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    And is available to how much % of server pop? And I don't count kings with 3 villas in their territory.

    Does it matter how many it's available to? It's still broken beyond imagination and nobody complains about it.

    Atleast if raiding was risk-free then the income would be lower for everyone as everyone would be raiding :P You can already tell how terrible raiding is on this round, we're getting less than 15m a week vs 20-50m a week on other servers, and i imagine it would be even less if spiking wasn't a problem.

    Never. Danes used to be able to play on Nordic servers, but even those combined servers were shut down due to low demand. The player base is not big enough to have a danish server unfortunately :)

    I don't understand how to generate the cp that fast. I followed the steps pretty closely and running a celebration gets you 500 of the 1000 cp you need. Where are you guys getting the other 500 in just a few hours?

    You get cp from:
    a) 800 from "construct townhall" quest
    b) some tiny amount from the actual celebration
    c) 500 from doing the "small celebration" quest

    Hmm, that's odd. I never get one, but I didn't allow notifications for Kingdoms in the first place. When using chrome, try clicking on icon left to the "http" in the url-bar, then on website-settings.

    Screenshot is for forum, but you do it in your ingame tab, of course:

    From what i can tell is that strategic is talking about the pop up in the game that keeps ghosting on the bottom left when you have unread messages, and you are talking about windows notifications?

    Rumor has it that BM went full on propaganda-mode to shift the focus from them to us so the meta-destroyers don't get destroyed by a meta. If you look at the averages we are doing much more fighting than GGG or Phoenix:saint:

    Also another funny thing i've observed, the BM vs "meta" war seems to mostly be BM vs Orange. Any significant hit there has been has been usually between those kingdoms, is GGG just using Orange as their tool whilst only taking no-risk targets themselves? Is Orange (or anyone else GGG is using) aware of this fact?

    Also how comes a player in Zion hit 3RR0R right after BM guys did? Was he helping 3RROR move treasures? Did BM finally make friends? There's a lot of questions about the politics of this round:/

    So in a WW scenario all the main def troops (prae, phalanx, spearmen) will probably get the bonus as there would be at least one hero with the weapon?

    I take it the bonus does not stack?

    For defence the +5 defence is much more significant than for offence as average defence values are much lower

    Yes. It's usually smart to ensure that all of your WWs have one of each tier 3 weapon. The bonus does not stack, only one weapon counts.

    You can escape from unioned kingdoms by going grey as the kingdom dissapears entirely when no valid leaders are present

    This, it was either that both of the kings have to go gray, or that one of the kings has to delete while the second goes gray. Latter is guaranteed to work for dissolving a unioned kingdom.

    You need someone to protect you for a week while you can't access the game at all, but it worked for us last round and we managed to recruit a king of another kingdom. He actually had to go gray twice as we failed the first try :D

    On com servers there is a choice of the language version. Why can not it be done on all game worlds in all domains?

    There is software, there is a language base. So and possibilities are.

    More people would play national sewers if they had their language available.

    It was suggested to use google chrome. However, the translation of the program and the human is a huge quality difference.

    The point of local domains is that for example spanish people can play with only spanish people. It's not really a spanish server if you could just bring your english team there without a problem.

    This would be question for Jethro. He's the one running all over the map defending anything and anyone against anything and anyone ;P

    My guess is that he's kinda salty for not getting top defender last round so now he's investing all of his king tributes to def troops and killing the defence off to afford more defence :saint: Maybe he's taking a payment for them defences aswell, goes full Trump-mode with being the world police.