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    coiuld we have a server where we would have no WW?

    Like a servers where kindom can be anex to the other. How that will work, after 30 day any duc or king can be annexe to another kingdom, if there cdt get chiefted the area of is cdt become annexed to another kingdom, since we can be in more then 1 ss, why we couldn't in more then 1 kingdom that ways. in fact when all cdt got merge a kingdom get disband, to punish a kingdom who lost a duc completly all cdt of is kingdom the number of duc is reduce by 1, if is the king, the same thing happen but instead the whole kingdom get annexed and the kingdom get disband. With ss we could have more internal fight in a kingdom and more representative the medieval area, and player who block tribut could be more represent a internal faction inside a kingdom. (I know that could become complexe )

    And the end goal will be to form one kingdom, afther 30 days nobody could create a news kingdom to implement that feature.

    OR change the ways the ww work?

    Maybe we could destroy completly a ww, so isn't possible to rebuild it, and to do this only a owner of a ww, could reseach something in there academie to create chief that could annexe or destroy a wonder 2 type of unity, each one take a slot of expension of that village, so you can only do this research one time.

    OR change the number of ww?

    a server with only 1 ww at the center of the map, instead of having to raise the city to level 100, the goal is to hold the ww as long as possible and each day increase the vp of the kingdom. after 2 week who matter control the ww, the server end instead of because the ww is 100, The bord show witch kingdom have the most victory point.


    J'aimerais suggérer une idée si cela serait possible d'avoir des camp de bandit sur les cases ou les joueurs ne peuvent pas créer de village, souvent on se retrouve a "perdre" un village de la grille du Royaume pour accueillir ces camps, comme l'avantage d'un joueur serait de profiter de ces cases pour vendre les trésors, je trouve que ces un système qui pénalise les joueurs. Les joueurs font des règles maison pour libérer les espaces, mais a mon sens sa serait plus logique et sympathique que les camps de bandit arrive des forets, montage, camp de terres ou lac ou céréale, après tout Robin Hood avait sa bande dans les bois.

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    Salut petite suggestion,

    Il serait bien d'avoir un icone qui nous indique que le joueur qui a mis une enchère fait parti de notre royaume ou société secrète.

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