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    I disliked the OP because it was posted, received a reply and then was locked without an explanation for quite some time.

    I am also curious how the USD/GBP will balance, and let's face it it's a .com in disguise, I'm all for reducing servers to keep the numbers up and encourage new players but this announcement seems to be all headline and no substance.

    Heya Georgi, thanks for clearing that up.

    Will the automatic restriction information be included in the next changelog?

    I'm only asking because we have a player who needed medical treatment this week, it'll be 2-4 weeks is the best information we have.

    Maybe the siiters could see a 'count down' when they sit an account, just an idea, always happy to buy Gold and test your game :)

    Slightly related question to sitters, what is the maximum time a sitter can play an account if the owner is inactive?

    If memory serves it was 2 weeks for 3.6, then 6 weeks for T4 (?) I can find nothing in the Kingdoms info about this.

    Sadly UK1 saw the first of the new pricing structure months ago (

    TG seem to have adopted a new business model in that they know several players are always willing to spend no matter what so they keep throwing servers up.

    They seem happy to lose low to moderate Gold users by pricing them out of the game, if I was a first timer trying the game now I would walk away.

    Yes TG have to generate an income but they should look just as hard at how they spend it as they equally do at new disguised methods for players to buy Gold.

    I'll start ... .. .

    Why do we have Chimney Smoke?

    Who came up with that idea?

    Why, just why?

    Oh dang when I first read this I thought I had the simple answer, 'as a Duke your treasures will stack up and fill any new treasury you build'. then I read it again and your King had left so you're no longer a Duke, you could maybe become a King but at this point you have no idea if a) you have any treasures left, or, b) you want the hassle and Gold expense of being a King,

    This is a massive gap in both the gameplay and the Wiki, tbh I don't think the Devs have settled on a solution yet, the best reply you can hope for is sadly 'it's still a Beta'

    ^ ^ Ooh **** good point.

    A King goes awol after three days of inactivity, or by hitting the button himself.

    Either way all the remaining players in the Kingdom have no knowledge of what has yet to transpire.

    Inactivity can be guessed at.

    A King deleting should be an alert to the Kingdom, good shout, **** good shout.

    edit: **** = a place beavers live spelt with an nnnnn


    I admit I buy Gold, every two weeks if I can, lower the prices for everyday NPC and extend the length of the Plus/Resource Boost packages. You have introduced more than enough new measures to milk Gold from 'money no object' players and I have seen them post the same on your forums, if they have cash it's no matter to them. Such features along the lines of Insta Merchant, Insta Tribute etc etc. You are leaning towards making building a WW a Gold user feature. Don't start me on buying bulk at a server start to save money I've already said I'm on a budget.

    Game Chat.

    Sorry but it's still not the sum of the old Forums + Skype, it never will be. The biggest handicap is that the basic 'Alliance Chat' notifications do not work and never have since day one. This kinda busts your chat concept and leads to flooding in every open message while players wait for a reply.


    Passing Treasures from maxed Dukes, where's that?


    Still no display of Ally pacts/NAPS on an alliance homepage, whilst we're on the subject, can you list me in less than 3 or 30 clicks all the members of an alliance?

    Server Count.

    Come on, stop flooding local servers with a new one everytime an endgame get's near to encourage a restart. Local servers used to be a rare prize get your ***** onto the .COMS and l2Travian :)

    edit: arses = bottoms

    I agree most alliances drift towards skype at some point (having evolved from MSN, showing my age :p) but not everyone has skype access at some point during the day, The old internal forums could help fill that gap, this new chat is the worst of both Skype and the former.

    ^ ^ Can you 'sticky' important threads or topics? Can you edit first posts to stop wading through the spam? In case of spam and updating the last post does copy/paste make the links clickable again? Does the 'Alliance Chat' notification ever work?