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    What is "passive force"? It sounds like an oxymoron.

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    In regards to Server 2,

    Most players in this game have been betrayed at one point or another. Some betrayals are small, some are to be expected. But a few are like a tsunami coming out of the blue, sending massive shockwaves of pain, incredulity, rage and utter confusion.

    Server 2 was a tsunami.

    "Et tu, Brute"?

    Betrayal is most certainly an aspect of war, but one of notoriety and infamy. There are real consequences to players, even though it's just a game.

    Genocide is part of real war too but most people draw a line when it comes to that.

    Betrayal has consequences to the game too. Reading over this thread tells that plainly.

    What kind of game do you want this to be in essence? In what direction does the player base want it to go? It's really in your hands.

    It is best that n00bs aren't Kings, but what I'd suggest is that rather than forbid them, rather give them enough information at the start so they realise what the role of King requires. This will be even more vital in 1 King Alliances, but I have seen a new player, willing to listen to advice, make a very capable King. There are other games with similar requirements for organisation and team working, they are not skills particular to this game.

    This idea has more merit to me than banning new players from trying out the position and learning a little as they go.

    @ Rom,

    The way TK lobby works, no matter what IGN you choose for individual servers, the lobby account is tied to your email address. You can change the email address, even, and still have the same lobby account. I would imagine TG has a record of how many servers you you have played, and your global prestige is kept in the lobby account.

    Nope, trust me on this one. The prestige is linked to the email address, not the lobby.

    While I agree that global prestige is no measure of a players ability to lead, it is at least some measure of a player's experience playing. Finishing a server (or more than one) as duke, at least shows a player has been introduced to the concept of leadership. Agree.

    I didn't mean my suggestions to be perfect solutions to the new player/king problem - and I believe it is a problem. Many new players see the descriptions and think being a king would be cool; they have no real idea how to play, let alone lead a team, and within days or weeks they delete because being a king was not nearly as cool as they were led to believe and the idea of being "just" a governor doesn't seem cool at all. I doubt there is a perfect solution to this. However, there is a better way than the current one.

    The new concept will make it even more important for everyone to know and understand the different roles.[/QUOTE]

    Absolutely. We are in agreement on this one.

    DanielHart, I don't think anyone who puts up a thought or suggestion believes that it will be perfect solution or the end all - no need to explain.

    @ Maytrix, I think that's an idea worth considering and would like to hear what others think.

    I really enjoyed this post of yours, DH.

    This brings me back to something I have said all along. A king needs to be an experienced and strong leader. How do you propose to introduce new players to this position?(Such a leader will always put the welfare of the team itself above that of his/her own account. There is too much gimme among players in the game today, to much emphasis on individual medals and stats, among both kings and governors/dukes.

    In the games descriptions of the different roles, it is still said that a king should protect the governors. In game play, we have seen that that is not possible once a kingdom has gained more than a few governors/dukes. A strong and experienced king can protect all team members but not with his/her own account - it must be done by leading and guiding the team, and the team's most valuable assets are the treasures held by the king and dukes - it is those which must be the first defense priority for the entire team if it is to be successful. (I couldn't agree more) That means it is, in the end, the governors which must provide defense to the kings and dukes. In this new concept, kingdoms will be much larger and so it is even more important for the different roles to be better defined, I share this view. and even more important for kings to be experienced at leadership and to possess strong leadership skills.

    As to being afraid to lose, speaking only of myself, over the years I believe I have had as much fun and enjoyed the game as much in the servers we lost as in those we won.

    Me too, I like when things get a little hot because it burns away the dross and what remains are the players you know you can count on, and new friends.

    I don't "dislike" your post, I disagree with it.

    there's nothing preventing a sitter from identifying themselves now.

    A little bit of the unknown and even doubt can be an effective psychological weapon.
    Say it's a dual account and that they each have 2 sitters. Add a relative or friend who hops on every once in a while and how many are we up to now?

    You may think you know who you are talking to, but you can never be sure. Adding a "sitter stamp" would just give a false sense of security.imho.

    I understand what you are saying, and it does make us do a bit more thinking before we act. However, it has long been a practice by many players to hide as many resources as possible (and a high level building can hide a lot of resources) when there is incoming, then cancel the build after the attack, regaining most of the hidden resources - now they would regain all the hidden resources. I have never felt this was good for the game, and so I am glad to see it limited to the active build slot only.

    Man, i wish i knew a fraction of the tips and tricks that you all know! You all don't realize exactly how much you know. What you all might consider "...long been a practice..." Is always a fresh and fun discovery for me. Wish we had a tips and tricks thread open for revision only by vets but viewed by anyone.

    Hi, Is it now possible, with the new building queue drag and drop, to relocate buildings in your village? Can you drop the buildings whereever you want or do you have to drop them in the same place?

    Does anyone remember why dukes were introduced in the first place? What the original concept was and why just a king was insufficient for play? I remember the "Hand of the King" vs the Duke naming poll. lol. Is there a way to compare the feedback to each change made to the game?

    I keep hearing about the alpha test and it sounds like the majority of things just needed to be tweaked, but I can't find anything on what happened at that time. I'd like to be able to compare the tweaks over the course of time to see the development of the game. Is there an accessible archive?

    @ paulc, hello

    I would argue the exact opposite. The tribal distinctions are what made it possible for a multitude of strategies. As the tribe characteristics become more meshed, the possibilities, especially the creative ones, must become fewer. Simply due to a smaller menu of choices. If tribes become indistinguishable, why not just do as Madlord suggested? It would simplify matters and design.

    But I am not in favor of moving in that direction. I'm advocating for the return of distinctive advantages or at least have them stop where they are now.

    The raiding isn't the only thing that has effected the game for the Teutons, crannies are another.

    @ VVV speaking of crannies, I usully played as a gaul for exactly that reason. At the start of a game, it was a distinct advantage against Teuton raids, now, not so much. The hidden treasuries costs are far above the line of return for a governor. Gauls used to have the edge on speed and carrying capacity but now with the TS, gems,and Hero equipment, again, not so much, at least until midgame where an unlucky player could develop a decent euipment shed.

    The Romans, I don't know, you don't hear much from Romans on the forum but then again they are the epitome of the middle ground. But if they have lost some end game advantage, then they too have been somewhat marginalized and homogenized.

    I'll leave the math up to you and others who enjoy it.

    I would like to hear from players who have mastered the different tribes and how the changes thus far has helped or hindered their play.

    Cause of this new thing they make teutons even more worthless since you can basically farm even better with gauls.
    The only good thing with teutons was that we could micro farm as no one else. Now its not possible will pick gaul next time for sure

    I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who sees the tribal advantages becoming indistinctive. I don't know why it's going that way, but i don't like it.

    Because I NEVER look at lobby :D If I'm on, I'm ingame. Why have the lobby open unless I happen to want to login to a sitteraccount?

    ...:-) but isn't that what the original poster was asking for? Something to let sitters know if the owner was in the account?

    Hi Cosmo and welcome,

    The developers have heard players on this matter and have stated that they are working on solutions for not only the end game but also the mid game. Some of those changes should be rolling out soon.

    It's a work in progress but you can read about the developments on this forum. As the changes are rolled out on the test server, members are encouraged to post feedback, both negative and positive and make suggestions for improvements and/or changes. All feedback is welcomed, heard and debated, sometimes hotly but always respectfully.

    You can also join the test server and continue to input your thoughts and give your feedback to improve the game. There are a number of experienced, veteran players who willingly share their knowledge and answer questions quickly. You'd be in good company with a front row seat,no less. And quite frankly, there are not enough new players inputing their perspective, you'd be a welcomed addition.

    I don't know about all those players in one account, it sounds messy but will wait to hear what other players have to say about your suggestion. I'm all for more teamwork incentives though.

    @ seanga, hello.

    Just so you know, I am woefully inexperienced compared to the majority of veteran Travian players who post here. I usually have a different perspective, but not this time.

    The last test server I purposely started during different phases of the game to see how they played out.

    I observed that if you are playing as a king and do not start within the first two weeks (that's being generous) you have little to no chance of succeeding as a king.I'm talking in general terms here because there are always a few exceptions.

    As a governor it is still possible, but with declining success, to start almost up to the midgame, after that you may still sim (dependng) but you can't really contribute much in terms of troops. The core members and the rythm of the game have been well established and trust is hard to come by. If you are picked up by a meta, you can contribute a steady but small (compared to established players) treasury income or maybe you have a specific skill set that is needed at that time, or can be farmed. I'd like to see either a server closed by midgame or do something vastly different for players entering by that point of the game, or something.

    BP pop ~ I agree. That needs to be looked at.

    Strongly agree with all the robber setups. The later you start, the more out of reach they are. I'd like to see them change the whole thing, but not eliminate them because it may be the biggest source of income for many governors.

    Chat ~ we all know, but the Devs have promised some changes soon.

    You write passionately about the game, it would be a shame to just leave it behind. You've already contributed to it's betterment by posting here. At least stay and play the test servers and contribute your thoughts. It's the most effective and fun way to make the game one that you love again.

    @DanielHart (bless your soul) keep suggesting another 5X test server. That was a blast and I would love to play another one. It enabled me to see a few different designs of planning and play in a very short time and was able to parley that into better play on the Com server.

    Hi all,

    This and the Merge threads are fantastic. I've just read them both together today, so I apologize in advance if I voice a thought that's already been expressed or if I mix up quotes so I am just going to paraphrase.

    Thank you Devs for becoming more frequently engaged with the player-base on this forum. I've stepped back for a while so it may be easier for me to spot the differences in the game in some instances... or not.

    I really like that you've addressed the map for the color-blind players.

    I like the jump start of the game with quicker builds and a lvl 10 residence after only having to build to lvl 5.

    I like the additional changes brought about by implementing the suggestions and ideas of the active, and not so active members, of this forum.

    I like the use of stickies in the forum and the addition of an FAQ (Thank you georgi).

    I like the randomness of player start locations and not knowing if you will end up in a good (i.e. functional) kingdom or have to develop interpersonal skills to move to one.

    I like that players are now given the option to move out of a failed kingdom without having to virtually abandon their first village.

    It has been said that new players are silent or never come back to the forum. Have you asked why? If it's simply due to shyness maybe an option to post anonymously (for questions only) could be tried.

    This particular forum is run by some of the best mods I've experienced online. They are a resource that you have at hand, who are often contacted privately with questions, troubles, and clarification. I have no idea if they have an avenue to report trends directly to the developers. I include Helpdesk and Managers and ect as the same type of resource.

    Another important on hand resource are the generous and invaluable veteran players who donate their time and knowledge purely for the love of the game. The more you can communicate with them, the better feedback you will get and the more we all benefit from it.

    A suggestion for the FAQ thread would be to make it fluid. I've witnessed the patience of saints from the vets who, without complaint, have answered some questions over and over again. If there is a way to track something like that, then after a certain number of the same question, it could be added to the FAQ.

    Another underutilized resource is your search engine. It may be helpful for new players to have a sticky or tutorial on how to use it effectively, which may eliminate and/or consolidate similar or repeated threads.

    I think truly defining king, duke, governor roles in the real game might help streamline the game which appears to be an issue that both developers and players are in favor of.

    I would dearly love to see an "Ask the Vet" sticky. It's not just new players who need questions answered, but veteran Travian players who are new to Kingdoms. If you can attract those players, you might see an increase in the player-base. Also veteran Kingdom players who are playing a different role, or have been given advanced responsibilities.

    Along the same lines, an in-forum translator for the many players who's first language or only language is not English. Not a huge issue, I know, it's a matter of convenience, but one less obstacle to posting.

    The limited role of governors is a real sticking point for me.

    Governors cannot protect their treasures because kings cannot always get to them.

    If plans to move ahead with Dukes being able to collect, will there be a choice to sell to other dukes or the king when under attack?
    It's extremely irritating that you can do everything "right" but still "lose" treasures in an attack because it's dependent on the system and the availability or the king. Which, don't forget, makes for easy pickings and is counted against you.

    Will the governors ever be able to see anything?

    AAARRRRRGGGG the mid-game and end-game. Send troops, send crop ad nausea.

    I would be willing to try anything you come up with to make the game engaging for more than just a handful of players.

    Personally, I would like to thank Ammanurt, 50 Calibre, and DanielHart for consistently seeing the big picture when it comes to gameplay. They always advocate for governors as well as King and Duke roles and the importance and fun of team play.

    I would like to see more team play incentives and rewards. There have been a lot of ideas and suggestions posted here, try to implement one or a dozen.

    The role of the King is a puzzlement. You can't "learn" how to be an effective king without playing as a king and getting some real experience and support along the way. A great Duke doesn't necessarily = a great king and so on.

    I would like to see each tribe become more distinctive. It seems like they used to each have their own edge, their own advantages and now it seems that they are all muddled and "equalized"

    Chat and in-game communications are imperative so I am glad that you will be making changes there.

    Overall the best change I have witnessed is the increased communications between the Devs, Mods and the Player-base.

    I have seen many good changes implemented, but I'd like to thank you for the failures. Being a test server, if there are no failures, the job ain't getting done.