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    Really! I cant change the gold to uk1, my own country's domain?! (even if i did decide to play TK after the com2 fiasco! ) I know its not your fault Georgie but just pass on my disgust to those responsible. TK has lost me for good now. Tell them to enjoy the gold I bought last minute to support the WW that wasn't even needed!

    Georgi: Accidentally disliked this one, sorry, didn't mean to

    I would first of all like to say that the TK Trade Routes system is so superior to that on T4. I am on a T4 server atm and we are crying out for this system over there, as i am telling everyone about it!

    Could I just point out one thing that I feel would improve it greatly - the Time Buttons - could they please be made so that with one click you can add or remove at any hour you choose. At the moment you can remove by a fiddly method of hovering to see a small x then clicking that. To add hours is more difficult as the system chooses the next hour according to the current time. Just needs click to add, click to remove (probably not as easy as this for you to create but it would be a huge help)

    I have been on com2 so if you have already done this on the new servers,
    apologies and congrats at the same time :D

    Thank you

    Its almost impossible to play pure defence on TK, you need a small attacking force, which needs to get bigger as you go along, in order to attack robbers hideouts and camps. Its a different way of thinking but really pays off with the resources you can get by selling the Stolen Goods. It is a good idea to wait until the Hideouts have sent half their forces while you are building up but dont miss out on the stolen goods.

    Yes, I know United betrayed us earlier but not like this. At least they let us know it was going to be a fair fight. Yes, I know what happens in real war and in life, but i still feel sick about this so-called win. I love Travian for the team spirit it can bring and the loyalty of friends. Yes, I know **** happens even in regular Travian, BUT never betrayal on this scale. It leaves a rotten taste in my mouth. Okay, TK allows for this so someone was bound to take advantage of it even if xtools didnt, maybe.. Im just sad it was 'us' even though the majority of us didnt have a clue this would happen! I wont be playing this version again while this can happen. I'm very disappointed

    I wrote the above in 'our' (xtools) chat. I know i'm not the only one disappointed/upset/angry about this. I expected to wake up this morning and see United had won and was quite prepared for that, it was a good fight up until this moment.

    Ive copied the following from Wiki i think it explains all you need. You obviously have to send troops with the hero on an attack or raid. If defending a village of your own or someone elses village, you must have your own troops in there together with your hero for the bandages to be effective, they don't work on other peoples troops:
    Battle losses are reduced directly after the Battle, if they are in the bag of the hero.

    bandages can heal a maximum of 33% of the losses.
    You can only heal the amount of troops that you have bandages for. Healing takes the returning time of the troops but a minimum of 24 hours.
    This item is stackable.
    NOTE: This means that you need for example 99 bandages to heal 33% of 300 troops lost.
    In case you have less bandages than troops to restore, then the same percent of units of each troop type is restored. If there are still bandages left, then they are restored from left to right (for example: Clubswingers and then Axefighters)."

    The small bandages work as above but only for 25%

    Dear players,

    we did a small update to the forums, so you should not be constantly logged out anymore.


    YES!!!!! I have noticed that im staying logged in for a lot longer, quite few hours this last time :) So thank you very very much for sorting this out Sarge and everyone involved and for letting us know . Very much appreciated :):):) and lots of hearts even tho i cant find an icon for them <3 <3 <3 xxxxxx

    As far as I know this is something that is being worked on but we dont know when it will happen as yet. It must be a real problem for you :( I dont have a dual so i leave messages for myself on desktop notes on my computer. The other thing I do, and it seems a bit silly but it works, is that I leave notes on T5 for myself in my Notebook on my T4 account. maybe that is a temporary solution lol. The only other thing I could suggest would be something like Facebook Messenger or one of the other messenger systems. Skype of course is useless for leaving messages as they only show up when you are both on!