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    The bugs have ruined the end game- 5 months of play ruined over last month's inoperable game. It is really so unfair on people who have dedicated so much time to their hammers and defences. The game has not been fit for purpose so under the Trades Description act full refunds are due to all players who bought gold on COM2 server. I am only playing as dual on this server so I contrast it with other servers which have not been affected the same way. It is difficult to understand how only COM2 has been affected and that it cannot be corrected after all this time- wonders are at 92 and you destroyed defensive strategies this weekend with such a poorly performing server. How can attacks be spiked when attacks cannot be seen? Unacceptable performance.

    Every time you open new server COM1 gets shafted. For goodness sake when you introduce new server buy extra server space or do not open new one. You are spoiling game at a critical point.

    Gauli pathfinder and Teuton scout directly contradict one another so one has to be telling the truth and one has to be a liar this means that the Roman Legati also has to be a liar since there are 2 liars so Treasury number 2 will be hit

    I have been repeatedly complaining for the last week that the messaging system is not working- you cannot call for reinforcements for people and you cannot see attacks because system freezes with red box in bottom left hand corner- also yesterday we had nobody in a kingdom at all for a few hours- then yet again the names of players and villages are missing on reports. This is getting worse not better. I have sent in my tickets to report complaints and was told intially that more memory was required on servers and it would soon be fixed- of course it has got worse in last few days yet am still told developers are working on the problem and they apologise but the solution is taking longer than they thought to fix- there is no point opening new servers if you are not providing a robust useable server at all on either Com5 or Com6. People are paying money for this "free" game and yet it is now unbearable to play.
    Please sort out the current servers before you open any more since that will only exacerbate a bad situation since if the servers cannot cope with the present load adding any additional loading will make it worse. I think it is time we were recompensed for this poor performance especially since there has been no improvement but instead a deterioration this week day by day- unbelieveable.

    Every time I message anyone or try to invite someone the game freezes up or red box appears in bottom corner and message I have just typed is wiped clear and all chat disappears- this has been going on for days and days now- it is driving me nuts

    Are the developers trying to put off new players? Seems a strange strategy for any games developers- they ought to be encouraging newer players into the game. It is a lottery where you originally settle and who is king around you. I have played through a round where the king went inactive and it is not good but at least eventually the first duke became king but we were really struggling for weeks- if there had been no prospect of a new king being appointed eventually then most of the kingdom would have given up especially since the rule of 50 meant that most players would be stuck kingdomless.

    Reading through all the above it seems to me that the developers have just simply made a mistake- obviously if a king becomes inactive then the vice king should become king and able to appoint a co-king or at least another duke to make up for the loss - nobody knows when they play a game where they will be situated and so they get the kings available around them- also to assume you can only merge in union with people who you know are not cheaters/misbehavers/inactives or real people in real life who have emergencies that do not allow them to continue playing is not a realistic possibility. I find it diffciult to believe that any games designer would say that yet the previous reply did just that.

    The team/kingdom should not be permanently disadvantaged/penalised for the rest of the round because one player who happens to be king goes missing for whatever reason. The team is disadvantaged enough by the lack of an active king for 21 days anyway but for the rest of the round- NOT SENSIBLE OR FAIR.

    To suggest as a strategy that all the other dukes should leave and let the vice king be the only one left in a kingdom so has to give up the game is also ridiculous and grossly unfair. A game should have difficulties that need to be overcome but the loss of one of the key players especially when treasuries now require 10k treasures so the loss of one slot permanently plus also any normal growth slots is too large a disadvantage for any kingdom. I suggest that there is an immediate rethink on this misguided and totally unfair rule.

    Yes I saw thread- but COM2 was not on the list of worlds that get a truce- it is still xmas here- family time- this is a game - real life at xmas more important- unfeeling/uncaring of developers not to include us- it is really not a good move- even in real war they have xmas truces

    Unfortunately with your latest patch you have got the chat options incorrect- they default to the start of chat rather than the latest one in which is a pain- plus the more serious one is with 12 or more villages you cannot click on the village you want to sent troops of goods to you cannot scroll down to the bottom two either - only three villages show and unable at all to get to bottom villages without having to type in name of villages- you really need to get a patch out fast for your patch.