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    From what I get tributes is a fraction of your governor hourly production and you can get it when it reach a certain level. so an active governor will give you a lot of tribute (generated by the game not from is village) that you can get more often too.
    taxes is a way to get more or less tributes but affect your governor production too. You set medium taxes (the default) you get the base amount of tribute and it doesn't affect your governor production. You set low taxes, your governor production has a bonus, but you get less tribute. You set higher taxes your governor production is lowered and you get more tribute

    There is another way : you build a hidden treasury in your village and you crown yourself king, the king you want to join invite you in his alliance, then you abdicate and you automatically join the kingdom of the nearest member of the alliance from you

    Players don't have the notion of what each role means yet, so basically they think being king is better than being governor and it is so not true.
    I played a little closed beta so some thing may have changed but from my xp then :

    What does a governor do : He plays travian basically only managing his own account. But he still can play the way he chooses if he want to play defense or attack is still up to him.
    What does a king do : He plays travian managing his kingdom and diplomacy

    What are the avantages of being governor :
    * you get bonus ressources generated by the game from attacking robbers camps and hideouts (they show up only for governors) and they also give treasure that you can sell back to your king getting additionnal ressources.
    * longer protection
    * less diplomacy problem (since your king is suppose to handle those)
    * If you think your king is not active enough you have a lot of way to react and choose a better one :
    - you can crown yourself king, just to join an alliance with a king of your choosing then become governor again (takes times but it worked well in the first stages of the game)
    - you can just wait for a neighbouring king to get enough influence on one of your village to invite you in his kingdom
    - if the kingdom is developped enough but the king stop being active, or you know other fellow governors don't like the way he handles things either, you can revolt, crown yourself king and invote others governor to desert to your kingdom.

    The disadvantage of being governor : You don't get you choose your ally (you have the one your king is in)

    The advantages of being king :
    * you get bonus ressources from the tributes of your governors except if they are not active enough, they will be very low and if their village is attacked, it will be the 1st things to be stolen.
    * you have to do all the diplomacy work (yes some people like it) with your allyes, with your governors , ect ..

    The disavantages of being king :
    * It will be very difficult to get good governors (you are basically stuck with the one that spawned near you
    * you will have to be a better king to get good governors near you to defflect to your kingdom (take less tribute, show that you can efficiently protect them ect ..)
    * you risk loosing your governors and when you don't have any you are screwed.

    That's why I started out as a governor and intend to stay one (except using the crowning/abdiquing trick to get a better king if that still works) but honnestly if you think kings have power over governors you are just plain wrong it's the opposite, because governors can choose their king and kings can't choose their governors and king relies a lot on their governors, if they are stuck with bad ones they can't to much about it.