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    What do I do if it exceeds my wheat production? It has happened twice and every time i have to put all resources to updating wheat / grain mill to catch up.

    Having a negative wheat production isn't a problem as long as you have enough supplies in your granary.

    If you are a governor the best way to make a large reserve of wheat is to sell stolen goods to your king.

    In case you have negative wheat prodction and run out of reserves your troops will begin to canabalize each other. But even this a slow process unless you have a lot of negative wheat production.

    I have all my fiel at level 7 approximatly if i relocate i lost all ? Some say we give me back my ressource spent ; is that true ? I don't know..

    Your fields will be demolished to level 0 but you get most of the resources back... It comes in form of items each worth 2000 resources. Once you relocate the resources will appear in your Heroes inventory and you will be able to spend them in any village at any time you want.

    To be honest I don't really like this idea because I think a 'secondary Hero' simply isn't needed...

    If Heroes dying had more serious consequences (losing experience upon death, longer revive times or special requirements for reviving them) then it would maybe make sense to have a temporary replacement until your Hero is back to full strength... But that would just make things unnecessarily complicated ^^

    Well the rules regarding accounts, sitting, extra tools and etc can be found by clicking the question mark in the top right corner while in game and going to 'Game Rules' or by adding /window:help/overlayhelp:gameRulesOverlay to the link when you are in any part of the game.

    But if you are asking about 'in-game' rules (and I assume that you are) we are supposedly allowed to do anything that mechanics of the game allow us to do...

    Scouts benefit from smithy as well as all other units and additionally their spionage efficiency is affected from smithy level aswell.

    It has always annoyed me that scouts don't have a numerical stat that shows how good they are at scouting... this is a game of numbers, this is something that could be improved...

    “If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.” - Peter Drucker….php?page=Gold%20transfer

    Its explained on the Wiki. Essentially when you delete an avatar on some server your gold is transfered to your lobby from where you can transfer it to a new server (from the same language group). But... you can only pull out the amount of gold that you bought using money. So if you have 208 gold but you only bought 70 gold using some payment method... when you delete your account there will only be 70 gold in the lobby and the rest of the gold will disappear.

    Hope this helps ^^

    I like the concept ! Fighting for vital objectives is certainly something we could use more of, even if its against NPCs.

    But yeah... you need to make restrictions on NPCs using siege when attacking. Perhaps siege should only be used for retaliating against attacks that contained siege. That way you'd avoid situations where complete newbies get their buildings destroyed.

    Would love to see these features on TEST as soon as possible !

    As long and you only have one village AND you are not in an influence zone of any King/Duke (or you are in an influence zone of a far inferior King in terms of population - less that half of yours) you are going to be offered to relocate once every 24h... the game offers you two locations that are relatively close to you village, that are in influence zone of some active King and that have the same field ratio to your village (for most people its 4/4/4/6).

    You can access the Relocation window more often then once a day by entering "/window:relocation" after the "#" in your browser link while you are logged into the server BUT you are not going to get an offer to relocate if do not meet the both requirements (only one village and no/weak King).

    Well you have a choice to either buy decent equipment (+ upgrades) so you can use Hero while he is in resource mode or... you can do what Jallu said and just get a load of Books of Wisdom and change your Attribute Points once a day.

    Either way you need to spend silver (ie. buy gold) if you want both Strength and Resources at low level...

    You need to understand that Travian Games GmbH needs to pay their employees, cover their operation costs AND make some money on top of that BECAUSE...