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    I feel like it would boost both off and def in an equal amount so the balance would remain somewhat similar, eg if u could launch an attack from a village where ur army is reinforcing and same for def

    Could i reinforce my hammer next to an enemy kings capital and siege him from 1 square away then? :/ No matter how that's implemented it'd affect the games balance a lot.

    Fair enough if it wasn't a feature but it would make sense to allow troop forwarding in the game, it's not like there's any reasons not to allow it

    Huge effect on the defence:offence balance is not a reason?

    Hey there Scorox

    I can assure you that this is not the case and the team is in no way delaying announcements on purpose. We're posting them as soon as the dates have been decided on and are working to do that even faster. Your feedback is appreciated and was already forwarded to the responsible people :)

    Best regards

    I believe there's 3-4 com servers that are waiting to start right now, is there an actual reason for the delay? Are you shutting down one of the com servers and spreading the starts more apart because of that? Or will you start all 3 of them just weeks apart of each other? I know i play only com2 (same as many people in our team), and if it'll take months for it to restart, TG will miss out on a lot of revenue.

    If I send in rams and/or catapults alone without infantry, can the enemy infantry hurt/destroy rams/catapults?

    Yes, they can destroy your rams and catapults.

    Can rams/catapults hurt infantry?

    Yes, but it is extremely inefficient fight if you don't have other troops to accompany them.

    how many rams do I usually need to destroy a wall?

    how many catapults do I usually need to destroy a building?

    This varies so much from players population, wall type(tribe), building level, stonemason, ram/catapult levels and enemy defences that it's better if you do the simulations yourself on the simulator you can find on your rally point.

    As you can kinda tell from Jak s post, the problem is within the players and not the game. It's so much more convenient to just join an existing team rather than trying to create your own with a bunch of randoms. There might be more kingdoms on the round with a limitation, but 90% of them would still not be able to actually compete unless they get lucky and the good teams destroy each other while they sim in peace. Not to mention that proper leading takes way more time than most people have on hands, which is a big reason why people just take the governor role.

    I know i wouldn't play anymore if i hadn't found a nice team to talk and spend time with, now travian is just a nice plus :D This limitation will just make good teams stay good but not accept any new players in as they are already full. (and i'm not even getting to the topic of wings and treasure boosting or such, that small teams won't get to enjoy whereas some big preformeds might)

    Sure throw it on a test server or a special server but this just doesn't work kingdoms. If you want to make limited kingdoms i would much rather them then make the game purely based on legends instead of this kingdom/treasure/vp stuff. Most of the players play TK for the improved graphics anyway, not the hoarding vp stuff.

    Well not everyone is able to sleep with stress, also many old players which started travian during their youth are having families and careers so a server like such will make it easier for them to keep playing and still don't let it interfere with their lives.

    That's what duals are for. We don't need to create a niche to separate the player base even further with these kind of servers.

    I did not add the data for the COM2 server that ends soon. It will instead be part of the 2019 post :) .. But here are the current standing, and Shrugg and GGG pretty much follows their predicted Victory Points (100 000 x Number of Members) perfectly.

    Yeah neither party really lost treasures (or gained a huge amount) the whole round so that estimation is pretty spot on :D

    So the opposite of it with hammers not able to do any damage to millions and millions of defense is any betters ?

    Again , as players mentioned previously, defense strength is directly proportional to members counts and hammer's strength is not.

    Have you tried making bigger hammers?

    Be2-e4 Thanks for that. I am not sure if you know but I'm running a kingdom since 5 servers now and last server we had almost 100 members. So I do understand how hard/ emotional it could get but which leader does not have to take hard decisions ?

    Also if I'm aware of this from start I'll make sure that this "active chatty" player does not fall below the threshold.

    Let's be honest and realistic, 60 players is still a big number and right now any player below 60 ranks in a kingdom will be either very new or very inactive.

    What Curtain mentioned in that post is really great stuff but more like a story explaining the ethical dilemma rather than an exact solution. Can a solution be drafted according to that? Yes, but someone will have to work on it and something like that will requires a hard testing, while this solution can work away with a demo round and evaluating the findings.

    I'm against the hard limit of players too because it doesn't actually solve anything, it will possibly even make preformed teams stronger as they can milk treasures from their wings whereas others can not. If you think that not giving out win medals to everyone actually does something, LOL. People will just take turns in being on the winning kingdom every other round. Most folks don't even bother having the medals in their profiles anymore.

    I have an alternative suggestion to get more balanced rounds: Don't run so damn many servers at once, and maybe even try actually advertising travian kingdoms instead of some damn rally game :D First com2 had 10k players and at that point it's impossible to have everyone in your meta, you just can not fit everyone on your borders. For your 500 player kingdom there would surely be couple more 400 player kingdoms ready to fight your ass.

    Even for this upcoming "competitive" server people are already hungry to start the round already, even if that means some teams will then have to skip the round :D I know our kingdom won't join that one if it's not on com2. If there won't be another server before that, all the teams will be forced to join it and there will automatically be more competition.

    This thing will just never work no matter how much you spam our embassies with your thread.

    This would just be another noob-trap. People aren't already appreciating troops enough and thinks they need to stop once they have negative production. On our current round we spotted a guy in top-50 population whom had only 10k troops on day 135 but had lvl 20 great stable (he had 2k horses on the whole account) and other useless stuff like that in his villages :D He had the infrastructure to push like 200k defence if he just actually queued the units instead of some random expensive buildings he doesn't use. I can even go as far as say that majority of the players have no idea how terribly they are actually doing compared to what they could achieve if they just knew better. We should definitely not give noobs yet another way to waste their resources on something that's actually not important. Troops are what wins the rounds, everything else is irrelevant once the endgame comes.

    -passive production from holding treasures in your treasury as a king
    -hiding resources with hidden treasury from your tribute fund when you get attacked (or just raiding your tributes yourself but that goes in the attacking in general)
    -oases (just use an oasis slot from embassy, also you can additionally reinforce troops in it for bonus production)
    -setting your heros attribute points to resource production
    -buying the +25% res production with gold

    I'm sure we're still missing something :D

    You usually have enough defences in the wonder to not lose it to chiefs, but incase you only have like <500k defences and under immediate threat of losing it, maybe.