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    Oh, please accept my apologies, I misunderstood you. :)

    How you wrote it out is very understandable (is that a word? :D ) to me, thank you

    Just one more question that isn't clear to me from wiki, or this thread...Can I have more than one village promoted to a city?

    Yep, as many as you want to.

    Seriously, this has to be adressed once more. Governors can't decide to leave an alliance or kingdom, even if they are surrounded by inactive members of those kingdoms/allies. And they are limited in farming their so-called friends, while surrounding allies farm tons of resources from those same inactive players. I happen to be in an ally with a ridiculous amount of inactives, not my choice, not my fault, and then I am 'punished' even more because I can't even raid all those nearby farms properly.

    Governors have too little influence over their own possibilities.

    Got our first robber camp. It only took 3 waves which was good because we only have 3 active players in out Kingdom. Each camp shows you on the info page how many waves you need to take it out. The robbers were VERY weak. I've been taking out robber hideouts with 50 troops in them. These camps only had 4-5 troops in them, but the resources and treasures were terrible - only 220 resources and 1 treasure compared with 3200 res and 2-3 treasures in a hideout :(

    Robber camps have way less troops than hideouts, and each next wave has less troops, less res and less stolen goods. They will get bigger in time. The hideouts wil also keep growing in troops, res and stolen goods.

    We got our first robber camps today. Not much fun for me, I finished the job of someone who raided instead of attacked, and when I sent my troops to the other camp, someone decided they could get there earlier. :(

    - - - Updated - - -

    No players villages will turn Natar. All Natars are 15c croppers with level 10 walls and fields, and it seems it has changed to level 15 (from 10) rally point and level 20 residence (no residence before the FIS)Such Natars will have 199 population and will come with all fields at level 10, Main building at level 10 and Rally point at level 15. They are worth chiefing, especially if oases are good nearby.

    Oh, has that changed then? Because in the closed beta, inactive players did become natar.

    I always kind of liked protecting my first few troops by sending them to far away farms during the night, timing it so they would return when I woke up. :)

    Then again, the chicken boots are a nice item for new players who are still figuring things out. .