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    PLEASE make the rat, bat and elephant look more different and not just grey blobs. Evidently, when i just woke up, i sent my hero out to clear a oasis for exp it wasnt 5 snakes and 4 bats but 4 mother ****ing elephants. They look WAY TO **** similar. Before they were a dark brown, blue and grey but now they are all grey around the same size and on a small monitor it because really hard to tell them apart at a glimpse.

    Was looking at the new adventure system and i am stumped. Short adventure is 11:46 for 1 cost, while Long is 1:07:10 for 2 cost. While it does say long gives twice as much valuables and you take twice as much dmg i can do 6 shorts in that same time. Am i missing something because it seems like a terrible trade.