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    You can only change it to a name you are using on one of your active gameworlds if I am not mistaken. You were probably named ismokeweeed on every server you played and that was changed too if i had to guess so you could only change to ismoke, but you could join a new world name you whatever and try changing your lobby name to that. If that wont work, well message georgi again suggesting a name (or a couple) you would be fine with

    isn't forum a place for a community to speak up? I'm not saying anything offensive against him - its just speaking my mind and want to hear others point of view

    Theoretically yes, but there are topics that are not allowed to be openly discussed, and support tickets is iirc one of them.

    Trav does not have an algorithm checking for inappropriate names (or at least not a big library of blacklisted names) i guess. They seem to rely on ppl reporting such names. So while most fly under the radar, your name sat right in front of his eyes. So he saw it and changed it.

    Also the names you picked as examples are kinda lackluster. A jackass is an animal, an overdose isnt necessarily done with illegal drugs but legal medicine for instance, tho i agree that there is a bunch of (sometimes more than) questionable names out there.

    On a sidenote: If you are unhappy with your new name you can change it in the lobby. Just stick with something mild

    the two should check if they violated any of the game rules listed here , esp. under $ 1 and 2.

    I would be interested so how should the admins see that there are 2 and not just one? house visit ??

    I do not think they just take it out again

    Good Luck

    Theres no way you can ever guarantee if its 1 or 2, even with visits you could just get a family member to act as the other acc. But using the same password for all your accounts is a red flag (and against the rules even if its legitimate family members/sitters of each other), maybe logging in right at the same time every time, also i could imagine that boosting/defending each other (although allowed to a degree) could be suspicious aswell. If they put FBI level of effort into it, they could surely analyse writing style aswell ;D

    i doubt there is much demand on this

    if you are interested in a particular server because your guys play there you can just join someone as dual
    newbies wouldnt gain to much knowledge out of spectating unless they got an insight into like combat logs and such. this would possibly be more exploited than used for educational purpose and can also be accessed pretty nicely via the forum (the embassies of each server, official hall of fame and hammer hall of fame come to mind)
    and whoever really wants a short peak into a servers progression might just create an account, takes like 1 or 2 minutes. its getting a bit annoying but overall not to much to justify putting resources and workforce into it instead of fixing bugs and stuff

    poner esto en el traductor de google como tuve que aswell

    if you started as king you have to wait 7 days. if they passed you can abdicate by clicking the embassy. there should be the option to abdicate. next time ask in english or in your languages forum please.

    Assuming you are using/have access to browser version of the game
    if you closed the letter icon on the lower right you can:
    either press the crown button on the upper left. the community tab opens. go to friends. your friend if he asked you already should be listed there. if not, add him yourself and he has to do the steps
    alternatively add "/window:society/subtab:Profile/tab:Friends" (without the hyphen) to your url. press enter and it will open the same window.

    Sorry to dig out this old post, but I would rather keep this than open yet another thread....

    I heard from a friend that he was sitting an account for way more than 60 days, and the owner DEFINITELY did not log in during that time. So, does anybody know if they changed the rules?

    Was it a king or vice that this guy was sitting for? not 100% on this and might have been a but aswell but iirc you wont get kicked as sitter on these accs and they wont turn grey aslong as they are being played by at least the sitters

    1) Towards lategame oases easily have several thousand animals inside, while the maximum you could get with catas (on double target, and irgnoring wonders) would be ~150 points. Hardly seems worth risking your cats for it. All that would lead to is everyone cataing down greys and beginners, destroying farms and the game for fresh players right before it even really began. Sorry that I say that but creating incentive to cata anyone for a reason not related to actual strategic value sounds like a terrible idea

    2) Most experienced players accounts are covered close to 24/7 anyway, I think its more a (sneaky) way to even out the odds a bit for guys who arent. Tho I am far from sure that its actually intended to work as it makes no real sense.

    3) It would still reward the latestarting ones. Even if inactives wont count, clinming from say rank 500 to 400 (out of 1000 overall; 500 inactives) should be fairly easy if you are willing to and could never be beaten by anyone rank <100. Unless it is meant for latestarters to get them my suggestion before was counting pop gain and not rank climbing

    spurs only affect your heroes speed. speed is still calculated based on slowest unit. Also wont affect adventure speed.
    endurance boots affect the whole army sent with the hero but only on journeys longer than 20 fields (and the bonus starts at the 20th field, so you wont be faster traveling 21 fields with 100% warrior boots than 20 withouth for instance)

    1. Sure why not
    2. Same, why not
    3. My suggestion: Change it to Top Simmer instead. Most pop gain wins.
    4. Id assume theres a somewhat good reason behind it we aint aware of
    5. 99% of new players dont farm anyway, and even if. Should the game really be even easier? Wouldnt mind a free 50 slot farmlist or whatever tho
    6. Not a problem (to me at least). Having to do it manually means doublechecking it, ensuring that everything is set. Also how would you manage setting different cata targets this way? Id instead rather have multiple ingame windows
    7. I dont get what you want in this one. open kingdom profile, count the ones under internal/diplomacy

    8. Im not sure if hero skins would generate enough money to compensate for actually usefull stuff. Especially since the hero is shown so little (compared to for instance a MOBA or MMORPG where you (and other players) look at your Avatar over the course of basicly the whole game
    9. Similar to 8th. As long as the hero (and therefor the pet) isnt more prominent no real reason to justify getting one, let alone paying for it(/s crafting materials)
    10. Sorry but if I can get something purely visual by just spending some money, it could look as fierce or gruesome as it gets but noone with half a brain would think "Oh snap, that looks badass, I'd better not attack this guy" :D
    11. So you want to reduce pay2win but increase RNG? Its similar in the harm it does to the game (imho). Unless you meant it to work like actifacs that you had to aquire by attacking natars or something, which would be even weirder.
    12. I can actually imagine spending money on a full naratian-style visual for my villages

    Is it actually the same camp or rather (what id guess) coincidentally located at the same spot? check if hes got different troops and rewards in it. and if you clear yours his should still be filled.

    Not sure if google translate actually translated that well but ill try

    As the WW holder (or one of his sitters) you would have to check for each player via the rally point (this way you could even see enemies units for instance). Alternatively, if its not about the enemy but who participates, you could make a bright secret society with the task "protect village -> WW) and invite anyone. There you are able to check how many troops are provided and lost per individual player. Hope that helps

    You are both half wrong then. Weapon bonus does apply to all units of that kind, no matter from which player or which village they were from. If they defend the same place the hero with the weapon does, they get the bonus

    The test server serves a purpose, namely to test upcomming features/tweaks/and the like. If the devs ever decide to implement new tribes they will fling them onto test first but if they dont plan implementing them, having them on test just for fun would temper with the results that server brings, possibly affecting normal servers after it

    Nothing really besides boasting how good you are at this game and to an extend validate that whatever you say might be right because you have soooo much experience. But since you can gain it either with playing successfully OR by just playing a lot, it doenst really say or do anything nowadays