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    My viceking is inactive (he didn't login for a long time and now i can't sit for him anymore - i received message about can't sit inactive player on lobby today)
    I was wondering, is there somehow i can kick him out of kingdom and them union with another king ?


    I was wondering about bonus attack effect for trops.
    At lvl 1, brewery gives 1% att bonus.
    And then i clicked on celebrate for 72 hours

    So, if i upgrade the building to lvl 2, the bonus attack will incrase to 2% att bonus while celebrating or still reamain at 1% ?


    I just want to see my friend's village will be settle next to me (by using my referrer link)

    I rarely see my friend's village respawn next to me, it's seem random location while using referrer link ?

    Hey there ^^,

    Sorry to disappoint you! :(
    It hasn't been announced yet, but there will be a international speed game world towards the end of the month. It will be announced soon, until then keep it a secret ;)


    i have been playing Travian Kingdoms for a long time and i knows that there will be x3 server in this month

    Thank you for your reply, it's relieve my pain of waitting x3 server <3

    Hi friends,
    It's would be fine if i refer a friend and they will play in a separate location with me

    But here is my question if i refer a co-worker:
    As you know, we are co-worker that why we will work in the same location (which mean we have to use the same internet connection )

    I was wondering if you guys can check the browser and OS of computer or something ? Because i think there must have some different while playing diffferent browser/computer ?
    1. Maybe the IP is close, like and at the another computer would be (i'm not sure about this but is it correct if we use a LAN connection ?)
    2. He don't like to play Travian, but i think i will convience him to play, and the work hours for both of us is 6 PM - 10 PM from Monday to Satturday ( in case the rule of game does not allow for LAN connection, is it possible to make an exception for us in those hours? I can give you usename of me and my co-worker )


    Really good idea

    In fact, x1 is totally boring, i would never ever play on x1 server. Why? Because it's too slow, it makes me ez to sleep :D

    Reasons that Travian Team must consider and remove x1 server:

    Travian Game has been launched more than 7 years ago (i guess) and at that time, not everyone has their own smartphone or PC with internet connected.(that's why they play on x1 server - it's because no one can be online in time)
    But nowadays, everyone has their own smartphone.and PC with internet connection. In fact, lots of stratergy game same as Travian but faster and better than Travian (for example: Lords Mobile) I think the basic speed should be x3 at least.

    Hi friend,
    I was wondering how freed troops from trapper work ?

    In my case. My friend's troops was captured by A
    And then I sent attack to A's village
    I won it, but the troops of my friend still be captured

    How can i freed them? Should we ally or in the same kingdoms or something?