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    This game is dead. It's not happening. Legends is a much better version of the game. The founder of Travian ruined Kingdoms with his childish demands about what must and must not be included in Kingdoms. That's why this game never took off.

    At least now he knows Travian Legends was an accidental success for him, and he's no genius.

    I come back about every 6 months in hopes that the product has improved. I'm not impressed. Half the time, I have to manually reload my screen to get it to update troop movements or show new items in the hero inventory. Chat is really buggy. I messaged support and got something about clearing my cookies. Feel like I'm playing an indy game all of a sudden...

    TG should be embarrassed this game has been in beta for half a decade.

    I'd just like to say that it's really annoying that the only English servers are international. Often times, the most logical group for you to join is a group that can't speak English very well, and in the end you have to use Google translate to communicate with the people that you MUST talk to in order to enjoy the game. This is not the case for a French speaker or German speaker -- who each have their own exclusive language servers.

    I don't play this game to learn new languages or bridge some cultural gap. I play it to try out strategy and compete. This is not a problem on Travian Legends, as there are two English-only domains. Also, TL does not necessitate you join someone merely based on proximity -- whereas Kingdoms often requires you to work with those in your area. I don't mind that, but when I have to do that AND they can't effectively communicate with me on the only server that I can read the in-game instructions -- it's incredibly frustrating. I have had several occasions where someone thought I was insulting them in chat, but I was making a joke or using some sort of idiom that they just didn't understand. It gets old fast...

    While it sounds a little crazy, I like to build nothing but crannies to level 6 in my village (about 10 of them) and push my fields to 5's ASAP. From there, you have a good CP production at a low price, and resource production is moderate. That enables you to start raiding if you wish (I have been #1 robber with legionnaires, imps, and EI's -- all are good raiding units) or take a more laid back economic approach in your push to settlement.

    And still I return.

    Don't know if I had anything to do with it, but it would seem they took my advice on new tribes -- considering all they have done in "development" so far is color in the pictures they shared on April Fool's.

    And the game is still boring lol peace guys

    Can we talk straight for a moment? I don't really play this game anymore. I did years ago -- and I was/am in love with it. Every few months I'll check back in and I see nothing interesting. I WANT to see something interesting; however, I never get the drive to reenter a server and actually pay money for this game (I don't mind paying to play something -- how else will TG survive?).

    But as I come back, I see a game constantly changing -- but never budging from two main ideas: 3 tribes and World Wonders. The player base has to be abysmally low. The world economy is in a significantly better place than it was in 2009/2010; and yet, I would bet TG's per player profit margin is roughly one-tenth it's 2010 margin (which is the opposite you'd assume when expendable income is much greater these days).

    The stubborn might hold on to the idea that ADHD-soothing games like Clash of Clans have harmed Travian -- but I would submit that it's one of the best games ever created and trite games like Clash will never measure up. Here is where I think TG went wrong, and hopefully the developers will look at this and seriously consider the reason I am suggesting them. One thing needs to be said, I consider TL and TK one in the same -- in that, they should both aim to attract the median player in 2010

    1)There was never a mobile app, and the current one is a joke. It has been two years, there are simply no decent excuses for this outside of the fact that the "beta" TK has not been finished either. At this point, TG is laughed at in chat rooms for still calling TK a beta. Which brings me to my next point.

    2)Stop calling it a beta. Stop trying to keep the games separate. They should be seen as different modes, not games.

    3)You beat the other side in the WW race once or twice and then you're over it. Just like first person shooters started off with only team deathmatch -- they eventually switched to more objective games (and the objective games are more competitive and generate more pro-level viewing/revenue today). Travian should have 2 month normal speed servers on a 100x100 map as a free for all. There's no decent excuse for not having that and countless other small versions of the game that would keep the veterans stimulated.

    4)You play this game, you get farmed. You learn maces are the secret. You build a million maces and go negative in wheat and crush your enemies or die trying. Then you take a softer approach and learn a new challenge -- Gaul or Roman. Before you know it, you've built a ghost hammer, lego hammer, or unstoppable end game hammer of phalanx that breaks world records -- and you've tried every style and strategy in the game. It gets old. We need new races and/or units. I understand adding a 4th race would change the dynamics of the other three races -- but isn't that precisely what you did when you created Kingdoms (maces are arguably worthless now due to the cost similarity to axes, for example)?

    I love this game. I want it to succeed. But it won't if you don't make some of these changes soon. I'll probably continue coming back to see if anything stimulating has come to fruition, but in the mean time, it just looks boring.

    I think the current NPC button is a little bit of false advertising. Can't tell you how many times I think I have the resources to NPC only to do it and it say I can build the structure in 2 hours or something. It would be nice if the button were changed to drastically reflect a difference between having enough resources to NPC and build immediately and not having enough.

    Pretty sad that someone asked about having a list of the quests (as is done in T4) two years ago and they still aren't in the wiki. The devs even said they'd release it.

    In a resource planning game, how do you expect people to plan effectively if they don't know the quests and rewards?

    Yeah but there were a couple thousand people on the closed beta, so the game is really over 2 years old if you consider how gaming works today. Take Ark Survival Evolved for instance, there are hundreds of tutorials and guides out there for that game, it's much more complex than this, and it's still in Alpha stage (and only that for less time than the Kingdoms open beta).

    The test server is also large compared to the normal servers here, so that tells me the player base doesn't want to buy gold or doesn't like the game in its current state. If it's the former, then I doubt you'd still be producing this product so it's most likely the latter -- which means no one wants to write a guide for a game they don't really like. The only two I've seen so far are just systemic exploits (that Cities and Kingdoms "guide" by Recondite and then that recent post about settling fast) which could not even exist after the next patch if small parts of the game are changed.

    A lack of guides is a lack of in depth thought on the game. Travian tends to bring out the teamwork and idea-sharing in gamers; and if you're not seeing it right now this game might be in trouble.

    Just my thoughts. I think there a lot of things that could change, but I'll never get feedback on my feedback (something I've learned over the years in trying to constructively criticize T4) so there is no point.

    I have seen this game played and it looked like a ton of fun!!! Please release this!

    Edit: I'm an experienced card game player and would be more than happy to help with translation issues. It can be tricky even for a native English speaker since card game logic is often idiomatic.

    It's pretty crazy, but someone has bid on EVERY bandage on the com1 auction for 12 silver per bandage. It's precise -- and for 4 pages. The crazy part is that I have yet to see a new sale without this pricing on it. This means someone is using a bot to superficially inflate the price of bandages so they can resell for greater than 12 each.

    Why aren't we using the t4 style? I don't really understand this auction setup anyways so maybe I'm missing a big new feature and it's not a bot...

    Thanks Bridgette,

    I found that guide already, but it seems very specific. On T4 there were dozens of guides like "How to become top robber and settle first" or "How to settle fast as a defensive player." That's a neat guide, and the guy has definitely figured out how to work the system, but I'm looking for something that would take advantage of the game in a more well rounded manner. I'm just surprised this game has existed for so long without actual guides while T4 guides are almost as big a part of the game as many features in the game. That's probably due to the strong community, but this forum seems to have a decent community as well.

    Edit: I don't have anything to share really because my experience has been so little.

    I have looked around, the Wiki isn't that informative in terms of strategy -- are there any decent strategy guides for early game on here? I'm an old Travian player, but would love to hear from a Kingdoms veteran about the best way to grow fast from the beginning.

    On the farm list, I think it would be much easier on raiders if the time stamp for "last raid" were to be recorded any time raid all is selected either with the list open or closed. At present, it only records the last send-off when you have the list closed and simply check the box beside the list.

    My reasoning for this is that many raiders will want to open their list and check it to see how much of the list will be targeted, and remembering to close it before sending is just a silly requirement in the way of effectiveness.

    I see you making that statement again and again and all I can say is that no matter how much gold you spend (unless it is 0), there will always be people who will spend more gold than you and there will be people who spend less gold than you.

    If you choose to be the guy who hides behind the reasoning that every person who went ahead of me was because he spent more gold than me, then remember that there are at least 100 more players behind you saying the same about you.

    On the other hand, the original poster of this thread also agreed that he did a few NPC. Since you now state that buying helm of glad on day 1 is a better strategy, then the original poster should have spent those gold in buying the helm in day 1 instead of saving the gold for NPC, then may be he could have grown as fast as Klayer.

    NPC 15x (once a day for 10 days) is 75 gold. That gladiator helm went for hundreds of gold. Either you're bad at math, or you're blatantly ignoring the obvious.

    My last 3 or 4 Legends servers I have "hid behind" that reasoning, and was #1. I have never used more than a moderate amount of gold in this game for random NPCs and plus/bonus -- and I've been #1 robber with every race, #1 population with two of the three races. The best players call out the gold whales when they see them because they don't need gold.

    Not bragging, just stating that it is very possible to be a top player without much gold -- and I've done it. I look at people that spend a lot of gold and just see that as an admission to the shortcomings of their own strategy. The point about saying someone uses too much gold is saying the statistics from their account are inflated and inaccurate for a "ceterus parabus" analysis of Travian strategy. You can't explain where a certain kind of growth develops without asking what impact the gold had.

    It should also be pointed out that no one asked Klayer into this discussion about his stats. He brought that upon himself when he gave us that information. We're now picking his account apart -- that is what he wanted after all.