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    Premade organised teams will benefit the most from fealty. The new system will make changes to the way the game is played strategically both at kingdom and player level.

    Fealty system will affect greatly the use of wings to expand territory covered earlier in the server and it is likely players will demand being amalgamated much earlier in server into main kingdom. Since players in wings will lose fealty points when they join main kingdom. Everyone will want to join main kingdom as quickly as possible since to get level 10 fealty they have to be in that kingdom for 126 days. Fealty will add tremendous pressure on royalty(king/viceking/dukes) of main kingdom to do nothing but expand the number of villages and treasuries to cover all prospective kingdom players possibly at the expense of being able to build troops and fight/defend. All royalty players would have to be heavy gold users. I definitely would not like to be king/viceking and choosing the right player as king/viceking at the start of server is going to be an imperative.

    It may reduce overall the number of players in a kingdom in the endgame to be limited to around 100 which is a good move.

    I like the idea of gaining extra boosts to hero/culture/troopattack/troopdefence and especially workshop training and crop consumption. Overall I am in favour of the proposed changes.

    I like the idea of allowing king/vicekings who currently get left behind being allowed to disband the kingdom union and join the alternative kingdom. It allows them to continue to play the game to the end of the server whereas currently many just give up. The penalty of lack of fealty points maybe ok. Until I have played with it I cannot judge how onerous it would be.

    I am playing on Com5. We are in an intense war with large neighbouring kingdom and I have been trying for last week or two to build up a good zoo. I keep seeing loads of empty oases that stay empty. They are not owned by anyone. Noone is stealing the animals since I am keeping a close watch on them. I was told to attack an oasis that stayed empty because it could be blocked by a bug. What are the regeneration rules on oases? If they get cleared surely they should start to grow animals again after a few hours naturally. Overnight I finally decided to go for an oasis that was 3.5hours away but had some animals. Even after 3.5 hours it had not grown any more animals by the time I had arrived- surely this is wrong. I think there is problem with your regeneration program or do you really not want us to buy cages? I have been watching 8 nearby oases and after 24 hours still no animals regenerated.

    PS I have sent Unknown screen shots in private messages in discord asking about this and also asked in official discord and written a ticket.

    There are no animals- I need animals33786c8bced703b77aca5e5663510b18%20%20%E2%80%8B

    Screenshot - 33786c8bced703b77aca5e5663510b18 - Gyazo

    I am a fast settling player who knows the game well however I have had real long waits for hideouts since round has started with over 9 hours wait on first day of new server after I cleared hideouts. I was informed that hideouts appear with randomised times. Not usually that long though on first day of new server.

    Yesterday, day 3, I demolished my opening capital starter village after killing one hideout early in the day although I still had another hideout left to kill and so only had one village at 02 Lake (37|23). It was over 7 hours round trips and finally managed to kill it at 06:25 this morning. Killing long range like this with few troops is was absolutely hell but I definitely did not want next hideouts to spawn far away. This morning I woke up and new hideout is at (20|5) again over 7 hours round trip away. This is randomness gone mad it is nowhere near my capital and only village. Why has hideout spawned so far away? I am owed now lots of resources since this has severely affected my progress at the very start of the game. I am teuton so not a fast mover and only got one village with a few troops and it will take days to kill and empty hideout. I expected two new hideouts close to village when I woke up this morning but to find one so far away is soul destroying.

    We have big team waiting for a new COM normal server and it seems unbelievable that you are delaying start until 27 October- please please please- pretty please- go back again to the developers and kick their butts :))

    Europe/World will all be in Covid lockdown again soon the way the virus is progressing we need a new COM server early October

    We need new COM normal server before the end of
    October - we have been waiting too long for this- granted you want halloween but we want to start in early october- Water is waiting impatiently for this start