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    -Is it worth it suiciding the hero, to revive him by paying full revival price, just so you can keep on levelling him up/do adventures?

    Depends a bit on your willingness to either spend real cash or sarcrifice other usefull items.
    Personally, as a mediocre gold user I tend to sell high quality weapons and weapons with little use for me (for instance phalanx spear if i went off) (also buy them at some point when they are cheaper or in lower quality) and with the earned silver I buy armor and helmet with regeneration and damage mitigation on it. They are pretty expensive early on, but again, lower quality (and shopping at night/or veeeeery early into the server) helps. With that and some points in STR you can pretty much do every adventure ASAP without dying, saving the res for revive and for your hero not producing while dead.

    Also: the first revive is 80% cheaper and faster, this can be used in the early levels to have him up sooner (tho ofc the later in levels its getting used, the more you actually save)

    first to prevent multi abusing as snoori said, seconldy because basicly noone would use the auction house anymore as you would get the stuff you need from allies and give away what you dont need to allies, resulting in less value for silver and therefor less value for gold as it wont be needed to exchange into silver

    You have to make sure the attacker (you in this case) manually entered his TS level in the "troops" section of getter (attached pic). the speed will be calculated automatically using the TSs value. What exactly the 25...% are im not sure, either extremely simplified boots of the archon or a remnant of travian legends maybe. anyway, id just ignore it for plans.

    So thats not an arguments, if you're not active or just a rookie in this game, I'm pretty sure you not going to get a place in a top5-10 kingdom for no reason. Those wing kingdoms eventually would need to start thinking about their position in the main one, for wining this server, not just participating in it, and quite not whole meta community would fill in that 50 or 60 member gap at least.

    have to disagree on this one at least for the rookie part. of course if you are showing no interesst in contributing to your kingdom you will get the boot at some point but even people who never played travian before can be an asset to your kingdom (not only for his tax and treasure contribution) if hes willing to lern what the game is about and to work with the kingdom. and ideally if this person enjoys the game and sticks to the kingdom you might have an actually really good player for the next server or the one after.

    Also if i had to suggest a soution to mass kingdoms/metas/wingspamming i would rather do incentives instead of limitations. like giving kingdoms a VP generation or resource per stolen good boost depending on their size (smaller = more). feels better to me at least. would not prevent the "veterans unite, noobs get left out" problem tho

    Why just not simple removing all 1 language servers and make them in to International servers (replace usa/uk flag with UN flag) and people can switch language and flag as they want inside gameserver, but every one uses English in support messages and official stuff. At this time 2k18 almost 2k19 don't have learned english, well shit for them.

    Seemingly because they carry their weight aka are cost efficiently enough to stay (for now). Who knows, this might be happening at some point in the future of travian

    I'm playing on a Nordic server. I can not choose a language, neither English nor German. I can only choose the Viking languages.

    because you can only use local languages in native servers and nordic is the combined server for these nations

    I don't think it'll be more upsetting if they are told that every other server is being merged into COM servers rather than pointing on few servers, whatever the reasons might be. There are many more countries than there are domains in travian, and all those players usually play COM servers.

    These localized servers were started from Travian anyway to dig some more money from players so it's fair enough for players to be outraged on this action. Also localization costs a lot less money than running few servers on domains, so in all fairness that's still a good deal to make said players happy and paying off for localization from the money they spent.

    im somewaht sure they considered that aswell. but estimated the number of quitting actually paying players would be higher than the saved money so they discarded it.

    Its not only localisation, its also ongoing language support aka a bunch of people wanting to get paid per month for helping players with whatever problems they got

    Sure, user-driven translations are the first thought, but how to prevent idiots from translating "Settler" into whatever the polish word for diarrhea is?

    worked for a company doing this stuff. We had multiple people translate the same word (sentence in our case, but whatever). if they had different translations they had to dispute it until they agreed on one solution (or send it to a higher instance if they couldnt). so unless ALL of the translators write bullshit it should somewhat work out :D

    You are limited to send only a certain % of your daily res income to other accounts anyway. So a traderoute like this would be either rather small or not be fullfillable most of the time. And deactivating the automatic send stop would go against the intentions of the devs, namely that you play your account for your accounts benefit, not someone elses. Just spend your res yourself

    The screenshot part was more an example on what you can do to check in gerenal. for troopcount for instance (and ye, even that could potentially be shopped). Also i think that the scenario where the 'evil' one is merely the sitter is one where the actual owner is oblivious about him being an enemy so he would not remove him.

    And ye, making it seen only by the corresponding king (+VC+dukes maybe) would make it actually decent (not only for stuff like spy detection but actually 'white society' stuff like messaging sitters when the owners acc is under attack). Else it goes into the same more disadvantage than advantage category as nationality flags.

    I would be surprised if it was, and why would it be? troopcount and whatnot is not really personal information. Demanding a picture of ones ID for instance to be against the rules i could understand tho. Also, savety beats privacy im most cases i could come up with. Same as xraying luggage and frisking ppl on airports, just in a milder version. I at least would find it fishy if someone refused to let me take a look into his account and wouldnt want him to be part of my kingdom. Hes a potential risk for not only me but the whole kingdom after all.

    I tend to disagree. First u need to be duke or king, secondly its more rewarding to farm them

    more treasures = more crop per stolen good. more tributes = stronger king/more treasuries.
    Clearing them brings a decent chunk of res once and microfarming them till deletion brings scraps. does not sound to juicy to me

    Sure there are some lost causes like everywhere but generally helping out willing beginners pays of sooner or later

    @the polish (and other affected) guys. honest question: do you guys really rather play kinda dead servers with less than 300 ppl in it than play on com worlds and speak english? Id just like to know cuz for me, part of what makes com worlds better than native ones is getting to know ppls from basicly all around the world

    also I higly doubt that this step was done due to racism. Its greed at worst, probably just the sheer fight for survival, cutting costs as good as goes. After all its not only the servers costs but also the corresponding community managers, translators for new features and whatnot

    also why dont we all agree to keep this civil? arguments delivered in a polite way reach the ears of the devs way better than the ones deleted/ignored due to included insults :)

    U can market the game as much as you guys want. But as long as the inexperienced players are being demolished by the experienced ones they will continue to drop out of the game. Look how many players leave the comx rounds for instance!

    Futhermore, there is no fun for experienced players. Sim the hammers to the WW stage because using them at treasuries is suicide and other villages are not being deffed. This game is so predictable without midgame!!!!!

    You should reward players who help each other out! Thats the only way the game is going to survive.

    although this is kinda off-topic Id like to know how this rewards should look like. I mean, there kinda are rewards for it already. helping the noobs in your kingdoms influence grants you tributes, treasures and troops to work with.

    You can do sitter checks, demand screenshots or simply refuse to invite and destoy players in doubt. i mean, after all not only the sitter but the player himself could be an emeny from previous round starting under a new name just to screw you over

    When you press the button M.E.V showed you get the following window:

    Here you can choose what to do. Either the share with option where everyone included gets this little icon in the lower right or (what you actually want) you copy the whole string in the lower of the screenshot starting with [report:...]. Paste it into any conversation and the conversation partner/s will be able to click it and view the report.

    On a sidenote: Some (me included) prefer using external tools like gyazoo to screencap and post that instead because you can conceal stuff you dont want to show like your own troopcount for instance

    What would the point of that server be? I mean, if you are inactive for a week or two, its almost certain that your troops are killed, every halfdecent village chieved and the remaining ones freed of theird residences and permafarmed. I think that travian and these kind of games just would not work as infinite worlds as we are racing towards something (namely finishing wonders and getting most VP by that time). Also theres a huge gap in power between a fresh account and one thats *only* several month old. Let alone several years... I think to make such a world a thing would require PvE to become the focus and I personally cant imagine this being remotely as entertaining as current state

    how would you add new features and updates to neverending server?

    Dont think thats a problem. Updates can already be installed on active gameworlds and I assume thats theoretically the same for entirely new features. Its just not done due to the bigger possibility of a screw up and to not mess with game balance. But if there is no competition there is noone to make a fuss over it :D