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    You can always determine your direction on the map. As far as I know, the kingdom of Cerberus is planning the east :)

    ILOVEPL does not know yet. We will see what will be interesting on the map.

    I don't know how you got that idea but we have nothing planned. Nor do we have a history that big as a team to be based on past servers. Actually both rounds Cerberus has played so far found us on the South. And on a server we played together with WST we played North.

    Greetings everyone! As already mentioned above Cerberus will be joining COM4 too. We are also not a big meta. Nothing against such a game style, just not our style. We are a medium sized well bonded team playing together for many years under various names (previously known as Bandits and Phoenix - been also part of Trinity team).

    We will be very happy to see more teams joining the round. Lately most normal speed rounds tend to have only a handful of players and that is not good for the game we all love (not the place or time to expand on why this is happening).

    You seem to luck understanding of the fundamentals of this game. Bringing your mood on a bad or good day into the game is actually fun for the game. It creates "situations". Otherwise we should play a simulator with no emotions, or simply put, single player games. If you chose to play games like TK you are supposed to welcome those situation caused by emotions either if they are in favor or against you at a given time. As previously said there is a difference between intentionally using spies as part of a pre planned strategy approach in comparison with accepting information from players willing to share for their own damn reasons. And even though our team is not using spies as a strategy, spies should also be welcomed in the game. It's a strategy happening since for ever in every aspect of any warfare throughout centuries. And TK is all bout war.

    PS. If such a case lead your team in current COM5 (twice) on losing troops while attacking recklessly find a way to control your emotions better next time. Or find better leadership able to apply anger management. Don't just ask for a crucial part of warfare to be removed because you don't like it.

    Capfan on Com5 defected to the enemy without notice, gave info, attacked friendlies and took massive reins for the inevitable attack. Resulted in several deletions.

    3ctze on Com5 sold out his Kingdom (as Vice King) and gave all Gettertool info to another top kingdom. Organized an attack with that Kingdom and planned to send out all reinforcements before attack landed to give away treasures. Then went on a rampage attacking friendlies, caused over a dozen players to delete.

    Cerberus Kingdom frequently uses spies in other kingdoms. No13 Kingdom as well. Both on Com5 currently. Both use these spies as a means to infiltrate, steal knowledge and launch attacks on smaller players to cause deletion. They virtually never attack a strong player with this information.

    There is a difference between intentionally using spies as part of a pre planned strategy approach in comparison with accepting information from players that reach out to us offering information for free while we had no previous communication with them. Do not accuse Cerberus for such cases. Search internally to find the reason people turned their back to you. Cerberus or as previously known, Phoenix and even earlier Bandits, never used spies. Two things we don't like. Using spies and spiking greys, which by the way your team loves doing.

    This is so true Dan but most people meet Travian Kingdoms for the first time here. For those of us coming from Aplha, Beta & FIS it is a different story. We had the chance to test and play this version a lot and we understand more. My suggestion for new players is to try both roles. No matter what they started for they should switch at some point to see and understand every aspect of the game. This might not be the best way for a succesfull game (in order to win the server) but on the other hand we are still in Beta so testing and experimenting is the point again I guess.