Posts by Nestor#TR

    where is parrots defances? ups, destroyed...

    where is parrots hammers? ups, destroyed...

    where is parrots ww? last XD

    where is biggest parrot jak and mayo: always forum. and they can never be destroyed.

    You did achieve something this server, and I never thought I would agree with Sissox, but you have successfully become the most toxic kingdom of TK, up there with RfR probably
    I have been around for a long time and seen it all but I really never seen so many lies and toxicity.

    TK might be flawed but you are fully contributing at making it even worst.
    And you can call us whatever you want Nestor, it just shows how fake you are in all your interactions and your messages. How deprived of any honor you are and how you never cared about anything besides winning. Maybe someday you will grow and understand it.

    PS: Nestor don't talk about toxicity, when you are at the same time being insulting and toxic

    BM, we destroyed everything. Instead of thinking about why we were so angry with you and learning a lesson, you are still writing here. watch real actors here instead of being verbal, maybe you will learn something. chatters parrots.

    There is a misunderstood here, as MAN translated from ADAM who is for both male and female, is more like a concept of standing man (nothing in relation with the sexe of the player ;)

    because of i always say people :D but bm members look like a parrot. D:

    no, we are not. you are chaters. we closed your multi accounts with admins.

    and we never support any cheater member. and we always say it to our members: never use cheat; this pollutes our name.

    you are dirty Jak. that's why you see everyone as yourself.

    BM members never quiet. We hit them ww 3 times, we eat them hammers, now they have nothing; but they still writing in forum...

    shut up now BM, Ryland's schizophrenic drawings make more sense than your words. maybe we will be the first, maybe we will not be; not important. As a result, we fought against 5 kingdoms without any support and won every war. This is our honor! I wish you also devoted the time to the forum for yourself. Instead of coming here and crying after losing everything, you would make more strategic moves. The real victory for us is to make poor quality players like you last. Here you made racism, insulted, slandered. We made you the last of this server alone, as the price of all this. we shattered you. we took everything from you. How can you still write here without being embarrassed?

    It's normal for the F1C team to request defense from other kingdoms. This is called diplomacy.

    Finally, I criticize the use of the word like man. Our female players have made our most beautiful armies in this game both in defense and attack. so play like a woman, not like a man! neither in the street, at work, at home nor in the game; Do not allow diseases such as sexism and racism anywhere!

    Congratulations to the attackers of the Dominion kingdom and our defenders. These quality moves have been educational and proud for us. Like the F1C team, Dominion team gave us a great experience in defense. Unlike the BM kingdom, it is very valuable for us to play against these two opponents. Thank you again and wish you enjoyable games.

    Fighting with the F1C team is pretty good. It is very enjoyable to play against quality players like F1C. As always, BM learned the time of F1C's operation and tried to take advantage of it.

    I trust the F1C team. If they say they didn't do it, they didn't. Everything is expected from the BM team, As always... they tried another dishonorable move and failed. So they did not surprise us again.

    Congratulations to the F1C attack team and the UNTOLD defender, good games everyone.