your kingdom send def, relocate your hammer there, throw a couple gold more at your screen to feed all that and go to town with your troops.

    This feature would just be terrible. A little less terrible for ppl who would want to (ab)use it as or similar to as I discribed. But still enough. You could mabye tweak it (by limiting it to only reinforcing older villages or only x amount of units per day or whatnot) but Id rather have it stay this way

    Hab gestern mein TLH ausgepackt und ich muss sagen: Es ist der Hammer! Das Wort Handbuch wird dem guten Stück wenig gerecht, Trainingslagerbibel ist da mMn passender :D Dass Be2 selbst den Entwicklern in Sachen Travian-Knowledge in Nichts nachsteht wusste ich, aber jetzt weiß ich, dass er auch als Autor eine gute Figur macht. Echt schön geschrieben und toll gestaltet.
    Solltest du das nicht im großen Stil rausbringen oder wenigstens irgendwo zum Download anbieten wär das echt eine Verschwendung!
    Mein Respekt dir und meinen Dank für dieses tolle Buch. Es bekommt einen Ehrenplatz bei meinem Chieftain :P

    • Deff players would need to get support from off players to have a chance in getting a 15

    Could someone explain to me why its a difference for deff players? I mean, you are making a hammer in a village that is most likely not going to stay a hammer village anyway (at least in the very most cases), you make exactly as much as needed to clear the village, preferably not a single unit more to not waste res, time and overall crop. so once taken, you have to do researches, queue troops and do everything you have to do, no matter if off or deff player. the only difference is that you are not able to start your def yet (what goes for offers with their off aswell as with their deff if they needed some) and maaaaybe you could argue that offers would already have a fitting hero weapon if they found/purchased one.

    I don't know exactly how that would all work, but players would all be able to get croppers, and the only way to get another cropper is to take it away from another player.

    The devs already stated (actually in here, post #52) that they do not want everyone to have croppers, they shall remain something 'special'.
    Also keep in mind that unless you are heavy gold using, having a cropper isnt even that good. Especially as starter it would make you overflow with crop and leave you with no other resources

    1) Thought about this aswell. Likely offers and the overall high ranked ppl in a kingdom will get their villages first and bit by bit will the defenders and whatnot get the remaining ones donated. Tho new players (not even new as in beginners but in new to the local kingdom) will likely get none (of these, maybe a free 9c). In the beginners case this might actually be good (for their own and for everyone elses sake ^^) but it leaves the newly recruited hanging imho.

    2) Would name the tribe after something that got driven away in the real world. Native Americans, Maya (tho Natarians are kinga Maya/Aztec already), maybe an example of this from Europe/Eurasia if thats supposed to be, like Scythians (tho not sure if that fits time wise)

    3) Sure nothing fixed yet, still curious ^^. Would love me some levels in rax and stable so you could catch up on the starter hammers (tho unlikely if its intended to slow offers down. Then again, there has to be something built in there to reach cityhigh pop). Wouldnt mind 1 or 2 grannaries and highlevel marked either :D If its possible I would prefer the buildings so that you can chose where they are. Maybe either quest rewards or items (that you can only chip in in this village). Not sure if that would be possible but would really help fighting OCD. I know a couple of us really prefer fixed locations to the point where they dismantle buildings if the sitter/dual or the guy from whom they chiefed a village built it at the wrong place :D

    4) I would say they should either be triggered like robber hideouts (as in when you log in. Or if that not happening maybe at midnight or so) or a clearly visible time (tho that might be unfair to ppl from different timezones or with different sleep schedules in general. So i prefer the first.

    I would like to see some mechanic for the def players to be able to take one of those without them needing to clear it. Letting them somehow clear the 60% remaining army by triggering the natars to siege his capital with half the army. If defeated the natar surrenders to the player and gives them clear passage to chief by not defending with their remaining 30% when they attack and not needing to destroy the residence. Something like that would let def players be def instead of branching into offense or require sacrifices from their off friends while still keeping the 15/9c somehow secured from enemy opportunists which brings to the next point.

    I'd love for something like this too, tho I fear that defending this with multiple helpers trivialises the power of these natar/NPC cities troops, maybe even making this the 'meta' way to clear them.

    Sheila can you already tell what kinds of buildings the city has and how much pop we are looking at?

    Now i have to ask.....does this only apply to 15c's?? or will 9c's be included too? If so....than i am opposed to the idea of having all these very important croppers occupied at the very beginning of the server. With that said I whole heartedly believe that the current amount of Natars that start the server should be much more active! Those Natars should raid/attack, and grow also, though i think siege engines would be overkill.....unless used in revenge attacks only! These active Natars would create a more active and unified Kingdom, though smaller Kingdoms and newer players may suffer.

    My hope is that this thought could be applied to Robber Camps too.....since they already launch attacks after a certain amount of would be cool to see them have the ability to take over an inactive King/Kingdom.....OR just pop up randomly around the map as independent Kingdoms.....and grow slowly until neutralized. These ideas would keep more players in the game active and involved.

    The basic idea is that all 15 Cropper are NPC cities and half of the 9 Cropper are NPC villages. Like the Natarian villages that already exist on the map, but different.

    Idea sounds exciting but:

    Phase 1 sounds like it will destroy the newbies that just randomly spawned or cluelessly settled close to one, even more so with siege included

    How does the 60% on phase 2 actually work? If (what should be intended) the player clears the village in one swoop, will this phase be sort of skipped? Will they fight back if one sends a single unit attack baiting the attack to farm some easy xp+rewards?

    Whats phase 3 unit count supposed to be based on?

    Is it intended to weaken off overall. Is it intended to not weaken teuton off as much as the other tribes?

    Is it intended to make it near impossible for non-extremist veteran players to get croppers?

    Wouldnt want sieges in phase 1 as is now for the beginners sake. Dont think rewards are needed. The Kingdom gets some XP and the defender likely gets a new, nice village. Tho if its throwing back off players to much giving out rewards might create an incentive to take them as cap/making them hammer villages over simply going starter hammer now i guess.

    there are certain types of villages you want to city up

    -your capital (for what deacon said, also for the water ditch and capital as city gives 500 extra culture points per day, while non capital cities only give 200. dont miss on that 300 cp)

    -every 15c and 9c at some point for the crop. even if you yourself wont need it, someone in your kingdom will apreciate it and love you for it :D

    -treasuries (for the increase in their influence and water ditch)

    -other tactical villages including wonder (mainly for the water ditch)

    -offensive villages that are not your capital (for the great barracks+stable and also the ditch)

    -villages that are in the process of getting chiefed by the enemy (as they have twice the loyalty towards you. this can mean difference between keeping and losing the village)

    for the other villages it depends. if you sim fast, you would most of the time be better off getting a new village over citying up one as it yields more resources and gives more culture at some point. if you sim slowly or just cant be arsed to do that many clicks, you might aswell city up and build res fields to 12, its far less clicks :D

    well, if they dont want one, how could they be helped? (ye i know, by NT servers)

    ye they might be rare but many of the players play this game quite casually, so apparently there is no need of duals for them.

    is it a necessity tho? to archive what exactly?

    in that case ill vote for NT servers. if it takes decades to get them running on a regular basis it might no longer be my concern.

    even though i have like no idea what exactly you are referring to: you cant solve a problem where there is none. although i actually named a posible solution for a problem you seem to care so much about, namely prestige gain ;) also im not 100% sure if fixing one mostly madeup problem is worth creating a couple new, worse problems ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    so that led me to think what if VPs were based on Defence? or rather def points of defending villages within your own kingdom? since that is the least manipulated stat available (spikers would not gain from this since grey villages are outside kingdom borders)

    what if VPs were generated on overall kingdom Def points divided by number of members within the kingdom?

    or based on overall attack & defence points (in fights against other players, so not robbers, nature, natars etc) but again reduced by number of kingdom members

    VP revolving around something you have only indirect influence on is not that great of an idea tbh. if noone attacks you, you would not win. although you could (and that would be the other downside) push it by the good old 10k scouts + 1 other unit attacks on your kingdom (the attacking acc leaving the kingdom before that if it only counts from external sources)

    You really thinks Duals (good and decent duals for the matter) are readily available .I have came across a plethora of players who don't even believe in concept of duals because they have trust issues plus dualing someone gives no prestige or achievement whatsoever so no, that's not what duals are for.

    not every player is 'good' (however one defines it), so why should all duals be? improving together can be as much and more fun as having a dual doing everything because hes better and he knows better.

    you could always test how you get along with your potential dual or pick one from your last round together, ask around (in your kingdom, in rl, the forum,...)

    not everyones even cares about prestige, also theres always the option to change prestige gain for duals instead of creating NT servers.

    what else than (mainly) covering the regular times you cant be online would a dual be there for i wonder?

    So game-designers should always work for free? Nobody forces you to buy cages or other items. Yes you can get an advantage, but nothing too overpowered if you work together with a few players.

    if this refs to me: I did not say that this is a bad thing, just noting that animals themselves are pay to win already. starx screenshot is a perfect example of it. its of course better this way than having no travian at all because they went bankrupt. im also part of the 'problem' buying gold every now and then myself.
    Also if you take the effort and sum up everything you can get with gold you realise it is indeed a pretty huge advantage over nongold using you can get with gold. sure you can make up for some of it with teamplay but no one restricts heavy gold use paired with teamplay either. (and again, i dont mind the game to work like this. travian can deal with not everyone being on the same skill/effort/success level. thats where kingdoms come into play. but saying that its not having a strong impact is just not correct)

    The ways to earn res are:
    -resource fields (most basic way, keep upgrading them as much as goes. Also the corresponding infrastructure like the mill and bakery)
    -robber hideouts (+robber camps when part of a kingdom every few days)
    -selling stolen goods
    -using resource chests. you get them sometimes via the cardgame
    -resource piles you gain when relocating (not sure about the name actually :D)

    -certain quests
    -trading with others via marketplace (you can even make profit there if you trade for 0.x:1)
    -tributes when you are king or duke (you get a percentage of what the guys in your sphere of influence produce)

    -attacking in general (other players, oases, yourself, natars)

    -dismantling buildings (far from efficient but for completeness of the list :D)
    -starving troops (also not efficient and also just on the list for completeness)
    might have forgotten some but thats the ways I know of right now

    -Is it worth it suiciding the hero, to revive him by paying full revival price, just so you can keep on levelling him up/do adventures?

    Depends a bit on your willingness to either spend real cash or sarcrifice other usefull items.
    Personally, as a mediocre gold user I tend to sell high quality weapons and weapons with little use for me (for instance phalanx spear if i went off) (also buy them at some point when they are cheaper or in lower quality) and with the earned silver I buy armor and helmet with regeneration and damage mitigation on it. They are pretty expensive early on, but again, lower quality (and shopping at night/or veeeeery early into the server) helps. With that and some points in STR you can pretty much do every adventure ASAP without dying, saving the res for revive and for your hero not producing while dead.

    Also: the first revive is 80% cheaper and faster, this can be used in the early levels to have him up sooner (tho ofc the later in levels its getting used, the more you actually save)

    first to prevent multi abusing as snoori said, seconldy because basicly noone would use the auction house anymore as you would get the stuff you need from allies and give away what you dont need to allies, resulting in less value for silver and therefor less value for gold as it wont be needed to exchange into silver

    You have to make sure the attacker (you in this case) manually entered his TS level in the "troops" section of getter (attached pic). the speed will be calculated automatically using the TSs value. What exactly the 25...% are im not sure, either extremely simplified boots of the archon or a remnant of travian legends maybe. anyway, id just ignore it for plans.