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    Since anyone else is abusing this feature, try adding /window:relocation to the end of the travian URL ( eg. ). This opens the dialogue window you get at midnight CE(S)T at any time of the day. You still have to hit the requirements but you dont rely on the mercy of everyone else who 'steal' your potential targets

    ceasefire means that while active no attacks on other players are allowed. it includes starvation stop for the duration (and a day after iirc). usualy its during celebratory days (christmas to new year, or eastern for instance) so people can spend that time with family without worry that their accounts get screwed/starve while they are away. in this case the icon was wrong iirc and it was "only" the no starvation thingy, attacks were and are still possible. the reason for it to be active was to prevent players from starving due to not being able to login if they didnt immediately accepted the new ToS or something like this

    they should maybe get rid of the whole role thing before 200 pop (or 3 days or whatever). could even use the same dialogue window as now when the tutorial finishes if they wanted

    You have several options to "take over" (if we stretch this term a bit) another kingdom

    Your kingdom can open up one or more treasuries in the area of an enemy kingdom and either destroy their treasuries to disable their "influence" sphere or have more influence than them yourself (by getting more population in the village where your treasury is located and by having more active treasures inside it. Keep in mind that they like will defend themselves and retaliate if possible. Also you need catapults IF you want to destroy someone elses infrastructure. Also also you can only have one treasury per king and duke (so max 3 as a normal kingdom) unless you gather 10000 *active* treasures, what IS a lot for smaller kingdoms (or you union, see below)

    Your king could offer the other king a duke spot as a kingdom got 2 (or potentially even yours if its more beneficial to him/the kingdom). He would have to reactivate his treasury again but after that 12 hours his area would belong to you.

    You could do a mix of the two suggestions above, asking the other king to step down and become a governor so you can activate your treasuries there.

    Last option I know of is indeed to union up. Im not 100% certain of the conditions to do so as its fairly new feature and i didnt play a king since its implemented but the rouch is as follows. Your kingdom and the other kingdom have to have a common border for at least 30 days (and iirc the spheres have to include the kings sphere aswell. so you as a duke couldnt open up a treasury on the other side of the map, wait 30 days and qualify for union) Then both kings will get the option to invite the other to merge both kingdoms into the bigger one (victory point wise). The king of the bigger kingdom will stay king, the smaller ones will become vice king (basicly both have the same rights, so no big deal imho) and they will be able to have 4 dukes for a total of 6 "royal roles" So it would be possible to do it this way, BUT it takes 30 days of sharing a border and it is very hard (intended to be impossible) to "un-union" so if somethign goes awry king and viceking are theoretically stuck in this kingdom (while everyone else could leave, but thats not always a pleasant option either.

    Ok stimmt, aber Deffer haben ja eh meist mehrere Deffdörfer und nur einen Helden. Müsste man also im Zweifel eh selbst ausrechnen, egal welche Methode man benutzt. Dann kann man sich mMn auch die Banner/Standarte Werte rausschreiben und mit der Tabelle abgleichen

    Einzig ein Reload funktioniert dann nicht so ganz, weil du damit automatisch in dem Account landest, mit dem du dich zuletzt irgendwo eingeloggt hast.

    Geht besser mit verschiedenen Browsern für die jeweiligen Accs oder Addons wie SessionBox

    Grade wenn man auf verfügbare , kurzfristige Deff prüfen soll und es auf jede Sekunde ankommt

    Wenn ihr Getter nutzt -> Deftables. Wenn Sitter und TS-lvl da eingespeist wurden, kann man so zumindest schon im Vorfeld prüfen, ob die Deff rechtzeitig ankäme (und spart sich panisches Gewarte in der Lobby falls nicht)

    Friendlist does carry over. You can see if they are currently online, track which worlds your friends play on, potentially joining them and once you joined the same world you can see their names (via "/window:society/subtab:Profile/governorPage:1/tab:Friends" aka communities -> friends) and if you want to talk to them search them in the forum and message them there (that and joining a server is the only way i found to msg them, no idea if you actually can chat with em via the lobby)

    For admins: It would be better if the option to reinforce grey villages would be disabled, or if that is not possible, just make it like natar villages: troops to return after they reach as reinforcement a grey village.
    There are enough problems and complains about spiking the inactive... when would you take proper measures against it? Do we have to spike a whole server and ruin it so you may do something about it?

    this topic came up several times already (tho im not sure if including any feedback from devs) and basicly the perceived half of the community was against and the other for keeping spiking a thing. (thats why) i doubt that this will be removed in the near future although i also dislike spiking myself. also no amount of spiking will ever be enough to ruin a server. unlike say spamming multi accounts or something

    First thing I see in basicly all I/W/S is that there is at least one way to abuse this wished-for feature. My fear in this case would be that a decent king would get overthrown by either by premade dukes or dukes who only THINK they would do better (or where one or both are just hungry for power or extra res or whatever). Sure its basicly the kings fault for picking this dukes in the first place but especially as nonpremade its getting pretty hard to even find dukes at all (as most are either powerhungry from the getgo and want to stay king no matter what or have no interesst in either leaving their KD or being in such a role)

    Unless this has gotten tested internally and seen not working i wouldnt mind a testserver with a similar feature tho. see how it works and all. But in the meanwhile (or instead) i would honestly just found a new KD. Most of the time its kind of obvious that a king is not a good one from the start where theres still time to either settle away (or relocate away), search for some better king closeby or found a kingdom. Esp. if its really just the king on his own then, taking his treasures/VP shouldnt be to hard and the amount of VP one misses in the first few days isnt that huge compared to the several 10 to 100k a KD makes per day in lategame.

    Also it might just be that this is to small of a problem compared to all the other troube spots there are as most govs will either seek alternatives or are fine with where they are. Or the troubling kings will step back or delete at some point once they realised that being under constant fire and losing out tons of res because they only got 3 govs, all with plundered tax funds isnt that much fun

    Id honestly like this rebellion feature. Not because id actually ever use it (at least not in the main server I play) or because I see an actual need of it but because it would create opportunities that might lead to fun. And fun in games is something that works pretty well :)

    Why don't you develop a counter, visible only for kingdom members, how many minutes left until empty granary in WW. This would give players that never had or seen a WW, some hint about the crop challenge, WITHOUT indicating anything on the def troop count!
    This could be supplemented by some alarm-indication, similar to attack-indication, on the urgency of crop supply.

    I would also like to see more ideas for involving the members that are not in the WW team. I generally do not believe too much in the importance of spies. they have always been there, will always be there, and I do not really care.
    Please let us make the game even more interesting for the majority instead of adapting it to the few negative elements

    I doubt that this indicator would do any good. with troopcounts revolving around several 100k in the wonders, generally as little grannaries as possible and shipments comming in basicly all the time they would either have to include that too (and im not sure if it wouldnt screw the server) or it would be outdated by the time the window loaded (or is just not accurate to begin with)

    I honestly like that its the kings/managements job to or not to involve their subordinates. Sucks if you are gov in a kingdom with weaker management but feels even more rewarding if they DO involve you. Because its not just something thats there but they actually took the time and made the hourly status report or whatever.

    This highly depends on the quality of the enemies kingdom but spies are actually a pretty strong tool (hence almost everyone tries to use them). Sure if your kingdom is good and wont leak that many infos/picks their trusted members carefully they can only do so much harm (besides being sleeper and attack someone from the inside like once) but on less carefull KDs they work embarrasingly well imo.

    Are we talking about the ellipsis? as thats the only one close to eclipse i was able to find. if so, and if its an android, either use the app (it has its weaknesses but some advantages a mobile browser lacks) or use chrome. at least i do. paired with the app if needed (for checking whos highes bidder on auctions for instance, scrolling the map faster, ...). Only other tested was firefox tho, and that was worse. Worse as in all are far from comparably comftable to a real browser on a computer.

    Guess you have to look for yourself and see whats suited best for you as they all come with other flaws

    If the person in question is already playing on the server you play, you cant add him as dual. You can instead add him as sitter, or if you really intend to play a single account together, he has to delete his first

    Instead they made the game worse. Adding the idea of unlimited numbers of treasury's in one village. WHY?! It makes it too easy to just stack the treasures and defend all of them at the same time. That's a huge nerf to the offensive party, making it very easy to defend ones treasures. In turn the incentive to attack is diminished. Just stack members and passively generate treasures until the round is over.

    Theres imho no problem with this tight control. Just (convincingly) fake that one village and gut every other treasury/off village/ basicly whatever you desire. Sure, it wont yield much VP in the beginning but once the kingdom is crippled it shouldnt be much of a problem.

    This is an interesting new concept, too. This would involve more all players. Currently, as "small governor" you have good chances of being rather safe from attacks, unless you prove to be an easy and good farm. Generating victory points from successful attacks would certainly spike the interest in attacking "normal" players. Combined with the need to declare war for that to be effective, this could give nice gameplay dynamics, but possibly slow abuse by multi accounts.

    I doubt that anything involving cataing smaller players would do good to the game in the long run. Its the worst and most discouraging you can do to them and will scare them away. I mean, we all witnesed someone quit over losing a village overnight, didnt we? Now imagine if its your first world and you just want to test the waters and out of the blue your hard invested hours of clicking and clacking getting void and you dont even understand why. Id suggest this 'steal via destruction' thing to work only on kings and dukes, similar to how stealing VP via treasures was changed from all to kings/dukes (kudos to who made this happen :D) to prevent abuse from the getgo.