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    Thank you Unknown to reply and to this questions. Some things still not clarified.

    Does that troop die? What happens when it dies?

    - If died, they need to be rebuild from an existing base unit. So any experience from that is gone.

    If they could be revived will be OP because lategame the cost of revival is not a big deal, and with the "level" limitation, they cost no much as nothing to revive.

    So, it seems to me that either is just a bit stronger troop or an add on to the hero, isn't it?

    - They will be a stronger version of an unit, but starting with a doubled stats( at doubled cost) and limited to a max stats of 5x, they will not be so much stronger at the point of unbalance. They are not "heroes", of course. they are an intermediate troop between hero and the army, a leader of an group of the same type.

    But I still don't understand the benefit of this troop vs having extra hero items that would cover those benefits.

    - This new troop benefit will work on this way:

    Some army's have 2 types of troops, even on atack or defense, so the hero , with his weapon can buff only one of this troops, not all, but if we could use a bonus to 2 troops instead of one?

    because for some reason you could have your hero away to an adventure, to atack other village/city or reinforce, you have a second in command to help your troops. Because they could not do nothing other than atack/defend. You can more freely use your hero, send they to an adventure while your champion/centurion helps clear an village with good defense with ro risk of dead.

    champion/centurion are expendables.

    Would it not make it too OP for some more advanced players?

    - Of course it could be exploited . this is a strategy. The stats limited already is a balance, but their bonus offered could be limited too. maybe a bonus of +1 uo to +3 to an infantry could be reasonable. For an army of 10.000 imperian, this bonuses will be equal to 30.000 atk power. same of ~430 imperians. less than 5% but still impressive for lategame hammer. but this will be only if they can manage to up this unit to a max stat. the majority will be dead at some point, or will have medium stats, giving bonus of +1 or +2 until dead.

    Regarding the code, the one you mention is long gone, it is no longer available and even if it was the technology is totally different, so it would have to be made from scratch.

    - Thats is, but I missing some things from that time. this is one who I want see back. The captains, decurions, centurins, champions, are strength men who give moreale to theirs pairs in battle. it is historical.

    We already have the example, the template. implement this is not to much for the developers. I am not asking some impossible ( new tribes? ) it just a good idea.

    Maybe this give more questions than answers, but I will be happy to discuss more. even if not is goins to appear in game

    I hate that spot where they build a barracks, any server I must up MB to 10 just to demolish barracks and rebuild where
    I want. Without tutorial we can place any build where we want.

    I want to give a suggestion about troops.

    How about create Champions ( Gauls and Teutons) and Centurions (Romans) to act like a minimal hero boost to the troops.

    They will work as this:

    Will be trained from an existing unit already researched ( not adventure reward troop), and will become a better version that unit. Limited a one at time ( like a hero)

    This unit will have a doubled stats of a unit they came from ( like a clubswinger with 80 atk and 40/10 defense) and will give a small boost to troops of same type.

    These mechanics are from the old hero version of travian, so they already have a code for this.

    This unit will have hidden stats progression, so you cannot chose a benefit for lvl up , but they will grow stats and bonus at 1/3 speed of hero experience.

    This unit will not have any equips or inventory or avatar, they will just a unit on your army.

    This unit will keep the crop consumption of the base unit.

    This unit will be cap to a max stat of base*5, (max bonus for units of same type is equal a tier 2 hero weapon) so not so expressive or unbalanced.

    You can use a barracks/Stable to see and manage this unit, depending if is infantry or cavalry

    the goal is to create a way to get strenght to a second unit, on defense or offence, because a hero weapon can benefit only one troop type.

    So you can have a hero with a druid staff, and a phalanx champion giving (+1 defense/lvl )to each phalanx, for exemple,

    or have a Teuton hero with an axe, and a champion teuton Knight giving (+3 atk/lvl) to eack TK

    or even you can add up to +66% the bonus added to an unit type, using a hero weapon who benefit that unit ( ok, this could be so much..)

    Example, having a praetorian Centurion, plus a weapon on hero what gives bonus to each praetorian following that hero..

    Write a ticket here: Support : Travian Kingdoms

    Here in the forum are mostly just users like yourself, so we can't help you.

    Be2-e4 I tryied this option ... but as I say before, looks like a problem with the browser not finishing the loadind page to creat a new ticket for support. I was stagg there.

    Unknown sorry if my text make a image of rage, I am ok with the team and the game, I just want help..

    So I managed to start a ticket and received a response today, the way was by a private window on browser, maybe a problem with some extension, or privacy option..

    Still not resolved, but I am contact to the support by email from now.

    Maybe can close this tread, The main problem was contact the support and I achieve this.

    Thanks all

    Hello all,

    I am from Brazil, and I have make a gold purchase on com2x3. So the payment method say "immediate" but after finished I still have not received gold, and my account have debited that value, so I paid and have not get yet.

    This action is around a hour ago, I tried log out and re log in, refresh browser, etc... nothing.

    So I decided search for suport, but with no succes. The help center page enter on a infinite loop of auto refresh and no load the page.

    By the mobile app, I try the same help page, and again, with no succes.. same error from PC browser.

    Can someone give me a tip to solve this problem?

    I am using Firefox (Ubuntu) on PC and chrome on mobile ( Android)


    There are some great Ideas, and I want to keep this discution alive, because I hope see that new tribes from legends here on Kingdoms someday.

    Some pretty interesting ideas. I wonder if adding some sort of "specialisations" to the existing tribes could provide what some are after? For example, once a roman player has a level 20 palace(?) they could specialise into the eastern roman empire, western roman empire or SPQR for example. All being a one time, irreversible decision. These could then unlock additional units (shift into an infantry or cavalry emphasis?), maybe buildings and give the player a different roman skin so the change is visible to other players. Similar changes made to the Tuetons and Gauls obviously.

    Looks a good Idea, maybe unlock a unique unit from that tribe, from you choose or playstyle. ( Example give a roman an cav defender like druids and paladins to fast reinforcements) or a new inf defender to gauls with better stats like a weaker praetorian.. an better cav to raid to teutons.. instead of paladins, for a fast atack, costing less pop than teuton Knight ... so many possibilities. maybe an def and an off option could be great.

    and finally I miss so much that Hero T3 version, like chose a soldier to hold a status of hero. I loved that. maybe an tenent, with status of hero but limited lo an certain lv, example 5. gisves bonus to atk and def to all units that type and have better stats, but nothing so strong, max 10x a unit base stat, and if died need to start from scratch

    Trappers are good enought in my opnion, so the trapper could force atackers to fill these traps with low troops, or atack with all force to avoid be captured. in any case is anoying enought by the price. Trappers are acessible early too. so its not fair their have an bonus lategame. In that stages, Gauls are strong for other means than their unique building.

    I like this idea for kingdom quests, but not the rewards suggested. Maybe if the king " invest " himself resources, but not given from the game. Active robbers with villages could be nice too. They can be exist in abandoned villages ultil be destroyed by catas

    It will be good. Please, someone get us links.

    Well... about it, I can Say something about my experience in short:

    ROMANS - They get advantage on build, because you can develop in and out village at the same time, so you MUST use this to quick evolve and be productive. with a good production and a well developed village you can do more things than a gaul or teuton. They are very good lategame, so be patient.

    GAULS - Many people ask why gauls are good defenders if they troops are weak than romans. Unlike other triber they have TWO unique buildings, because they have bigger crannys. It is very good on support villages, where you dont need defend, just send resources to other village. Of course they will use troops, but it is not a concern or a real issue at first.

    TEUTONS - "They just need clubs, bags and some crop" Basically are assaut tribe, so you will need troops and with a good farm can prior you development than production, so they need be much active.

    IMPORTANT. Any tribe can be used in any strategy line, by any style of player, and unusual combinations can be interesting. Althrough not a best use of this tribes, can be a surprise.

    Maybe an anniversary ou test server, like "fire e sand"edition on travian legends. And more, Egiptians are much more better on Tkingdons than Tlegends, because their unique building need oasis, who is much more disputed on Tlegends and is easy to break an oasis/water treatment bonus strategy.

    I agree. New players have a lot of resources on the first robber camp, guarded by only a few soldiers, but a mid game and after we chalenge many troops to get few resources on return. maybe stolen goods can still coming poor, but is nonsense return back at least same traincost of all units as reward.


    I have some questions about this version:

    1) Master builder slots. We need to pay for the slot and need to have plus function active to use. I think is better or one or other cost, both is expensive and unapreciated.

    2) resource production. why not increase the production as the T4.4 ?

    3) at least, but no less important, my great question.
    I'm brazilian. We have an very slow phone internet connection. I cannot play on my smartphone, and when I success connect, is very unstable and slow. I hope the play on app companion will be better than phone browser ( I use chrome on android 4.4, others browser acts worse).

    Thanks if someone answer. Open for coments and suggeestions.