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    CAMPS - No hero needed. Just change the mechanics so a player can only choose the "ATTACK' option.

    I think this is about an easy of a fix as you can get.

    In the game now....

    You cannot lay siege unless 1K troops and a ram.

    Sitters can only send as a raid.

    Scouts sent by themselves can only go as a reinforcement or scout.

    There are many other references we could list but the game already has restrictions in place for various options of attacking.

    Simply make it that a player HAS TO choose the ATTACK option.

    @Belatora....Curious as to the post made by someone about adding emojis into the chat system. I asked in my previous post here but seems you glossed over it while answering the poster before and after me. I would like to see the post and how many people supported it. Right now it seems it is the Travian Developers wanting to add this in and you giving credit to whoever the player is who suggested it.

    Each of the requests were made by a player in either here ( forum) or discord.

    So the chat system is broke to begin with and not very user friendly.

    Instead of fixing it you wish to add options for us to use emojis?????

    Most of the comments I have read complain about the chat being broken. So who is the one and only person who suggested adding emojis to a broke chat system?

    FYI....To those who suggested adding emojis......

    You do know you can hold down your windows key and this key ; at same time and emoji box will pop up allowing you to use any emoji it has in stock.

    This can be done anywhere online you can post including this forum. So why ask Travian to do something that may cause even more problems in a chat that is broke to begin with????


    EDIT....I have went back through these 2 threads...............

    I have also strolled through the different chats in Kingdoms Discord(which stuff is hard to find there).

    I have found no post or player who suggested adding emojis to the broken chat.

    @Belatora....Can you give me the link to the post where this suggestion was made?

    4. Remove the "Nothing valuable found" reward for hero quests.

    I have been advocating this for years.

    In regards to the attacking camps as many state a hero must be used. No hero needed

    This is a simple fix to help keep it simple and has been suggested by many others.

    Have only one(1) option when attacking camps.

    You have to click the ATTACK button.

    We know this can be done because you have sitters set as only being able to raid.

    So camps can be set to only allow the attack function to work and not raid.

    This will stop those who only want to raid the treasures.

    As for hitting multiple camps per player....Leave that up to the players/kingdoms to figure out their own rules ingame

    This is a nice idea! can you guys give me more info on how you would like the chats to be like?

    The game chat has really not evolved at all since it was put into the game.

    It is clonky & cumbersome and a lot of times barely working correctly.

    It is still one of the few original things that still require F5 on a daily basis to make sure you are reading current information.

    Many would like it removed completely and try to interface the game with Discord

    Here are some items that would be great to see.

    1, The kings having the ability to edit/delete posts in the kingdom/ss chat

    2, The chatboxes showing up on lower left hand side. Just remove that feature altogether.

    Have not seen too many people who give that any praise at all.

    3, Make the chat stable so it refreshes auto like server stats

    I am sure there are some more I am missing and others will chime in but if the chatbox will always stay then problem #1 needs to happen at the least.

    EDIT...Further thought, The kings would need this option in kingdom chat. The creator of a secrete society(SS) would also need this option since this is different from the kingdom chat.

    Hey there, Lydia! US servers are typically wrapped in with COM, also called International, gameworlds.

    Typically, the only time a gameworld is considered a “US” round is if it has a night truce that is set for a US timezone.

    And that’s not always the case. The last round of COM1N had a US timezone but was still considered a COM gameworld.

    The US has a nice player base and there are quite a few of us playing COM and regional gameworlds :)

    Will there be any more servers in the near future with the us timezone night protection ?

    Asking for DrugsInc cause he wants to know but was too afraid to ask. ;)

    How many Gaul chiefs does it take to conquer a village

    There are a couple factors that come into play to do this.

    1, Are you taking from a larger person then you or smaller?

    2, Are you holding a celebration?

    To answer the question though, you only need 1 chief to conquer a village or city.

    Village has 100% loyalty so you will need to attack 4 to 5 times depending on the above 2 things listed

    For a village you also need 1 open culture point(cp) slot.

    For a city you can still conquer with just 1 chief but it has 200% loyalty so you will need to run at it 8 to 10 times.

    You will also need 2 open cp slots.

    Again though the times can also be affected by the 2 above listed things

    If you take from a larger player your reduce the loyalty better each run. If smaller then it is less.

    You can throw a party which also helps take out loyalty per run.

    You can also use more then 1 chief if you have them available which also helps take down loyalty quicker per run.

    Awesome to meet you and hope you enjoy your new adventure.

    Hope you find something other then, "Nothing valuable found" ;)

    Stay cool Bellatora


    Server specs.......

    Duration = 4 months + maybe sliding into the 5th

    Speed = x2 speed

    WW released on day 90

    Normal map configuration

    No fireworks

    No night truce

    This should not be called champions or legends. If you are going to want a hall of fame then lets call it that

    and find out what teams will grace its halls. "Hall of Fame War(s)"

    The Kingdoms Team would then have to come up with a hall of fame wall or something on the forum. Some place members and guest alike can take a stroll through time and see who won over the years.

    I cannot really come up with a timeframe on when this should happen. Every 3 years sounds like it is too long but 1 year sounds too short.

    So maybe every 2 years?

    1) 1 King, 1 Vice King, 7 Duke ( No Union )

    1 King = 10 treasury villages

    5 Dukes = 5 treasury villages each

    Kings/dukes have x3 cp production for first 25 days

    All treasury village borders must touch through out the kingdom

    No union

    2) 149 Kingdom Member Limit

    75 member limit(a server like this will attract attention)

    3) No Confed \ Allies and no NAP.

    This would not be followed so no point in creating a rule.

    You just cant stop humans from being human.

    Only the winning kingdom gets their name in lights(no one else)

    4) No Robbers No Camps and no Inactive

    As posted earlier, you need these in the game for treasures.

    Bump up the treasure and resources in the camps

    5) Knock Out Feature - Once all 3 WW are claimed rest of the players are out of the tournament will have Spectator Mode - cannot influence the server in any way.

    Let anyone who joined the server play it out.

    Finishing a server is important to players even if it does not appear so.

    6) Limit number of Tribes in the server to set percentages ( Gaul's, Teutons, Romans :- 33% Approx each )

    No way man, let the players decide the % just like they do on each server that is played now.

    7) Larger Map and can claim 4 Oasis in 50 x 50 Radius

    If you are a hall of famer, why you trying to make it easier.

    Keep as it is now

    8 ) Tier 3 Items are available from the start. Gems are easily available in Adventure. 1 Adventure is added every Hour.

    There is lots of time for this if played as it is now.....However

    For this server DISABLE the auction house and sell all hero items through the marketplace for resources at set price.

    Tiers released normally in stages.

    9) Hall of Fame - Kingdom that won the Rounds and the top 10 Players listed with achievements from the winning Kingdom and the top 50 players name mentioned in a list.

    Since it is a "Hall of Fame" type server then the winners get to write the hall of fame stories.

    Only the winner of the servers should be highlighted but all members of the winning team

    should be in the official post for this event.

    Dunno what you all are whining about but if you just load into the server directly without going through the lobby you can play fine, i've been playing yesterday the whole day and today aswell already without any issue, and no i don't use any VPN and no i don't live in russia, so mayby it's just that you want to whine...

    I was not going through lobby yesterday at all and trying direct links. Still was unable to access server.

    Yes people whine but this problem affected everyone in different ways and at different levels.

    Some people had a great time yesterday while most others did not. :|

    There are a lot of thoughts about this but one thing I have not seen addressed yet......

    If you tweak the Romans to be good at start then you must also tweak the other tribes to keep the balance in check.

    As you state, the Romans have a rough start but shine later in the server.

    Teutons shine at the start but lose some of their fluff later in the server(clubs are kind of weak but cheap)

    Gauls I feel are kind of slow at start but come into their own shortly after.

    So if you tweak the Romans then you must also tweak the other 2 or there will be protests as this is only addressing one tribe and making it better then the others. No one will buy that.

    With all the people who play and the different ways that are played, there are too many arguments about what tribe is better at what.

    In the grand scheme though, making one better then they all must be adjusted for that balance factor.

    The foreign window is actually the administrator login window.

    Even if you put in your name and pw it will do nothing nor will it save anything.

    That was already explained before in another thread and in the discord.

    Just thought I would let you know so you will not be alarmed. :bear: