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    Any idea why after i made all steps is still missing 7K resources, but my fried is alrady finished? It is 23hours after start...

    We have same steal, roughly same income from hero...

    Your mate probably got more resources from adventures, it's possible to get resource adventures 3-4 times when fast settling, if you get super lucky (and do cardgame for extra adventures). Resource boxes can save you an hour or two aswell.

    Yep, a "tactical" ban has been a thing for a long time. Your WW has no def and is at lvl 90, expecting enemies to siege it soon -> call someone names and get a temp ban to not get attacked. Same goes for big treasury holders.

    Worst part about these is the fact that only the account owner knows what they got banned for and is it possible to even get unbanned. If enemies have 2 WWs and one of them is banned, should we hit just one? It is probably stacked with all of the defence since the other one is invincible. Should we hold on incase the other one gets unbanned? What if it never happens? A lot of the times you get unbanned by just telling the admins "oh no i did not mean to be rude, i will apologize now!", and you can basically choose when is it the best time to get unbanned.

    There is so many flaws that could be easily fixed, multiaccounting/farmbotting would also be less appealing if the admins would start to permban the lobby-accounts if caught. Of course this would lead to mostly 0-prestige accounts to cheat, and nobody would recruit them to a kingdom (thus preventing a lot of noobies from joining good kingdoms too).

    IMHO there should only be perm lobby bans, server bans or temporary mutes as punishment. If someone gets banned they should not be let back in the round, even if they get some small pop punish or army killed, everything should be gone if they have cheated.

    i hate that beginners protection tho.
    as a teuton player myself, i Always have 200+- clubs in 2/3 days max
    then with this strategy it would take a long time to develop right?

    With this strategy you can have those 200 clubs in a 15 cropper capital instead on day 3. If you only intend to cause mayhem for few weeks and delete, then this guide isn't for you. If you intend to play the whole round, then fast settling is much better in the long run.

    You didn't understand...
    That village is in our kingdom area, on the map, player who conq is in other kingdom
    WE have nap with his kingdom

    You can't conquer from anyone within your kingdom border if your king/duke has granted protection to them (which 90% of the kings/dukes do to gain more tributes).

    i wish you would change the rules regarding kingdom unions...
    where the king gets stuck even when the people in the kingdom left and joined another kingdom....
    i mean being a king is not a crime nor entering into kingdom unions....then why the king gets stuck and others get to leave and enjoy the game?

    If the king goes inactive for a week, he will automatically get kicked from the kingdom and the union will be disbanded. (only works if vice-king has deleted or gone inactive too) So there is a way to get out of union, it just requires sacrifices :)

    I would like to see US/UK servers aswell where english is mandatory, but they shut those down due to too low playercounts in 2015 (i think). It would be great to have 1 or 2 of those running at times.

    Hi, I'm currently playing roman on fr5, and I've recently trained my three settlers. Only after I realised that there was no longer a quest and a reward for training the settlers. Is this normal or am I having some kind of bug?, because I can clearly remember that there was such quest in the past.

    Just collected my reward for making 3 settlers today, it's there. You probably already collected it or you need to refresh the page to receive it.

    Lvl 20 residence gives you 800 fighting strenght, which is worth about 20 units or less. If you need space, it's definitely worth demolishing, unless you still plan on using it (or want the nice CP boost from it).

    no I didn't misunderstand, I just play a better game than the cheats anyway, so see no point in cheating. There are pro's and con's to all decisions made. I saw the relocation of croppers as a feature, not an abuse, but because some players abused it's feature it will be changed, forgive me but isn't that a bit of a misplaced solution?

    They will never beat multiaccounters, at most they will make it a bit harder to MA.

    In my opinion the whole relocating feature is kinda dumb, and i'm glad they're going to prevent people from jumping around the map looking for the best oasis bonuses there is available. People should race for the best croppers, not play lottery with the relocating system.

    when a higher tier comes available , they say it in welcome screen too.

    Yep, usually with a nice 50 day delay. It's always nice that the game tells you how "Kingdom union is now available!" etc when you have unioned months ago :D