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    I am not sure I could support this.

    To me it sounds like you just want all the information about your enemy just handed to you.

    Even in real war, you never quite know all about who you face.

    Just clicking on a button to have it all just sounds lazy or entitled.

    No disrespect intended as you asked for players opinions on this.

    Hello! there are several different qualities of fabric on the market, the ones Travian is using are of really good quality. Not only that but also it's important to notice that the shits are made with an eco-friendly production and the employees making them have fair working conditions.

    You forgot an R ;)

    • Game version: Night Truce Speed x3, american night truce time to be annouced

    What time is the truce? Because nobody wrote it.

    From 00:00 to 8:00? Is it from 02:00 to 10:00? time UTC+1?

    They have not announced it yet.

    Still waiting to hear if this server will also be given a Christmas and New Years truce.

    One day we will find out ;)

    Hi! we, the forum crew, have no access to the server control panel, only CSR does, so we can't verify any information. The bans are currently handled by them and they are the only ones that can make a difference and be able to ban players that are cheating.

    Since we can't know anything about those bans or possible infractions we can't decide who is wrong and who is right, therefore here is not the place to accuse someone of cheating. If it's about the system, to let us know something is not working the way it should or there are ways to improve it, like constructive criticism, it's always really welcomed since it's the way we can see something is not right and correct it.

    Would there be any possible way that Travian could post generalized numbers about bans and such?

    Say info for past year 2022 could be like total number of....

    Warnings - To me this means anyone banned ingame but is able to keep playing by accepting a punishment handed out ingame

    Banned from server(s) - The account and all villages are removed and not allowed to go grey

    Bans for certain amount of time from all servers & lobby

    Lobby account deletion

    I am not saying that we should be given names and addresses. I am talking like a generalized number.

    Much like companies have signs that say "so many days without an accident".

    They give a general number but not names of those who were clumsy 8o

    I am also aware that is not good advertising or a good vibe about a company having a count of all the bad people it has but games like Kingdoms or Legends has a following. We are asking for those numbers so seeing them somewhere will not chase us away. You could even add them to a players lobby instead of a public place. It will make us happy to see those who cant play a simple browser game without cheating, GONE

    You know who you are out there . You thump your chest on the forums and Discord telling everyone of your skills. :D

    If you had skills you would not need to cheat. Try it once so we can see your skills. :|

    In fact i have never played this game, i only come here to reuse the same images and sentences every single time i see opportunity.

    I have no skill and i can only aspire to be as great as Sharley and Wahlberg, in fact i got an poster above my bed of Unreal where i pray to every night before i go t bed.

    Now that is funny 🤣

    I think what th0mm and others is trying to do is show there is still a problem

    and when the correct channels are getting you know where, you come to the forums.

    Sometimes the issues and the forum clash based on rules created for the forum use.

    Travian began something a few months ago about catching and banning more then in the past.

    I can say I have seen an uptick in bans in the servers I have played since they unfolded their ban hammers.

    The question now that Travian and its players are at head with is how many chances does a cheater get before they are permanently removed from server and/or having their entire lobby account deleted.

    Forum rules state no name or direct accusations (doesnt matter year th0mm ;) )

    The players would also like to see more being done in regards to the cheaters chances.

    The punishment of course is between Travian and the guilty one but having a set of guidelines that we the players can see would at least show everyone is on the same path.

    My take on the matter only

    I would like to take the time to cogratulate the winners of this server

    CONGRATZ L DEAD a very well played game and it turned out to be a very exciting endgame right down to the final hours.

    Thanks to my leaders who did one hell of a job working behind the scenes to keep us in it

    To the governors of the winners and all other teams who stayed till the end and finished the server....

    YOUR AWESOME as we are the bread & butter that makes it all come together.

    8Ball / SOL

    No disrespect intended......

    If you can see the server that are starting, why the need to try and create drama? I do understand that Travian has a lot to be desired when it comes to customer service but let it go at that. You seem to like the game as you are here playing it I presume asd I know you from post here for many years. So no need to push it when they are a bit behind. I am sure you are on your game all the time. ;) If you are a Travian fan then cut them some slack :|

    p.s. in no way do I endorse Travian when it comes to a 24/7 game until they actually have 24/7 support for us the customers.

    Just for you rafal92f#PL to cover your back ;)