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    I guess. Thx for your answer.
    I see no point in chasing after them anymore. It looked nice and i was hoping i can carry them around to brag :D

    Hi guys,

    I have recently received a medal for best of the week at something. I had it in my avatar description as well. For some reason after i've deleted that avatar and created another on another world that medal was gone. Is this something normal or is it an issue?


    Hello all,

    Today i met a request from my king which wanted all the gov to send reinforcements to all treasury villages. Easy i said to myself..went to rally point -> farm list and to my surprise i sow i could not change the attack type on the farms (i've selected all the villages with treasury in a farm list).

    Wouldn;t you think this would be helpful to all the def players. It would be so easy for us to send waves of reinforcements in more than 1 village in the same time.

    Thank you

    That is a issue with most posts link, i've noticed. Until now i thought it's only me. When that happens, Ponso ,just click the back button of your browser. It will go where you clicked.

    Yes i know, i already said depending on the purpose of the village will always look different. However this is the first village you start with and it's a mix to accommodate the beginning of the server :P

    Ahh, that's the dismantled grain mill there...

    do you have a screenshot of one of your villages that are perfectly set in place? I'd like to see how you picture the Travian Kingdoms village :)

    As i promised here is a pic of how i pictured the village without having 100% freedom (due to rubble).

    And to explain my logic behind this setup:

    Top: Military Ward: self explanatory; i've included the once hero mansion here as well.
    Left: No yet decided and not really something homogeneous as the building left are too different.
    Center: High class buildings Embassy, Academy and like all city centers Market (ofc here would also be a good fit for Town Hall but the slots available are limited :))
    Right: Storage and flour preparation (i messed up with the smithy there, should have placed it on left side)
    Bottom: Industry area, all the good production buildings. Still misses the bakery, soon to be added.

    PS: I would love to see other visions of the village.



    I don't know if they have the app for windows phones as well but try find that first. Playing this game from a mobile browser it's....let's say not recommended.

    Have fun

    I don't have a my perfect setup, at least not for pic but i will try show u one when com6 starts :). And the setup differs depending on type of city. For example a 15croper will look a bit different than other villages purposed for resources for example. :)

    Thx for caring though

    Yes you do, take the one for 5 days. I followed this guide on server com7 and manage to do it in 30 hours. I wasn't very active (i think it's doable in 24). Only spent the 35 gold out of 40 you get at the start.i haven't cleared more than 5 bandit camps but i was lucky to get soldiers in hero adventures and attacked some of the unclaimed oasis (on a new server i guess u need more). And i didn't have to demolish my academy lvl 10. But again, maybe coz the server it's almost mid game and u get more resources/troops in adventures.

    Anyway, thx for sharing this tactic.


    Hello all,

    Maybe it's just me but i like the sims part of travian where you place the buildings in a certain order that makes sense for you. All this is crippled by the starting tutorial in which they tell you where to place the barracks. Not only that but i can't even clean the rubble before placing the barrack so i can try to put it where i like :(. Is there something i am doing wrong or it's just the way it is?


    True that. I would like to see a non speed server last only 2 months instead of 5-6. That would be nice for ppl like me who does not like the huge number of villages but who can't also commit for half of year of no sleep :))

    I don't know why ppl like speed servers. I personally find the game boring when it gets to a gazilion cities and thousands of troops. I always like the chills in the beginning when you only have a city and few troops to send away. And when those 10-15 troops come back without injuries and with some resources it's amazing. Am i the only one liking this?

    Yes, it help me a lot!

    Okay, I hope last question! :D

    How auction system works? Because for example I'm selling an item for 400 but in auction it has 1000 price, so it's not fair I think :)

    Well as iribuya said you don't directly put your item on the market and let the players bid on it. Now you sell it to the auctioneer, let's say, for an average price and it will put it on the market for profit. :) This way the players won't be able to exploit this anymore.

    Where is premium features and then additional features, so you get all additional features when you buy one from premium features?

    When you press the gold coin in the top section of your screen you will be presented with 3 tabs: Use Gold, Purchase Gold and Invite a friend. By default the Use gold one is selected. There you will see all the things you can buy and the description of each in the right side after u select it. Starter package, Travian Plus, Resource Bonus, Crop Bonus. The last one is Additional features which only describes those actions as they are not present there but in contextual menu like when you started a new building you are presented with the option to quickly finish it by paying some gold etc. Those features are pay per use not buy once and use forever :).

    Hope it helps

    3. What does that even mean? Teuts have the advantage early game, and then they fall off later on against EIs and TTs (raiding wise) It's not very different

    What i think he meant is that you can't efficiently raid with clubies in the beginning as everyone near u is in the kingdom. I have a hard time farming as a teuton as well. Until i get anywhere outside my kingdom it's like 1h30mins and every farm gets emptied by faster troops.

    Also if you look at the statistics in TK teutons are the less played race by far.