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    I would have to agree about turning the sitter in. That kind of behavior will not change till they know that punitive action will be taken against them for violating the trust.

    As long as TG follows up and delivers punishment to a rogue sitter then in time it will become known that if you sit and trash someones account, you as the sitter will be held accountable.

    This can't happen unless you turn them in. There is no dishonor in doing it that way. The only one dishonorable is that sitter and only you have the power to change how players like that operate.

    And I've seen quality items command a lot less selling price than they should.

    Is that based on what you feel a price should be? I am just asking cause this part of your answer confused me so wanted to make sure I understand what you are trying to say.

    My experience in the auction are limited cause I do not partake in it often. When I do though I have comfort of knowing I can spend a significant amount of time studying and then buying since my online time is high.

    I have noticed that during my daytime, the prices for items are high and not something I am willing to pay. However during my evening and night time I can usually find weapons very cheap and picked up quite a few on the just finished test server. So I would have to say that the auction is working as intended when there is a lot of activity as the prices do go up. Like i said though when it is slow, the prices are very low.

    I must also add, who are we to decide what an item should sell for? The price is based on who is buying at the time. Not what we feel an item should sell for based on past history.

    I can confirm that it is possible to take a village from an alliance member at least 16 hours after it was taken as long as the loyalty is at zero.

    On 2 different servers I have taken villages from other alliance members and if I recall correctly the longest time(roughly 16 hours) before I took it was at zero loyalty.

    One was a test server and the other was on com1

    Being number 1 does not make you any better then anyone else playing this game. If you come to this forum just to proclaim how great you and your account is then that shows me you are one of thos players who is here for the medals and your own account and never mind anyone else. You attack one of my team members calling him a n00b and in turn show what type of player you are.

    Your statement has no merit and I would take 1 of Paul types versus 100 of you. Enjoy bragging about getting some number 1 ribbons/medals. Now tell me what do those ribbons and medals do for you??

    In regards to the is not just the 50K part but it is the amount of catapults you have and sometimes you do not need 50K in troops to do anything as long as you have the cats and target efficiently.......

    So yes a 50K army with say 4K in cats can and will cause significant damage to a WW if it is used properly.

    The smaller less active players however can and we did use our members to help in stealing treasures instead of heading off to a ww target.

    So it all comes down to the leaders and their ability to incorporate the members into operations that will make use of what you have and cause as much damage as possible.

    This comment especially is super noob. You micro farm to grow and feed your hammer. As I said before.... this shows your experience or more precisely lack thereof.

    I can assure you that Paul is no n00b. We just came off a server win and he put together several armies during the course of the server just as many of us did. We did not save armies for endgame but used them from the start of the server which means several of us splatted & rebuild several armies thru the life of a server. I want to interject in this as I think Paul is trying to say that farming is not as important in Kingdoms as it was in T4. Yes if you raid and farm anything not nailed down then you would grow faster then those not farming but Kingdoms has leveled that a bit so that you can grow and build at a faster rate then T4 version.

    In this version I would rather have an alliance full of members building armies in several villages rather then spending the whole server building 1, splatting it and then deleting.

    I very seldom farm yet can keep up with other armies in terms of growth rather well. In this version though having 3-5 armies in your account is far better then building a wwk hammer.

    With the ease of doing this it allows those who are not as active to still build out 20-30K armies without farming at all. Hitting 50K is even doable with no farming. Now you may laugh or not thinking that armies of that size cannot do no harm to a WW. If you think that then that shows your lack of experience in this same version that has only been open to public play for just over a year. So when it comes to Kingdoms no one here has that much more experience then the rest.

    Hope that clears up any misconception in regards to calling anyone a n00b.

    Good point but even if some defense is held out there is always defense in place at any given time.

    I have never seen a WW that did not have defense in it from the time it is taken. Our alliance and others of course always has more defense close by that is sent when it is needed and then withdrawn but to me it still makes no sense at all to fake the WW.

    Of course my thinking does not apply to other villages of the enemy as that does make sense trying to hide the real attack. If you have only 1 enemy WW village then what good does faking do since it is known where you are going.

    Most of the problem existed because so many would send fakes to the WW's. I could never understand this concept cause the WW will always be a target. There is nothing a WW holder/builder can do when real attacks come in. There is always defense in place and everyone on the server knows you are coming if the WW is held by the enemy. So why waste all those troops faking something that is going to be hit anyway. You either have a hammer to slam it or you use your army to hit other softer targets.

    Faking any WW is just a waste of troops in my eyes. There really is no strategic value that comes with it since nothing can be done but watch it travel and then hit the target.

    Or you could attack him and kill his hammer while he sleeps or is offline.

    I understand what you are saying about creating the negative food but attacking the player is way better since it is a war game.


    First let me say that my post is not done in anyway to talk down to you or harass you in any way. I am posting because your post caught my eye as it brings up many questions in regards to Travian, so bear with me and hopefully my post can help you rather then viewing it as trying to put you down.

    - First off, Travian is a WAR GAME. It is not a sim city type game but one where the object is to attack those around you. So even if you are on a team and playing defense or just support, you can be attacked at any time by others on the map who may be your enemy. To make a rule to stop that would only mean changing Travian from a war game to a sim game. Those of us who like to play war come to Travian for that. So if you wish to play a war game then it is better for you to learn more about the game and as thousands before you have done, learn how to survive when entering a server late among larger players.

    Here are some pointers I know can and will help you if you honestly give them a try.

    - Try to join a server that is just starting or less then 2 weeks old. Anything after that is difficult even for the seasoned veterans. It can and has been done but for those new to the game, just start as close as possible to the original start date of the server.

    - No matter when you start, communicating with those around you in the first 24-48 hours is crucial. In Kingdoms you are put in a kingdom(team) when you spawn 99% of the time. So it is very easy to ask and get help. Ask questions when you do not know. Let others know you are new and I can guarantee there will be at least 1 player in that alliance who will step up and help you learn as long as you are willing to learn. Don't be afraid or feel ashamed for not knowing something that you have not played. The dumb thing to do is sit and play in silence and not try at all to find out how to play or even asking for help when needed. If you end up on a good team then you will flourish. If a bad team then do what you can to find a good team around you.

    - At the start of the server and for about 3-4 weeks in, it is better to spend down your resources and dodge the attacks/raids. Most who wish to visit you are looking for resources to take and use for themselves. Since you mentioned in your post that you have played before in Legends then you know this to be farming. The main thing is to communicate with your alliance members and let your kings/leaders know the moment stuff like that begins. They can best judge on how to handle your situation. This is a team game and on the right one, you will never be alone. Sometimes though they can decide to let an attack pass on your village and this is something you must accept. During war it is very hard to defend all villages at same time so it is then determined which is best to defend based on any intel or info about the attacks.

    - There are also steps you can take to help yourself in these types of situations and sometimes it is the only thing that can help. When or if you come under attack as you have. Send a cordial message to that player and explain that you are an active player and ASK them if they could remove your villages from their list of farms or targets. There are many tools that can be used in war and weapons are not the only ones that need or should be used. Sometimes it comes down to some well said diplomacy to smooth over a hostile visitor. Make use of all and learn how to use weapons and diplomacy equally well.

    - Finding a good team to play with is probably the hardest thing to do. Many alliance names adorn many servers and a few of them will be some of the greatest people you ever play with. Wjhen you do find one that is a good fit, do all you can to help that team succeed. Be active, help when it is asked. Good teams sometimes take a few servers to really gel into one. Enjoy the game and play several servers as to me that is when the reality of this game and the fun that can be had will become more visible to you..

    My post here is just 1 drop in a bucket of the tremendous wealth of information that can be found in the Wiki or ingame. My dvice to anyone is to just play the game no matter what happens. Play the server to the end and learn all you can because each server will play out differently. So what may work this time may or may not work on your next server. So kick back, click some buttons and have fun!!!! Fun is what it should be win or lose. I wish you good luck and if anytime you need any help, do not be afraid to ask. :)

    Camps are not as hard to kill as the hideouts are. So the easy fix is just to make it that you have to send your army on a full attack or siege to hit CAMPS. Since hideouts are only for the user then those can remain as they are now with the ability to hit them as raid, attack or siege.

    Shouldn't be too hard to implement that as that is how it used to be anyway.

    . Are the treasure villages too hard to attack?

    Currently that is the villages that will and do come under attack. Trouble is, what is the worth of a duke only being able to hold 4K in treasures? Once all dukes treasuries are full and the king is maxed out then any treasures taken are going to some form of purgatory where they are not seen or heard from again till a new treasury can be opened. So sometimes it comes down to is it worth it to keep defending treasury villages with only 4K in them. Somehow it just feels cheaper to go steal back what you lost but again this is soon wasted if you have no place to put them. In a 1 king game that will be even more of a problem as the king can only grow so fast with a limited amount of treasuries that he/she could open.

    So as the game proceeds and offensive armies grow larger then so does the need to protect the villages and in time that means you would be needing 50K+ in defense per treasury village. With maxed out dukes and the kings villages you are looking at close to 500K just to defend villages with just 50K per. That number will rise as the server grows so now the treasury villages are in direct competition with the WW's that will also require defense.

    I played as a duke a couple test servers back and every 2 weeks my treasury village was hit and everything stolen. Not one time did my king even bother to call for a defense stand in my village but always made sure his was protected. Yet at the same time was hollering at me to raise my treasury up to higher levels. Not once during the entire server did it ever get above 10 due to the cat downs. So where is the incentive to even play as duke? You will be attacked, you may or may not get defended and if you are capable of maxing out a treasury building it can only hold 4K. Is the constant loss of defense worth all that?

    So it is not so much too difficult to attack those villages but basically it is the only villages right now that you should be hitting as no other villages offer the treasures or vps associated.

    So now we have the poor governors again who basically have nothing to show for playing this game. The only positive for a governor is IF the king sets his taxes low so it helps the governor grows which in turn helps the alliance grow but still many kings see themselves as more important and deserve more for themselves which again turns the governors into resource mules for the kings.

    I am rambling but hopes that makes some sense. :(

    If the ability of transferring vps in a friendly nature just lead to more of what we are trying to prevent....Metas?

    If you give an option to transfer vps then you open up the pathways for larger alliances to begin to dictate to smaller alliances what they can and cannot do. It will also bring back the multiple wings which I actually think we have a handle on, at least in the last couple servers I have played. I will have to go back and reread what you posted but I am against adding or creating anything that would encourage larger groups creating an abundance of smaller wings in order to freely take vps without the possibility of war.

    That's how I play it now - the bigger the kingdom the better,

    Can you please discuss this statement more? How is having a bigger kingdom better?

    Since there is a lot of discussion about team play, this just seems to be the opposite. If you constantly asking others to join you then you again end up in a giant meta 100+ members and only half of those will be active or bother answering the calls from the kings/leaders.

    I just hope you do not feel this is better because your using the governors to supply you with free resources. I have seen so many kings now who demand activity, but do nothing to help or even teach members what they should be doing or not doing. To them it is all about the tributes and how much more they can get. If something is not done to correct that then this game will become about the kings only and governors are only here as resources mules. It is already affecting how I see this game as the greed of human nature strikes again. I just find it difficult to watch as no one seems to want to play a game anymore without cheating or the need to abuse others.

    Is everyone that afraid to lose at a game?

    Victory points (vps) are generated by the treasures that the king & dukes hold for the kingdom/alliance inside those treasury villages.
    If you steal treasures from anyone who is in an alliance that is lower ranked then you in VPS, you do not get any VPS bonus for that attack but those treasures will still produce VPS once the king or duke have control over them.
    If you steal treasures from anyone who is in an alliance ranked higher then you in VPS, you will then receive bonus VPS based on the amount of treasures you stole and ranking of the alliance stolen from. Those same treasures once under control of king or duke will begin generating VPS as well.

    I think what Maytrix was saying about the WW bonus is that the bonus should be based % wise on the level of the WW when the round ends.

    Finish to 100 first and of course you get the 100% vps bonus.
    2nd place ww finished at level 93 so they get 93% vps bonus
    3rd place finished at level 77 so gets 77% vps bonus.

    At least that is what I am reading.

    Seems to be a lot of discussion about this across the Kingdoms of Travian.

    The last thing I recall as correct for this is that you pay the tax of your king on your profile no matter where your village is located.

    We in the Colony have been debating this for a couple days in our skype room and there was a split on what was right and what was not.

    So on the test server I asked my king to set the tax rate to low so I could evaluate the taxes in 2 of my villages. 1 is in my kings borders and the other is in another kings borders who had a medium tax rate .

    Here are the results......

    Village inside my kings borders....
    Village that was in another kings borders

    So my belief is what TK posted above...That tax for all your villages is based on your kings tax and not anyone elses.

    So could we get a clarification on this somehow as many still say that they have 2 separate tax rates based on where their villages are located.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here is an idea that just popped into my head.....

    If you keep the 3 kings system then what could happen is when a king joins an alliance, his borders become part of the alliance borders and even kingdom chat is lost in place of alliance chat.
    This way everyone can see themselves as part of the same group and not separated by borders between each of the 3 kingdoms.

    Now that I am writing this out, I feel like this may not be of help at all. I will post it though to see if anyone else can expand on what I am thinking

    I agree to 100 % but the problem is that I start to get problem now imagine how it will be at 30 - 40 k clubs I need to send around 50 - 80 clubs in each attack to make sure they are al out.

    Just because you have 50-80K clubs does not mean that they all need to be out farming. Most players that farm are running from 3-5 troop per target. Depending on how lucrative the farming is will dictate troop adjustments.
    You then need to figure out launch times (launches every 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins or even every hour)

    Very efficient farming is when you have an almost equal outbound as you do inbound. If the server is active then you will be competing with others and even if you are launching every 10 mins, you will always have a % that return with very little to zero resources.

    So you lost me a little on why you feel you have to get every single troop out and not leave any sitting in the village when you need troops sitting so that the farming can go non-stop and you always have a wad of troops capable numbers anyway to hit someone harder quickly instead of having to wait to gather troops to do so.