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    I think the current system is fine, no need to make it even more complicated. You're saying spry has more powerful kingdom, obviously that's not true when the other guy has so much more space. Spry had a choice to do the same but didn't do, but guess what? I'm 100% sure he will do that in the new versions :rolleyes:

    Also does there always need to be a short-term option to fix stuff? Imo, no. Why would anyone zero other players cap if it could be rebuilded in 5 hours? Why would they kill their hammer? If spry really is stronger than the other king, he will gain the area eventually.

    I believe the levels at which influence increase are 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000.

    Good post, couldn't explain any better than you! Just one thing: when they nerfed influence they also took away one level and 50 pop doesn't affect kingdom size anymore. Level 1 is now at 100 pop :)

    If you're not in a hurry to settle a cropper you shouldn't settle at all first, instead make a city and enjoy that 500 CP/day bonus (plus normal cp prod) when cropper owners are getting just 200 cp/day from their both villages :D We have been testing this strategy since closed beta and by making a city you will get third and fourth cp slots a lot faster than the guys who are settling.

    What I don't see is any oases which would have been within Spry's range which would have given both an equal chance at expansion, had both acted in the same ways. This is what I keep referring to as "luck of the draw". When I complain about kingdoms spawning too closely together and about an unfair distribution of croppers and oases, this is a very good example of what results from it.

    Of course there's a bit of luck on the spawning, but skill (experience) always has the most impact on the start. When server starts you need to be ready to register and speedrun trough tutorial to get in the game first, that usually grants you most active govs as serious players will start at first minutes aswell. After that one needs to take all the oases within reach, and thereby you'll usually have much larger kingdom than others and you won't have hard time speaking other kings into abdicting :)

    I always prefer diplomatics over war, most of the kings will be happy to abdict if your kingdom is clearly overpowering his!

    Good point. Now teutonic players have gone from "powerfull" to "JEDI" in the most early stage... :D

    Stuid move IMHO.

    Actually, i disagree. After 7 days (BP ends for govs) that 250 troops isn't that much anymore. And before that, you can have your avenge by stealing the kings treasures as he doesn't have any govs protecting him either. There will always be consequences to the attacker, you just need to figure out what.

    I love it when people keep their chicken boots on, i can just march in and grab their treasures and enjoy the victory points made for my alliance :)

    Why wouldn't be able to conquer (3|-27) ? Or (1|-27)? Tell us oh godlike Jallue, teach the noobs like me :D

    Oh ammanurt you're flattering :o Those oases are not next to his borders, they need to touch his borders (corner is enough) in order for him to conquer them.

    He has 2 oases giving influence on Centurion, spry has none and his village influence reaches only 2 squares.

    On the other note: spry currently posesses all the oases he can currently conquer. I can't see any kind of bug involved here?

    His kingdom would be extremely easy to destroy, just by conquering his oases :D

    Why does embassy has to be cheaper? It's the same as heros mansion. You don't need more than embassy lvl 1 to create an alliance so i don't see your point here :) If you want many oases you must pay to get them!